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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Garona-US Unique Pets
1Vz ReachGarona-US598Not updated
1Fermenter Pets R UsGarona-US598Not updated
3Lightdeth Elders of AzerothGarona-US597Not updated
4Chenara Fellowship of the PingGarona-US593Not updated
4Renja The EmpireGarona-US593Not updated
6Zenlanni Council of the DedicatedGarona-US592Not updated
7Aniki DeathBecomesUsGarona-US590Not updated
8Inq Macto MadidusGarona-US589Not updated
8Hagh ElysiumGarona-US589Not updated
10Ruslan The EmpireGarona-US586Not updated
10Kivani Lost SoulzGarona-US586Not updated
12Hornbe In Da DawghouseGarona-US584Not updated
12Tyrians ReachGarona-US584Not updated
12Cybersix Blood SupremecyGarona-US584Not updated
15Lelani Zug ZugGarona-US583Not updated
16Stilleta Absolute EminenceGarona-US582Not updated
16Bellydancer TwÍstedGarona-US582Not updated
16Healthalyzer The Night WatchGarona-US582Not updated
19Hausdorff ReachGarona-US581Not updated
20Crazybish The EmpireGarona-US580Not updated
20Drezkani Zug ZugGarona-US580Not updated
22Tamêr The EmpireGarona-US579Not updated
23Pinchofdust Zug ZugGarona-US578Not updated
23Jadelvia Cry HavocGarona-US578Not updated
23Sarahda  Garona-US578Not updated
23Kaykpai Cry HavocGarona-US578Not updated
23Lillitha Cry HavocGarona-US578Not updated
28Rhenc ReckoningGarona-US577Not updated
29Arcticsky ApexGarona-US576Not updated
29Aurila Focus FireGarona-US576Not updated
31Nemovenator Veterans of WrathgateGarona-US575Not updated
31Hiddensecret Keepers of DeathGarona-US575Not updated
33Arawynn ConvergenceGarona-US574Not updated
34Ashfalia Focus FireGarona-US573Not updated
34Palinchron Dark EnergyGarona-US573Not updated
34Dawkins  Garona-US573Not updated
37Naturz Focus FireGarona-US571Not updated
37Torrinchaos Macto MadidusGarona-US571Not updated
39Shadøwførm DerangedGarona-US570Not updated
39Illusin ComplexityGarona-US570Not updated
39Etheron Absolute EminenceGarona-US570Not updated
39Ondec Shadows of SolitudeGarona-US570Not updated
39Momochan Tres AmigosGarona-US570Not updated
44Ducewild EvileyeGarona-US569Not updated
45Wanniiee  Garona-US568Not updated
45Ebaweba Elders of AzerothGarona-US568Not updated
45Ilololl Reapers Of AzerothGarona-US568Not updated
48Beruangpanda  Garona-US567Not updated
48Mäshimäro Tactical Alliance ForceGarona-US567Not updated
50Darkkniss Mortal CombatGarona-US566Not updated
51Rasmiranna Spectrum PhoenixGarona-US565Not updated
52Kyrou  Garona-US564Not updated
53Baeststar Mines BiggerGarona-US563Not updated
54Grudom Lost SoulzGarona-US561Not updated
55Flimflam ArchaicGarona-US560Not updated
55Virulia Umbrella CorporationGarona-US560Not updated
55Vierdiehorde  Garona-US560Not updated
55Delavan Mostly HarmlëssGarona-US560Not updated
59Pryce  Garona-US558Not updated
60Muddybones WarlordsGarona-US557Not updated
60Froglet The EmpireGarona-US557Not updated
62Aisper Los Burritos BanditosGarona-US556Not updated
62Keiley EvileyeGarona-US556Not updated
62Opusven  Garona-US556Not updated
62Thracia The EmpireGarona-US556Not updated
62Neelzebub Rage of AlexstraszaGarona-US556Not updated
62Huntardo BrokkersGarona-US556Not updated
68Brone PrimeGarona-US554Not updated
68Crimsoncat Spectrum RageGarona-US554Not updated
70Jadeleaf LOSTGarona-US553Not updated
71Rookie Blood of the FällenGarona-US552Not updated
71Fluttershy The EmpireGarona-US552Not updated
73Kelary Ter NovoGarona-US551Not updated
74Lealion Los Burritos BanditosGarona-US550Not updated
74Traycer FocusGarona-US550Not updated
74Zebajin Broke By MondayGarona-US550Not updated
74Toucheslsman Los Burritos BanditosGarona-US550Not updated
74Mitzadomus Luney ToonsGarona-US550Not updated
79Retiodd Warlords FuryGarona-US549Not updated
79Kalvan Bites When Picked UpGarona-US549Not updated

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