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Frostwolf-US Unique Pets
1Haliuakana The Code BehindFrostwolf-US593
2Sìlk The War Tusk ClanFrostwolf-US590
3Vice Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US587
3Megawolf Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US587
5Aalea World FamousFrostwolf-US582
6Dóra Adamantine of AntiochFrostwolf-US579Not updated
7Chiabrewster VinculumFrostwolf-US573Not updated
8Wongwhey  Frostwolf-US572
9Deadpossum CSI DurotarFrostwolf-US571Not updated
10Fringes The War Tusk ClanFrostwolf-US568
11Lykenlova Dévils RejectsFrostwolf-US562
11Valleri Casual CorpsFrostwolf-US562
11Dirkawana Large DoveFrostwolf-US562
14Püpü  Frostwolf-US560Not updated
15Jabrowni The Little RascalsFrostwolf-US559
15Sallyomally LTDFrostwolf-US559Not updated
17Trulock Vorpal BunnyFrostwolf-US558Not updated
18Cheesehoof Tang DynastyFrostwolf-US557
18Grandeyezer The Little RascalsFrostwolf-US557
20Drharold VectorFrostwolf-US556Not updated
21Evillonkah VitarisFrostwolf-US555Not updated
22Bertram EntityFrostwolf-US552
22Rauta Witness ProtectionFrostwolf-US552Not updated
24Riseup EntityFrostwolf-US551
24Zeuzz FoundationFrostwolf-US551
24Sedira  Frostwolf-US551Not updated
27Fraulic The War Tusk ClanFrostwolf-US550
28Lifesknight The War Tusk ClanFrostwolf-US549
29Kelleios Five by FiveFrostwolf-US546
30Exzain Witness ProtectionFrostwolf-US544Not updated
31Tetjin  Frostwolf-US543
32Fezziq RedDolphinFrostwolf-US540
32Zaidan Dark SupremacyFrostwolf-US540
34Olimi WarfareFrostwolf-US539
34Adonaslock Over AchieverFrostwolf-US539
36Zarrae FYSKFrostwolf-US538
36Kontrolled FYSKFrostwolf-US538
38Mournedegel FYSKFrostwolf-US535
39Tiave VitarisFrostwolf-US532Not updated
40Dmlemos War TimeFrostwolf-US531Not updated
41Frznprincess Fated SuccessionFrostwolf-US530
42Renxhal The Dark HeartsFrostwolf-US529Not updated
42Shanauc  Frostwolf-US529Not updated
42Mila  Frostwolf-US529Not updated
45Grickie  Frostwolf-US528Not updated
45Quaznix FATALITYFrostwolf-US528Not updated
47Aterian WarfareFrostwolf-US527Not updated
48Gravehorn RebourneFrostwolf-US526
48Zizzi PrimarchFrostwolf-US526Not updated
48Becalol AstralFrostwolf-US526Not updated
48Cernunnous Amidst The BloodshedFrostwolf-US526Not updated
52Cyanfang CastlevaniaFrostwolf-US525
52Elfelm Dark RoninFrostwolf-US525Not updated
52Nelielle  Frostwolf-US525Not updated
55Bigthunter Witness ProtectionFrostwolf-US524
55Amwahs True ConcealmentFrostwolf-US524Not updated
57Trístessa  Frostwolf-US523Not updated
57Knag Veiled EclipseFrostwolf-US523Not updated
59Ramsus The War Tusk ClanFrostwolf-US522
59Chui 1upFrostwolf-US522
61Combonation Face with a ViewFrostwolf-US521Not updated
61Andljaz DeathXDesignFrostwolf-US521Not updated
63Angris EntityFrostwolf-US520
63Iloivar  Frostwolf-US520Not updated
63Khalessii JustifiedFrostwolf-US520Not updated
63Añdljaz DeathXDesignFrostwolf-US520Not updated
63Ãndljaz DeathXDesignFrostwolf-US520Not updated
68Salannie AsylumFrostwolf-US519Not updated
68Banditkid  Frostwolf-US519Not updated
70Xenxyn Large DoveFrostwolf-US517Not updated
71Purplepurple CastlevaniaFrostwolf-US515
71Toula Valiant VengeanceFrostwolf-US515
71Logic Helmets and Juice BoxesFrostwolf-US515
74Bandaid RedDolphinFrostwolf-US514
74Sherrymagi Shared FateFrostwolf-US514
76Lucinion RenegadesFrostwolf-US513
76Angelss  Frostwolf-US513
76Valinion  Frostwolf-US513
76Amira FantasticFrostwolf-US513
76Stillwind Angry OpticiansFrostwolf-US513Not updated
81Madriel Dévils RejectsFrostwolf-US511
81Sykosoul Boondock SaintsFrostwolf-US511Not updated
81Tbonez Action Psycho SquadFrostwolf-US511Not updated
84Crysister PrimarchFrostwolf-US510
84Cosimo The Dog HouseFrostwolf-US510Not updated
84Ñînja  Frostwolf-US510Not updated
87Fenom Cool WhipFrostwolf-US509Not updated
88Belegorn The War Tusk ClanFrostwolf-US508
88Shabootie 1upFrostwolf-US508
88Sightblinder  Frostwolf-US508Not updated
91Buckeye RedDolphinFrostwolf-US506
91Goshujin CardiacFrostwolf-US506

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