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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostwolf-EU Unique Pets
1Findnix Sayf al JinnFrostwolf-EU608Not updated
2Boragorn Plüsch und PlunderFrostwolf-EU597Not updated
2Chaî Lords N LadiesFrostwolf-EU597Not updated
4Hawkseye AesyrFrostwolf-EU595Not updated
5Wherzog Projekt DosenfutterFrostwolf-EU591Not updated
6Bâobao CasualFrostwolf-EU589Not updated
7Yaoky ParanoiaFrostwolf-EU588Not updated
7Duschanta Phoenix FoundationFrostwolf-EU588Not updated
9Pluster TAABOOFrostwolf-EU587Not updated
10Ellesár FlawlessFrostwolf-EU586Not updated
10Coldfog Jade FalconsFrostwolf-EU586Not updated
12Eladecay Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU584Not updated
13Öttze In ExcessFrostwolf-EU583Not updated
13Adraste  Frostwolf-EU583Not updated
15Barathrum Pars Pro TotoFrostwolf-EU582Not updated
15Kayleígh CoffeeshopFrostwolf-EU582Not updated
17Thaeliya AudiophilFrostwolf-EU581Not updated
18Julyne Against the WorldFrostwolf-EU580Not updated
19Elkinle Erben der SchattenrattenFrostwolf-EU578Not updated
19Hinterlist FlawlessFrostwolf-EU578Not updated
21Icy ZirkelritterFrostwolf-EU576Not updated
22Zulmaan FlawlessFrostwolf-EU575Not updated
23Smileý In ExcessFrostwolf-EU574Not updated
23Vilyn Sayf al JinnFrostwolf-EU574Not updated
23Summertime Novus Ordo SeclorumFrostwolf-EU574Not updated
26Floranea Ira Initium InsaniaeFrostwolf-EU572Not updated
26Naliadalis SunwellFrostwolf-EU572Not updated
26Elragon  Frostwolf-EU572Not updated
29Zambi ParanoiaFrostwolf-EU571Not updated
29Gatzina MC LovinFrostwolf-EU571Not updated
29Bélphegør Chains of PerditionFrostwolf-EU571Not updated
29Parinorá Krümel sucht KeksFrostwolf-EU571Not updated
29Escyriâ FlawlessFrostwolf-EU571Not updated
29Bärigster  Frostwolf-EU571Not updated
35Fénja Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU570Not updated
35Témposhot  Frostwolf-EU570Not updated
35Mêdicineman BootyBay Beach ClubFrostwolf-EU570Not updated
38Lendrin The Evil CouncilFrostwolf-EU569Not updated
38Friolios Erben der SchattenrattenFrostwolf-EU569Not updated
40Adanma Easy RaiderFrostwolf-EU568Not updated
40Currybombay rebelsFrostwolf-EU568Not updated
40Aeaculap  Frostwolf-EU568Not updated
43Verzweîflung Weil du nichts kannstFrostwolf-EU567Not updated
43Aniara Last RevolutionFrostwolf-EU567Not updated
43Velayá set sail to failFrostwolf-EU567Not updated
46Achiilles Horden KriegerFrostwolf-EU566Not updated
46Julith  Frostwolf-EU566Not updated
48Struck Against the WorldFrostwolf-EU565Not updated
48Darkona Die PandabärenFrostwolf-EU565Not updated
50Azongbeta Squirrel MadnessFrostwolf-EU564Not updated
50Planschy Novus Ordo SeclorumFrostwolf-EU564Not updated
50Senshij AesyrFrostwolf-EU564Not updated
53Xerev Immortal SunriseFrostwolf-EU563Not updated
53Doomstorm DedicationFrostwolf-EU563Not updated
53Bleeding  Frostwolf-EU563Not updated
53Båål Against the WorldFrostwolf-EU563Not updated
53Gewiliwatz Sayf al JinnFrostwolf-EU563Not updated
58Mesaquie Gentlemen UndercoverFrostwolf-EU562Not updated
58Apollokrates Level UPFrostwolf-EU562Not updated
58Dim Level UPFrostwolf-EU562Not updated
58Finyarel Level UPFrostwolf-EU562Not updated
58Schwuppsi Level UPFrostwolf-EU562Not updated
63Alvariel Level UPFrostwolf-EU560Not updated
63Tombador PLAY IT HARDFrostwolf-EU560Not updated
63Grooviethron ExistenceFrostwolf-EU560Not updated
63Rôflmâo  Frostwolf-EU560Not updated
63Coweder  Frostwolf-EU560Not updated
68Limonar AesyrFrostwolf-EU559Not updated
68Ugezod Díe Letzte LegíonFrostwolf-EU559Not updated
68Orange ImbanaticsFrostwolf-EU559Not updated
68Cherana GambitFrostwolf-EU559Not updated
72Eversong  Frostwolf-EU558Not updated
72Ribler Level UPFrostwolf-EU558Not updated
74Shanara PerinvisusFrostwolf-EU557Not updated
74Ryleria AesyrFrostwolf-EU557Not updated
74Staatsanwalt Dragon StormFrostwolf-EU557Not updated
77Zøttel Chains of PerditionFrostwolf-EU556Not updated
77Nörs Level UPFrostwolf-EU556Not updated
79Vinry MeisterwerkFrostwolf-EU555Not updated
80Rishana The Evil CouncilFrostwolf-EU554Not updated
80Gerippa Talk Nerdy To MeFrostwolf-EU554Not updated
80Hutzelhäx The Evil CouncilFrostwolf-EU554Not updated
80Tinûviel Last DawnFrostwolf-EU554Not updated
80Hailerjunior BrainscoreFrostwolf-EU554Not updated
80Tarole The Evil CouncilFrostwolf-EU554Not updated
80Pinchi Phoenix FoundationFrostwolf-EU554Not updated
87Esklava SmötschFrostwolf-EU553Not updated
87Poisson Above AverageFrostwolf-EU553Not updated
87Zapsarap SymbadischFrostwolf-EU553Not updated
90Griefer HappyTreeFriendsFrostwolf-EU552Not updated
90Lenalee Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU552Not updated
90Míkasa  Frostwolf-EU552Not updated
93Lalità SchattenwolfFrostwolf-EU551Not updated
93Nairya  Frostwolf-EU551Not updated

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