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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostwhisper-EU Unique Pets
1Coozy VanquishFrostwhisper-EU591Not updated
2Shirel VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU583Not updated
2Taengdj MementoFrostwhisper-EU583Not updated
4Relius Nobody Important DiedFrostwhisper-EU582Not updated
5Dannywaus VanquishFrostwhisper-EU580Not updated
6Melano Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU578Not updated
7Nzini Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU570Not updated
7Electrica Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU570Not updated
9Nahval Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU569Not updated
9Pofuduque Golden LotusFrostwhisper-EU569Not updated
11Sealyan Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU567Not updated
12Ðino Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU566Not updated
13Naisty UnknownErrorFrostwhisper-EU563Not updated
14Rubber VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU562Not updated
15Goldeen SmartCasualFrostwhisper-EU561Not updated
16Gauntlett RefusionFrostwhisper-EU560Not updated
16Kiry  Frostwhisper-EU560Not updated
18Hipsukka DesolateFrostwhisper-EU557Not updated
18Emochuck VanquishFrostwhisper-EU557Not updated
20Skyela VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU556Not updated
21Jerpster VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU554Not updated
21Atlas  Frostwhisper-EU554Not updated
21Zombiyoda Onyxia SoldiersFrostwhisper-EU554Not updated
24Raakkeli Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU553Not updated
24Maageklatzen Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU553Not updated
26Keric Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU549Not updated
26Questalot M a l i c eFrostwhisper-EU549Not updated
28Monikay HorizonsFrostwhisper-EU548Not updated
29Loro EngimatícFrostwhisper-EU547Not updated
30Vanhoof  Frostwhisper-EU546Not updated
30Kjutic Deadman WonderlandFrostwhisper-EU546Not updated
32Olapottit Ring ÅklagarnFrostwhisper-EU545Not updated
32Bitzer HorizonsFrostwhisper-EU545Not updated
32Fridew The Otakus DojoFrostwhisper-EU545Not updated
35Marioza Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU544Not updated
35Faé Vita NovaFrostwhisper-EU544Not updated
37Hallalokki PerpetualFrostwhisper-EU543Not updated
37Keari MythicFrostwhisper-EU543Not updated
37Gnömeeater VoyeurFrostwhisper-EU543Not updated
37Eriklas HorizonsFrostwhisper-EU543Not updated
41Sheelah DuskFrostwhisper-EU542Not updated
41Shadowspark EuphoriantFrostwhisper-EU542Not updated
43Sephirôth Vita NovaFrostwhisper-EU540Not updated
44Káminari UnknownErrorFrostwhisper-EU537Not updated
45Xevron PunishedFrostwhisper-EU536Not updated
46Hawkgremlin Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU535Not updated
46Farore PääsiäismunaFrostwhisper-EU535Not updated
48Whísper PandamoniumFrostwhisper-EU531Not updated
49Hightelf  Frostwhisper-EU529Not updated
49Sixzero RefusionFrostwhisper-EU529Not updated
51Deoxgigas EuphoriantFrostwhisper-EU528Not updated
52Lyksy MementoFrostwhisper-EU527Not updated
52Nyksy MementoFrostwhisper-EU527Not updated
52Hysky MementoFrostwhisper-EU527Not updated
52Consigle MementoFrostwhisper-EU527Not updated
52Mysky MementoFrostwhisper-EU527Not updated
52Dyksy MementoFrostwhisper-EU527Not updated
52Lyksyli MementoFrostwhisper-EU527Not updated
52Elderan  Frostwhisper-EU527Not updated
52Ferulli MementoFrostwhisper-EU527Not updated
61Shaimy Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU526Not updated
62Dalpas Unlimited LtdFrostwhisper-EU524Not updated
62Chyaku Storm GuardFrostwhisper-EU524Not updated
62Jaemes Storm GuardFrostwhisper-EU524Not updated
62Zezuz To the skyFrostwhisper-EU524Not updated
62Quillion Tauren TroublemakersFrostwhisper-EU524Not updated
67Sicreta MementoFrostwhisper-EU523Not updated
68Aalum  Frostwhisper-EU522Not updated
69Borchid HorizonsFrostwhisper-EU521Not updated
69Flóar PerpetualFrostwhisper-EU521Not updated
71Ducatti Nebula LtdFrostwhisper-EU520Not updated
71Leoniè KessutaukoFrostwhisper-EU520Not updated
71Jadise Defenders of MotherEarthFrostwhisper-EU520Not updated
71Kaci  Frostwhisper-EU520Not updated
75Lupín  Frostwhisper-EU517Not updated
75Maqand  Frostwhisper-EU517Not updated
77Orcinus SmartCasualFrostwhisper-EU516Not updated
78Fizzlegloom No Guts No GloryFrostwhisper-EU515Not updated
79Reloca HelvetiosFrostwhisper-EU514Not updated
79Azeures Paddy IrishmanFrostwhisper-EU514Not updated
79Lupia Casual ExcuseFrostwhisper-EU514Not updated
82Chavez The Scarlet CrusadeFrostwhisper-EU513Not updated
83Ryota Nobody Important DiedFrostwhisper-EU511Not updated
83Taloch Is AmbiguousFrostwhisper-EU511Not updated
85Maciver Legends RebornFrostwhisper-EU510Not updated
85Darba Rest In PiecesFrostwhisper-EU510Not updated
87Kelradium  Frostwhisper-EU508Not updated
88Tinybubbles ShaolinFrostwhisper-EU507Not updated
89Qiwilynn Moronic ImpressionFrostwhisper-EU506Not updated
89Danique  Frostwhisper-EU506Not updated
91Drooddino Bird is the WordFrostwhisper-EU504Not updated
91Nimnu Rainbow BrigadeFrostwhisper-EU504Not updated

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