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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmourne-US Unique Pets
1Melann LithiumFrostmourne-US609Not updated
2Sïan Monsters IncorporatedFrostmourne-US607Not updated
3Valgardaen UnlimitedFrostmourne-US603Not updated
3Lissadar  Frostmourne-US603Not updated
5Goodash No Room In HellFrostmourne-US602Not updated
6Pyy OblìvionFrostmourne-US601Not updated
7Oronnie VisionFrostmourne-US596Not updated
7Asymptotem Aggressive ProgressionFrostmourne-US596Not updated
9Deathlegend Channel VIFrostmourne-US595Not updated
10Keyzersoze Mass DestructionFrostmourne-US594Not updated
10Luxeh  Frostmourne-US594Not updated
12Kandycrush  Frostmourne-US593Not updated
12Lightzgraece FrenzyFrostmourne-US593Not updated
14Subzerodawg MomentúmFrostmourne-US592Not updated
14Shredbull  Frostmourne-US592Not updated
16Shepalute  Frostmourne-US591Not updated
16Shopshop EntropyFrostmourne-US591Not updated
18Japes huehuehueFrostmourne-US590Not updated
18Zxane Aggressive ProgressionFrostmourne-US590Not updated
18Grantina TwelveFrostmourne-US590Not updated
21Cordedbowl ChaosFrostmourne-US589Not updated
22Jìgglypuff SupernovaFrostmourne-US588Not updated
22Alogama CivilianFrostmourne-US588Not updated
24Ephraalin HonestlyFrostmourne-US587Not updated
24Winterstòrm  Frostmourne-US587Not updated
26Esoterickk  Frostmourne-US586Not updated
26Kathleën Wipest ElitesFrostmourne-US586Not updated
26Orrsum IndecisionFrostmourne-US586Not updated
26Luxylala  Frostmourne-US586Not updated
30Malfet  Frostmourne-US585Not updated
30Effectivehot AvastFrostmourne-US585Not updated
32Zevestra  Frostmourne-US584Not updated
32Mancith The CabalFrostmourne-US584Not updated
32Gnåshå The Dark CornerFrostmourne-US584Not updated
32Mushroomkin LithiumFrostmourne-US584Not updated
32Gnashå The Dark CornerFrostmourne-US584Not updated
32Drusillá Sausage Wallet SurgeonsFrostmourne-US584Not updated
38Alissandra over the hillFrostmourne-US583Not updated
38Rexiie World SupremacyFrostmourne-US583Not updated
38Sinshady VoodooFrostmourne-US583Not updated
41Ladýhýmhým Supreme DefianceFrostmourne-US582Not updated
42Boocuperate ClassicFrostmourne-US581Not updated
42Theopdk HonestlyFrostmourne-US581Not updated
42Seclak CatalystFrostmourne-US581Not updated
45Butterslice EspritFrostmourne-US580Not updated
46Rynaa Anguish unleashedFrostmourne-US579Not updated
46Shadowblazer Aggressive ProgressionFrostmourne-US579Not updated
46Stormshadowy Excessive ForceFrostmourne-US579Not updated
49Cherisu FateFrostmourne-US578Not updated
49Edwal Immortal DreamFrostmourne-US578Not updated
49Gohan  Frostmourne-US578Not updated
52Calvin UnlimitedFrostmourne-US577Not updated
52Walkingclock Supreme DefianceFrostmourne-US577Not updated
52Mistzilla Relax and Take NoteFrostmourne-US577Not updated
55Daahlinne Anguish unleashedFrostmourne-US576Not updated
56Mannix Slippery GypsyFrostmourne-US575Not updated
56Grimzzy YuvaFrostmourne-US575Not updated
58Lílah FrenzyFrostmourne-US574Not updated
58Meinheiler It Hurts When I PvPFrostmourne-US574Not updated
58Getafx VoyageFrostmourne-US574Not updated
61Misslay  Frostmourne-US573Not updated
61Kaeltic Raided RFrostmourne-US573Not updated
61Mysschievous AvastFrostmourne-US573Not updated
61Milokerrigan Aggressive ProgressionFrostmourne-US573Not updated
61Souldeamon Ancient ProdigiesFrostmourne-US573Not updated
66Eggsampler HonestlyFrostmourne-US572Not updated
66Honeymelons D E L I R I U MFrostmourne-US572Not updated
68Fabio Orgrimmar GuardFrostmourne-US571Not updated
68Mythrohs Go away I drop nothingFrostmourne-US571Not updated
68Æree  Frostmourne-US571Not updated
68Perly intricateFrostmourne-US571Not updated
72Trollietroll  Frostmourne-US570Not updated
72Skaoi The CabalFrostmourne-US570Not updated
72Xenachan HonestlyFrostmourne-US570Not updated
72Xomero Boss KillersFrostmourne-US570Not updated
76Eskavado  Frostmourne-US569Not updated
76Razhun Slice of ParadiseFrostmourne-US569Not updated
76Kakashi Spectral TigersFrostmourne-US569Not updated
76Koonzilla FrenzyFrostmourne-US569Not updated
76Babygotbags CivilianFrostmourne-US569Not updated
76Solikely HonestlyFrostmourne-US569Not updated
82Fei FateFrostmourne-US568Not updated
82Nerzuul UnlimitedFrostmourne-US568Not updated
82Soeharto SchattenjàgerFrostmourne-US568Not updated
82Sueno  Frostmourne-US568Not updated
82Ærre  Frostmourne-US568Not updated
82Mysstic  Frostmourne-US568Not updated
82Augie TwelveFrostmourne-US568Not updated
89Zaviere WoW Tang ClanFrostmourne-US567Not updated
90Ashe Knights of ÇhaosFrostmourne-US566Not updated
90Krëë CaduceusFrostmourne-US566Not updated
90Ahzrukhal Sythegore ArmFrostmourne-US566Not updated
90Ironpawz Take It AllFrostmourne-US566Not updated
90Hellsfreeze Karazhan Chess ClubFrostmourne-US566Not updated
95Wispwarrior CarebearsFrostmourne-US565Not updated

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