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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostmourne-EU Unique Pets
1Jinsu WiedergängerFrostmourne-EU602Not updated
2Nasuka Elite für die HordeFrostmourne-EU586Not updated
3Nyrus  Frostmourne-EU582Not updated
4Zalakkar Stamm der ZalakkariFrostmourne-EU581Not updated
4Loluk  Frostmourne-EU581Not updated
6Tiffanie  Frostmourne-EU574Not updated
6Glibbor  Frostmourne-EU574Not updated
8Livinalie Beschützer von NiribuFrostmourne-EU571Not updated
8Anebi FOXFrostmourne-EU571Not updated
10Anisakis MagellanFrostmourne-EU570Not updated
11Teardrop SelbstjustizFrostmourne-EU569Not updated
12Görner Die VergessenenFrostmourne-EU568Not updated
13Mutombo InfernoFrostmourne-EU567Not updated
13Zakkudruzer  Frostmourne-EU567Not updated
13Zermia Der dunkle OrdenFrostmourne-EU567Not updated
16Pmela Rabenholdts RasselbandeFrostmourne-EU565Not updated
16Kayako  Frostmourne-EU565Not updated
18Rumborack Jainas PrideFrostmourne-EU562Not updated
19Maia Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU561Not updated
20Luone ConclusionFrostmourne-EU560Not updated
21Gras MagellanFrostmourne-EU559Not updated
21Sotie SynesysFrostmourne-EU559Not updated
21Dante MiipmiipFrostmourne-EU559Not updated
21Lydos  Frostmourne-EU559Not updated
25Lycirell SynesysFrostmourne-EU558Not updated
26Loreda GambitFrostmourne-EU557Not updated
27Turtok MagellanFrostmourne-EU556Not updated
28Noboson no more playFrostmourne-EU554Not updated
29Inmopala Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostmourne-EU553Not updated
29Minzha uNeXpecteDFrostmourne-EU553Not updated
29Senga  Frostmourne-EU553Not updated
32Tincery  Frostmourne-EU551Not updated
33Xerksas Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostmourne-EU550Not updated
33Hêrbstlaub bei ALDI ehrfürchtigFrostmourne-EU550Not updated
35Rubyn  Frostmourne-EU547Not updated
36Eugénia WiedergängerFrostmourne-EU542Not updated
36Aglaîa In case of needFrostmourne-EU542Not updated
36Calotta Pretty IncFrostmourne-EU542Not updated
36Inez Jainas PrideFrostmourne-EU542Not updated
40Lotanna Born to Raise HellFrostmourne-EU539Not updated
41Longchen  Frostmourne-EU538Not updated
42Stilgar Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU537Not updated
42Ommun Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU537Not updated
42Wiona Rabenholdts RasselbandeFrostmourne-EU537Not updated
42Colwyn FOXFrostmourne-EU537Not updated
46Anabelle ToXXicFrostmourne-EU535Not updated
46Blackvel Der DracheFrostmourne-EU535Not updated
48Aldon InfernoFrostmourne-EU534Not updated
48Aldonia Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostmourne-EU534Not updated
48Heledir MagellanFrostmourne-EU534Not updated
51Solraya  Frostmourne-EU533Not updated
52Valjean Mighty DucksFrostmourne-EU532Not updated
53Sârana My WorldFrostmourne-EU531Not updated
53Asinna WTRFFrostmourne-EU531Not updated
55Lylia Spirits of EluneFrostmourne-EU530Not updated
56Bämdabär  Frostmourne-EU529Not updated
57Palerider Krieger der AllîanzFrostmourne-EU528Not updated
57Shannor Die VergessenenFrostmourne-EU528Not updated
59Sahkan Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU527Not updated
59Calecia Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU527Not updated
59Triumphator TaikorFrostmourne-EU527Not updated
59Deaniver Terenas letzter WilleFrostmourne-EU527Not updated
63Clumsy Time to SecretFrostmourne-EU526Not updated
63Lorkala Warriors of ApocalypseFrostmourne-EU526Not updated
65Phiebie impenetrabilisFrostmourne-EU525Not updated
66Abigâil Elite für die HordeFrostmourne-EU524Not updated
67Micaecias Jainas PrideFrostmourne-EU522Not updated
67Firatus Der stehende AstFrostmourne-EU522Not updated
69Nnara ConclusionFrostmourne-EU521Not updated
70Serady Bund der ewigen FlammeFrostmourne-EU520Not updated
70Yamiko ExpirationFrostmourne-EU520Not updated
72Hadderach Kingdom of ParadiseFrostmourne-EU519Not updated
73Bigboppa Raging HordesFrostmourne-EU518Not updated
73Keratia Bund der ewigen FlammeFrostmourne-EU518Not updated
73Tenjina  Frostmourne-EU518Not updated
76Cromwel Der stehende AstFrostmourne-EU516Not updated
77Baldemare ChilledFrostmourne-EU515Not updated
77Kouros BrotherhoodFrostmourne-EU515Not updated
77Sheritra SuspektFrostmourne-EU515Not updated
77Matzii BeWaterMyFriendFrostmourne-EU515Not updated
81Aislina MemaniaFrostmourne-EU514Not updated
81Impostor LightbringersFrostmourne-EU514Not updated
81Sithy RubidiumFrostmourne-EU514Not updated
84Mullich Pretty IncFrostmourne-EU512Not updated
85Sabriél Belthanes FeuerFrostmourne-EU511Not updated
86Xêlias Der kreuzende BrennzugFrostmourne-EU510Not updated
86Nátteriná Die VergessenenFrostmourne-EU510Not updated
88Mingyun  Frostmourne-EU509Not updated
89Cumatan DreamcatcherFrostmourne-EU507Not updated
89Sêlly EnTrophyFrostmourne-EU507Not updated
89Orkania DunkelzifferFrostmourne-EU507Not updated
89Prîmé Epic WolvesFrostmourne-EU507Not updated
93Luma Trouble and ChaosFrostmourne-EU505Not updated
94Pyroligtning Lonely FightersFrostmourne-EU503Not updated
95Chely The Heroic ClanFrostmourne-EU502Not updated
95Bigfloppa ExpelledFrostmourne-EU502Not updated

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