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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Fizzcrank-US Unique Pets
1Atawari ExodusFizzcrank-US606Not updated
2Myrlissam Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US603Not updated
3Sternish Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US597Not updated
4Murlockisser Dont Think SmallFizzcrank-US590Not updated
5Theloneeous Best In Both SlotsFizzcrank-US588Not updated
6Leïleï Keep Moving ForwardFizzcrank-US584Not updated
7Onii Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US582Not updated
7Chinook The HauntedFizzcrank-US582Not updated
9Telo ExodusFizzcrank-US581Not updated
10Releaf TriumphFizzcrank-US580Not updated
11Mssheph ImmoralityFizzcrank-US578Not updated
12Taisayu Power To The PeacefulFizzcrank-US576Not updated
13Nátiri ExodusFizzcrank-US574Not updated
13Barthos Inner CircleFizzcrank-US574Not updated
15Puppykicker Expatriate AsylumFizzcrank-US573Not updated
15Onae InappropriateFizzcrank-US573Not updated
15Ewholstein  Fizzcrank-US573Not updated
18Tsarevich InappropriateFizzcrank-US570Not updated
19Laurelle Beltway BanditsFizzcrank-US569Not updated
20Peanotte The HauntedFizzcrank-US568Not updated
21Tocu InappropriateFizzcrank-US567Not updated
22Sella InappropriateFizzcrank-US564Not updated
23Jaffus  Fizzcrank-US562Not updated
23Crimsondemon  Fizzcrank-US562Not updated
25Prøfane The HauntedFizzcrank-US561Not updated
26Jaandius  Fizzcrank-US560Not updated
27Luernvain The HauntedFizzcrank-US559Not updated
28Boogrr The Geriatric NinjasFizzcrank-US558Not updated
29Caramann Hells GloryFizzcrank-US556Not updated
30Legawien Used NapkinFizzcrank-US551Not updated
30Vorqck Legion of The UnforgivenFizzcrank-US551Not updated
32Ralfferly Echo CompanyFizzcrank-US549Not updated
33Shaunmark MaraudersFizzcrank-US548Not updated
33Perseous Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US548Not updated
33Mystical  Fizzcrank-US548Not updated
33Wicked AnonymousFizzcrank-US548Not updated
37Talinthyr  Fizzcrank-US546Not updated
38Lunarlis Used NapkinFizzcrank-US545Not updated
39Freebyrd Hells GloryFizzcrank-US544Not updated
40Shroomdksix ReforgedFizzcrank-US543Not updated
41Justjen  Fizzcrank-US542Not updated
42Gimetin ExodusFizzcrank-US541Not updated
43Ilsobel  Fizzcrank-US540Not updated
43Sylvestor  Fizzcrank-US540Not updated
43Lizzytwo  Fizzcrank-US540Not updated
43Katrenna Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US540Not updated
47Eostre Dark Steel KnightsFizzcrank-US539Not updated
47Joisan MysteryFizzcrank-US539Not updated
47Krystill MysteryFizzcrank-US539Not updated
50Egorhuntsyou BaneFizzcrank-US538Not updated
50Afx Untamed HeritageFizzcrank-US538Not updated
52Walkerblaze InappropriateFizzcrank-US537Not updated
52Shamwow Valiant EnforcersFizzcrank-US537Not updated
54Deathmagic RemnantsFizzcrank-US536Not updated
55Paxter Shadows WithinFizzcrank-US535Not updated
56Romilda Best In Both SlotsFizzcrank-US534Not updated
57Arthaneus Expatriate AsylumFizzcrank-US533Not updated
57Shinny Hells GloryFizzcrank-US533Not updated
59Odokill BenevolenceFizzcrank-US532Not updated
60Domiinatrixx Chaos UnisonFizzcrank-US531Not updated
60Trevonious Burning BladesFizzcrank-US531Not updated
60Nimuetae InappropriateFizzcrank-US531Not updated
63Sethra Women of WarcraftFizzcrank-US530Not updated
64Márley Used NapkinFizzcrank-US528Not updated
65Narumi BaneFizzcrank-US527Not updated
65Misskillsyou  Fizzcrank-US527Not updated
67Lenden The HauntedFizzcrank-US525Not updated
67Mistyri The Dark DragonsFizzcrank-US525Not updated
69Pegpaul The UnitedFizzcrank-US524Not updated
69Benehime Dont Think SmallFizzcrank-US524Not updated
71Aliandrin Disciples of the LyceumFizzcrank-US523Not updated
72Delîlah BaneFizzcrank-US522Not updated
73Snipër MYTHFizzcrank-US521Not updated
73Heita Midnight VirtueFizzcrank-US521Not updated
73Helta Women of WarcraftFizzcrank-US521Not updated
76Mureesh PantheonFizzcrank-US520Not updated
76Lenlor Staff In Your EyeFizzcrank-US520Not updated
76Strangemonk Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US520Not updated
79Klef  Fizzcrank-US519Not updated
80Dyanna Legacy of DarknessFizzcrank-US518Not updated
81Nightmares RemnantsFizzcrank-US516Not updated
82Talisper LeverageFizzcrank-US515Not updated
82Girgori Chaos UnisonFizzcrank-US515Not updated
84Foomi This Space for RentFizzcrank-US514Not updated
84Sensations Reign of GloryFizzcrank-US514Not updated
84Tendrielle Circle of NobilityFizzcrank-US514Not updated

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