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Fenris-US Unique Pets
1Liquidsnake Final JudgementFenris-US590
2Glennhelen The Templar KnightsFenris-US582
2Hammertagrid The Templar KnightsFenris-US582
2Forsythia Forgotten LegionFenris-US582Not updated
2Oliverfarrel Forgotten LegionFenris-US582Not updated
2Retirednurse Forgotten LegionFenris-US582Not updated
7Vendaport Harbingers of DeathFenris-US581Not updated
8Namytri Towards GloryFenris-US579
9Tictactotems  Fenris-US578Not updated
10Adrena Valor AcademyFenris-US576Not updated
11Ashelley Valor AcademyFenris-US575Not updated
12Midorïko Risen NightmareFenris-US572Not updated
12Rín Risen NightmareFenris-US572Not updated
12Hînata Risen NightmareFenris-US572Not updated
15Mize Strawberry NubcakesFenris-US570
16Bluewave Angel SanctuaryFenris-US569
17Ephette The DeceiversFenris-US568
18Baristolth Hand of PainFenris-US567
19Spiritwynn We Bought a GuildFenris-US564Not updated
20Insanity The OutcastsFenris-US563
20Altaraa That Pet PlaceFenris-US563
22Sayria i do not want a guildFenris-US562
23Sentamugo BrewmeistersFenris-US561Not updated
24Dené XP MerksFenris-US560Not updated
25Melangell MetalocalypseFenris-US557
26Tinkerdawn Angel SanctuaryFenris-US556
27Kitallyn AskewFenris-US555Not updated
28Talenth NomadFenris-US553
28Ingvar Forgotten LegionFenris-US553Not updated
30Tigerseyes Angel SanctuaryFenris-US552
31Rudekmonk CheckmateFenris-US551
32Papillion  Fenris-US550Not updated
33Sasche Squirrels With KnivesFenris-US549
34Misdemeanor Chaotic NeutralFenris-US548
34Zarenistia PulseFenris-US548
34Santhein Twisted TrinityFenris-US548
34Phaera Fenris TalonsFenris-US548
38Taylana Echoes of FenrisFenris-US547Not updated
39Jannic The HoneybadgersFenris-US546
39Lanarea  Fenris-US546Not updated
41Kungfuzombie The Lunatic FringeFenris-US545Not updated
42Rhamnusia Strawberry NubcakesFenris-US544Not updated
43Rob  Fenris-US543
44Nekkita Fenris TalonsFenris-US542Not updated
44Malefacen VengeanceFenris-US542
44Garnd VengeanceFenris-US542
44Mara VengeanceFenris-US542
48Nickthenoble Tree FiddyFenris-US541Not updated
49Gilmacil Evil AngelsFenris-US540
49Minirob  Fenris-US540Not updated
49Grandtank League of ChampionsFenris-US540Not updated
52Halima  Fenris-US539
52Hópe Forgotten LegionFenris-US539Not updated
52Steelsong Forgotten LegionFenris-US539Not updated
52Nightli Forgotten LegionFenris-US539Not updated
56Syzzle The OutcastsFenris-US538
56Depravity LordsofDarknessFenris-US538
56Supertush Chaotic NeutralFenris-US538Not updated
59Bacman The Templar KnightsFenris-US535
59Seljan Final JudgementFenris-US535
59Minnast Indomitus CorFenris-US535Not updated
62Leanansidhe Tools Of WarFenris-US534Not updated
63Whitecastle Evil AngelsFenris-US533
64Cuffaladin Learn to PlayFenris-US532Not updated
64Pearley RebirthFenris-US532
66Ilducé RaidiculousFenris-US530
66Krystalya CheckmateFenris-US530
68Tenkei League of ChampionsFenris-US529
68Sparkky Blood BrothersFenris-US529Not updated
68Purga Blood BrothersFenris-US529Not updated
68Tyrossa Blood BrothersFenris-US529Not updated
68Keera Blood BrothersFenris-US529Not updated
68Annalette Blood BrothersFenris-US529Not updated
74Galateacyc Hand of PainFenris-US528
75Sweetshade UnreliableLaundryServiceFenris-US527Not updated
76Heftybags LordsofDarknessFenris-US525
77Velanor InterventionFenris-US524
78Graywulf End Game TheoryFenris-US523
78Barfa  Fenris-US523
80Shota shadow LordsFenris-US522
80Thorinoakenb The Crystal DawnFenris-US522
80Asakurahao  Fenris-US522Not updated
83Hampsure  Fenris-US521Not updated
84Jastria VelocityFenris-US520
84Imzadii Being Unified is KeyFenris-US520Not updated
86Froststrike Chaotic KarmaFenris-US519Not updated
87Briis Dark AscentFenris-US517
87Kashley SerendipityFenris-US517
87Razielmalice Chaotic NeutralFenris-US517Not updated
87Talonstrike Chaotic KarmaFenris-US517Not updated
87Osoblanco rust in peaceFenris-US517Not updated
92Rwolfgar  Fenris-US514Not updated
92Airanea That Pet PlaceFenris-US514
94Tineska FreundschaftFenris-US513
95Threnody Scions of LordaeronFenris-US511
96Gibbler VengeanceFenris-US510Not updated
97Rhani  Fenris-US509
97Azziz LordsofDarknessFenris-US509Not updated

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