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Farstriders-US Unique Pets
1Sibeal The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US584
2Knorr Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US572
3Ischade Justice SeekersFarstriders-US566
4Andred Inner CircleFarstriders-US565Not updated
5Valdís Surly ScoundrelsFarstriders-US557
6Kasimir SleeplessFarstriders-US555
7Rossignol Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US551
7Thrack Natural OrderFarstriders-US551Not updated
9Avestara The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US547
10Banshiff SymphonyFarstriders-US546
11Dominitari Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US545
11Nuluna Death DealersFarstriders-US545Not updated
13Raccolta Infinity OneFarstriders-US544Not updated
14Amoonrayle The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US542
15Nadra HomelessFarstriders-US540
16Benub Templars Of BloodFarstriders-US538
17Silkfox Hallowed ArcanaFarstriders-US537
17Chiste Mordans MaraudersFarstriders-US537Not updated
19Awor The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US533
19Densi Ancient VanguardFarstriders-US533
19Tovius SleeplessFarstriders-US533
19Nautie  Farstriders-US533Not updated
23Dinniah Justice SeekersFarstriders-US532
23Solieusice Hardcore CasualFarstriders-US532Not updated
25Tarynne  Farstriders-US531Not updated
26Xlodan Stormwind GuardFarstriders-US529Not updated
27Zoiee Deathwatch GuardFarstriders-US528Not updated
28Mirygdy  Farstriders-US527Not updated
29Ravensdale Court of MiraclesFarstriders-US526Not updated
30Ouryu SymphonyFarstriders-US523Not updated
31Basic VoodooFarstriders-US522
32Rixian Shaolin PunksFarstriders-US521Not updated
32Veroon The Celtic CircleFarstriders-US521Not updated
32Bigscooper En La OscuridadFarstriders-US521Not updated
35Octaveus ApocryphaFarstriders-US519
36Aguaviento ValkyriesFarstriders-US517Not updated
37Jyn VoodooFarstriders-US516
37Dümsdei Last CallFarstriders-US516
39Lucian The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US515
39Zepher WARLORDSFarstriders-US515
39Mãlfiore WARLORDSFarstriders-US515Not updated
42Sanosukë Surly ScoundrelsFarstriders-US514Not updated
43Tristallon Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US513
43Dewshine Cult of the Zombie PopeFarstriders-US513
45Sacelerene Ancient VanguardFarstriders-US510
45Exxor Local TouristFarstriders-US510
45Pattia ClanbringerFarstriders-US510Not updated
48Korrawi Natural OrderFarstriders-US509Not updated
49Craxxle SymphonyFarstriders-US507
49Amynthel Shaolin PunksFarstriders-US507
49Legendary Shaolin PunksFarstriders-US507
49Elivani The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US507Not updated
53Poppyseed Immortal OutlawzFarstriders-US506
53Hemrok  Farstriders-US506Not updated
55Laura Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US505
55Cowfurion Ancient VanguardFarstriders-US505
55Iristari The Celtic CircleFarstriders-US505Not updated
58Varnaa Phantom RegimentFarstriders-US503Not updated
58Horizons WARLORDSFarstriders-US503Not updated
60Dimaio The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US501
61Taiadi Bear MinimumFarstriders-US500Not updated
61Hrathen DivinusFarstriders-US500Not updated
63Amalei PandamoniaFarstriders-US499Not updated
64Zevelna VoodooFarstriders-US498
64Harríette Conclave of ShadowsFarstriders-US498Not updated
64Aristeníae Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US498Not updated
67Isaboe The Seven KingdomsFarstriders-US497Not updated
67Kablooey Natural OrderFarstriders-US497Not updated
69Roxy Silvermoon SwordmaidensFarstriders-US496
70Daanica HomelessFarstriders-US495Not updated
70Twilightmyst Talon of the PhoenixFarstriders-US495Not updated
72Vivida Trinity CouncilFarstriders-US494Not updated
73Danii Deathwatch GuardFarstriders-US493Not updated
74Podri Hallowed ArcanaFarstriders-US492
74Wildbull Natural OrderFarstriders-US492
74Neuroi BurasadareFarstriders-US492Not updated
77Carlota EinherjarFarstriders-US491
78Shamanista Midnight CorsairsFarstriders-US490Not updated
79Aelarae The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US489
80Jormangand VoodooFarstriders-US487
80Kimmuriel The Seven KingdomsFarstriders-US487Not updated
82Hamleigha Duck and CoverFarstriders-US486Not updated
82Aschal  Farstriders-US486Not updated
84Slayerfaith Midnight CorsairsFarstriders-US485Not updated
85Quinten Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US483

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