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Eonar-US Unique Pets
1Tardek Team PirateEonar-US597Not updated
2Krunnch That Hunting FeelingEonar-US591
3Elunora DrachenreiterEonar-US587Not updated
4Daktari Nightmare CrusadersEonar-US581
5Snigles Demonic DisorderEonar-US580
6Papadoc Legendary RaidersEonar-US579
7Millaril PerpetualEonar-US577
8Jere A Twisted RebellionEonar-US576
8Phikapp The First FleetEonar-US576
8Delibre Champions of the DawnEonar-US576
8Prairipriest A Twisted RebellionEonar-US576
12Marooka That Hunting FeelingEonar-US575Not updated
13Crìcket A Twisted RebellionEonar-US573Not updated
13Morningglory Virtute Et ArmisEonar-US573Not updated
15Silverlock Forged by FireEonar-US571
16Magerdamage AddictedEonar-US570
17Korbar PerpetualEonar-US569
17Gräce AscensionEonar-US569Not updated
19Nettreck InfallibleEonar-US564
19Vonhelsing Knights of the HordeEonar-US564
21Daktar  Eonar-US562
22Méiguï AfflictedEonar-US560
23Celdie The First FleetEonar-US559
23Scar DarkstalkersEonar-US559Not updated
25Tikler The EnlightenedEonar-US557Not updated
25Snapdragon AddictedEonar-US557Not updated
25Paris DarkstalkersEonar-US557Not updated
28Slings Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US556
28Jackalope menzoberanzanEonar-US556Not updated
30Biopsy Second AttemptEonar-US555
31Shadowwizard TrilogyEonar-US553
32Lohgan PerpetualEonar-US550
32Loghan PerpetualEonar-US550
32Fleabe PerpetualEonar-US550
35Shamëz The Evil League Of EvilEonar-US549
35Ogbrongix DarkstalkersEonar-US549Not updated
37Arkbound  Eonar-US548Not updated
37Gallihan Kentucky Head HuntersEonar-US548Not updated
39Yelaren Repressed RageEonar-US547
39Breg Parental AdvisoryEonar-US547
41Cildina The Fallen FleetEonar-US546Not updated
41Hemera InfallibleEonar-US546Not updated
43Kellyann Morrigans LegionEonar-US545Not updated
43Chumley RedemptionEonar-US545
45Hunni Knights of the HordeEonar-US544
45Dktaz Demented SoulsEonar-US544Not updated
47Gumbercules AddictedEonar-US542
47Des The Evil League Of EvilEonar-US542Not updated
49Staghof Light of the DawnbringerEonar-US541Not updated
50Damajin Fatal FormulaEonar-US540Not updated
50Pixie  Eonar-US540
52Mooniacarter Legendary RaidersEonar-US537
52Ragingclues A Twisted RebellionEonar-US537
54Sphínx AscensionEonar-US536
54Hkd MutekiEonar-US536Not updated
54Zuikaku The Evil League Of EvilEonar-US536Not updated
54Avebank Council of CorvinousEonar-US536
58Dusksong Unholy Lords of LightEonar-US534
58Elianagwynn The First FleetEonar-US534
58Marlenus The GatekeepersEonar-US534Not updated
61Sewi Has Bad IntentionsEonar-US532
61Organika BlitzkriegEonar-US532
61Paimona Repressed RageEonar-US532Not updated
64Risanni fists of mightEonar-US531Not updated
64Stormaura AscensionEonar-US531Not updated
64Sanreishuto Champions of the DawnEonar-US531Not updated
67Gidgy PerpetualEonar-US530
67Bugugly Final HeavenEonar-US530
67Llwellyn Final HeavenEonar-US530Not updated
70Garris The SanctumEonar-US529
70Artanis AddictedEonar-US529
70Affa PerpetualEonar-US529
73Shockyra BeeroismEonar-US528Not updated
73Voodini All or NothingEonar-US528
73Ukk All or NothingEonar-US528
73Zakto All or NothingEonar-US528Not updated
73Niasos ResilientEonar-US528Not updated

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