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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eonar-EU Unique Pets
1Fokuhila The Logical CubeEonar-EU611Not updated
2Nightfade Shadows of AzerothEonar-EU601Not updated
3Zelynra Murder Death KillEonar-EU587Not updated
4Ninasan AliasEonar-EU584Not updated
5Lacerta Legends of LanternenEonar-EU583Not updated
5Ayalina Legends of LanternenEonar-EU583Not updated
7Zifa Legends of LanternenEonar-EU580Not updated
7Holliey  Eonar-EU580Not updated
9Ellisse Who PulledEonar-EU579Not updated
10Liquidcurse The DMZEonar-EU578Not updated
11Satsukî Vandelay IndustriesEonar-EU576Not updated
12Anyi A Ku KuEonar-EU575Not updated
13Grzegorz Jezdzcy SmokowEonar-EU572Not updated
13Silje BiSEonar-EU572Not updated
15Nadragulya Twenty Four SevenEonar-EU571Not updated
15Aelitah After HoursEonar-EU571Not updated
17Killuminatti The DisbandedEonar-EU570Not updated
18Barbossa A New DawnEonar-EU567Not updated
18Letaa Jezdzcy SmokowEonar-EU567Not updated
20Porkchawp RestrictedEonar-EU566Not updated
21Jhunto Dark AmbushEonar-EU565Not updated
22Marusu Iron WardensEonar-EU564Not updated
23Jin RestrictedEonar-EU562Not updated
23Leoget Northern VikingsEonar-EU562Not updated
25Necrobo The DMZEonar-EU561Not updated
25Sadora Legends of LanternenEonar-EU561Not updated
25Valiants  Eonar-EU561Not updated
28Kamala BiSEonar-EU560Not updated
29Tameress BiSEonar-EU559Not updated
30Cowpowder The DMZEonar-EU558Not updated
31Robredwine No RemorseEonar-EU557Not updated
31Konwalia  Eonar-EU557Not updated
33Eos Beasts of SythEonar-EU556Not updated
33Yssar What The DeuceEonar-EU556Not updated
33Chixon BacklashEonar-EU556Not updated
36Notyourpet  Eonar-EU554Not updated
36Vîxen The Logical CubeEonar-EU554Not updated
36Raynestar RuinEonar-EU554Not updated
39Stormrayne The Logical CubeEonar-EU553Not updated
39Saraste  Eonar-EU553Not updated
41Okerhs The DMZEonar-EU552Not updated
41Breezeblock Legend of the AllianceEonar-EU552Not updated
41Darkrose The Companion CubeEonar-EU552Not updated
41Foxfire For those who Die SaluteEonar-EU552Not updated
45Nightrayne RuinEonar-EU551Not updated
46Raynestorm The Logical CubeEonar-EU547Not updated
46Bubbleoncd RuinEonar-EU547Not updated
46Oopsiblinked RuinEonar-EU547Not updated
46Moonfall  Eonar-EU547Not updated
50Fugai After HoursEonar-EU546Not updated
50Otvago United PeacekeepersEonar-EU546Not updated
52Elayue Legend of the AllianceEonar-EU545Not updated
53Pappagnome NotAnAddictionEonar-EU544Not updated
54Saintlilith AliasEonar-EU543Not updated
54Yenya Alliance of HonorEonar-EU543Not updated
54Furlockball  Eonar-EU543Not updated
57Alenna Legend of the AllianceEonar-EU542Not updated
57Gatomon  Eonar-EU542Not updated
57Alexdanut NecrosanctiumEonar-EU542Not updated
57Beostar Cheshires CrestEonar-EU542Not updated
61Mitras RelapseEonar-EU541Not updated
62Goonerboy The DMZEonar-EU540Not updated
62Twyla BiSEonar-EU540Not updated
62Spîtfîre The Logical CubeEonar-EU540Not updated
65Chí The DMZEonar-EU539Not updated
66Mitem British BulldogsEonar-EU538Not updated
66Crystalizz The Logical CubeEonar-EU538Not updated
68Mistwalker RuinEonar-EU537Not updated
69Missbamboo  Eonar-EU536Not updated
70Retrodin Eats Shoots and LeavesEonar-EU535Not updated
70Handigeharry QualityEonar-EU535Not updated
70Lasinukke KarmakillersEonar-EU535Not updated
73Cammile  Eonar-EU534Not updated
74Alwayz The Logical CubeEonar-EU533Not updated
75Shadowkillèr The NightshiftEonar-EU532Not updated
75Spiinny BiSEonar-EU532Not updated
75Hotfrizzle RelicsEonar-EU532Not updated
78Pitprop Protectors Of LightEonar-EU531Not updated
79Holyflame The DMZEonar-EU529Not updated

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