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Emeriss-EU Unique Pets
1Shadowveawer Upside DownEmeriss-EU573
2Saphy OOMEmeriss-EU568
3Oelboevsen DaAvengerzEmeriss-EU567Not updated
4Pyrophobia Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU566
5Garibaldy Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU564
6Zgur Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU561
7Zetsubg BPEMEHA HA XAOCEmeriss-EU552
8Apucmokpamka Knights Of HonourEmeriss-EU549Not updated
9Madlen Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU547
9Lazor PersecutedEmeriss-EU547
9Ipet The FallenEmeriss-EU547Not updated
12Dmg OOMEmeriss-EU546Not updated
13Precision Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU545Not updated
14Steveharris  Emeriss-EU543Not updated
15Darkusthus DarknezzEmeriss-EU541
15Moniks OverpoweredEmeriss-EU541Not updated
15Tefnut  Emeriss-EU541Not updated
18Swany Forgotten TribeEmeriss-EU540
19Vorkosigan Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU536
19Siggrid the MaLaKaSEmeriss-EU536
21Thunderia SWE RuleEmeriss-EU535Not updated
21Saxilon ParadigmaEmeriss-EU535Not updated
21Meduvh TaHrPaEmeriss-EU535
24Beijar Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU534
25Ignat Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU533
25Elinorr Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU533
25Freegirl HOBA EPAEmeriss-EU533Not updated
28Marinaßg HOBA EPAEmeriss-EU532Not updated
28Gatti Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU532
28Krokotam TaHrPaEmeriss-EU532Not updated
31Selity OOMEmeriss-EU531
32Kompira OverpoweredEmeriss-EU528
32Chipsa OverpoweredEmeriss-EU528
32Prasinos Dies IraeEmeriss-EU528Not updated
32Ashakti  Emeriss-EU528Not updated
36Baxur Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU526
37Santar Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU524Not updated
38Halliwel  Emeriss-EU523Not updated
39Tootladin Ashen PathEmeriss-EU522Not updated
40Orum  Emeriss-EU521Not updated
41Vesela Forgotten TribeEmeriss-EU518
41Buj JerichoEmeriss-EU518Not updated
41Dudanka MT CompanyEmeriss-EU518Not updated
44Yuro PÁW PÁWEmeriss-EU517Not updated
44Falagar Royal KnightsEmeriss-EU517Not updated
44Crazywar  Emeriss-EU517Not updated
47Myhay  Emeriss-EU515
47Beloré Grave DiggersEmeriss-EU515Not updated
49Robbiekeane ReloadedEmeriss-EU514Not updated
49Nisi Bloody PiratesEmeriss-EU514Not updated
49Scrúffy Puppy PowerEmeriss-EU514Not updated
52Flawd The Honored FewEmeriss-EU513
53Donpipi OverpoweredEmeriss-EU512Not updated
54Tsattila OOMEmeriss-EU511Not updated
55Nazgull  Emeriss-EU510Not updated
56Kaiona The ExcaliburEmeriss-EU509
57Arrows  Emeriss-EU506Not updated
58Naicu Dies IraeEmeriss-EU504
59Hilloviiva For HireEmeriss-EU501
60Beijb GUILD OF DOOMEmeriss-EU499Not updated
61Barns Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU494Not updated
61Sadsac The Honored FewEmeriss-EU494Not updated
63Clopyleft Dies IraeEmeriss-EU492Not updated
64Mao I PeeVeePee in MoonwellsEmeriss-EU488Not updated
65Varjoankka Perilous PeonsEmeriss-EU487
66Maxtra Scream of PainEmeriss-EU485
67Brutalys Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU484Not updated
68Haln Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU482
68Claul Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU482
68Rodosgr  Emeriss-EU482Not updated
71Zuzulin  Emeriss-EU480Not updated
72Livinghorror Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU479
72Nordrasil Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU479
74Yupii DaAvengerzEmeriss-EU478Not updated
75Area BPEMETOEmeriss-EU477Not updated
75Kantolock DaAvengerzEmeriss-EU477Not updated
77Nelíah  Emeriss-EU476Not updated
78Bóòb Its A Love ThingEmeriss-EU475
79Thesoultaker Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU474
79Krokodila Forgotten TribeEmeriss-EU474Not updated
81Osz Defenseless Old LadiesEmeriss-EU473Not updated
82Betøn Champion Of The HordeEmeriss-EU472Not updated
82Stinkywinki SWE RuleEmeriss-EU472Not updated
84Bruuden HOBA EPAEmeriss-EU471Not updated
84Kioshiromibo DestinationEmeriss-EU471Not updated
86Danonkata Forgotten TribeEmeriss-EU469
87Missmore Champion Of The HordeEmeriss-EU467
88Vancheto Scream of PainEmeriss-EU466
89Verne RevelationEmeriss-EU464Not updated
89Ivolvar NerfEmeriss-EU464Not updated
89Stoinkov XAOCEmeriss-EU464Not updated
92Minel Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU463Not updated
92Rozana  Emeriss-EU463Not updated
92Drugen VinterblotEmeriss-EU463Not updated
95Phiro Worship me u insectsEmeriss-EU461Not updated
95Cameltoes  Emeriss-EU461Not updated
97Betmen Say PlzEmeriss-EU460Not updated
97Prostitutza Nightmare CupcakesEmeriss-EU460Not updated
99Wozzer Dark CloudEmeriss-EU459
100Luxxa  Emeriss-EU458Not updated

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