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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Emerald Dream-US Unique Pets
1Divinaty LegionEmerald Dream-US602Not updated
2Nastyrogue Stark Fist of RemovalEmerald Dream-US598Not updated
3Alouette Eighth LegionEmerald Dream-US597Not updated
4Sibi  Emerald Dream-US595Not updated
5Flidias  Emerald Dream-US594Not updated
6Sibbi Beers and BgsEmerald Dream-US590Not updated
6Fenhua Crimson FangEmerald Dream-US590Not updated
6Kalisaphia Blood LotusEmerald Dream-US590Not updated
9Elvie Iron LegionEmerald Dream-US588Not updated
9Rizitaz  Emerald Dream-US588Not updated
11Alliecatt RemixEmerald Dream-US587Not updated
11Doome  Emerald Dream-US587Not updated
13Astarenette E L E M E N TEmerald Dream-US586Not updated
13Milkhugs HypeEmerald Dream-US586Not updated
15Razmalibul ArvandorEmerald Dream-US585Not updated
15Vyxee ArvandorEmerald Dream-US585Not updated
17Bellona  Emerald Dream-US584Not updated
17Fluffÿ The Order of OopsEmerald Dream-US584Not updated
19Speciale Aeturnas TrinitasEmerald Dream-US582Not updated
19Cyrydywnn Dead Parrot SketchEmerald Dream-US582Not updated
19Leikhana ValkyrieEmerald Dream-US582Not updated
19Taser  Emerald Dream-US582Not updated
23Hanmyo The Kingdom of LordaeronEmerald Dream-US581Not updated
23Nakhara Scholomance Debate TeamEmerald Dream-US581Not updated
23Kagrinka Scholomance Debate TeamEmerald Dream-US581Not updated
23Mimic Scholomance Debate TeamEmerald Dream-US581Not updated
27Mceepeepants theACIDnationEmerald Dream-US580Not updated
28Núclear RadioaktiveEmerald Dream-US579Not updated
28Zendarien Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US579Not updated
28Horchata Scholomance Debate TeamEmerald Dream-US579Not updated
31Elanee Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US578Not updated
31Bananä Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US578Not updated
31Thasituation E L E M E N TEmerald Dream-US578Not updated
34Oluf Clan BattlehammerEmerald Dream-US577Not updated
35Kroom  Emerald Dream-US576Not updated
35Roastednuts Misbegotten FuryEmerald Dream-US576Not updated
35Razshalie  Emerald Dream-US576Not updated
38Spacerose WHY SO DODGEEmerald Dream-US575Not updated
38Haay Kittens or ElseEmerald Dream-US575Not updated
40Skaider StregaEmerald Dream-US574Not updated
40Lilpoundtown  Emerald Dream-US574Not updated
42Carbonera  Emerald Dream-US573Not updated
42Tuhli  Emerald Dream-US573Not updated
44Navi LividEmerald Dream-US572Not updated
44Dýre Druids of the ClawEmerald Dream-US572Not updated
46Pluckingbows Chum MonkeysEmerald Dream-US571Not updated
46Fizzlejinx AxiomEmerald Dream-US571Not updated
46Junien Eighth LegionEmerald Dream-US571Not updated
49Sable RebellionEmerald Dream-US570Not updated
49Reyna Emerald Dream TeamEmerald Dream-US570Not updated
49Emillyn Sapere AudeEmerald Dream-US570Not updated
49Deadwife EndeavorsEmerald Dream-US570Not updated
49Scathera  Emerald Dream-US570Not updated
54Aogara  Emerald Dream-US569Not updated
55Yggdracil Druids of the ClawEmerald Dream-US568Not updated
55Nÿmphiniti Bring The RuckusEmerald Dream-US568Not updated
55Tyleran Eighth LegionEmerald Dream-US568Not updated
58Lyali L E G E N D A R YEmerald Dream-US567Not updated
58Shadric Searing EclipseEmerald Dream-US567Not updated
60Babykitty  Emerald Dream-US566Not updated
60Khiarah  Emerald Dream-US566Not updated
62Brynden RavenwatchEmerald Dream-US565Not updated
62Khadijah AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US565Not updated
62Nightshift  Emerald Dream-US565Not updated
65Sardu Sapere AudeEmerald Dream-US564Not updated
65Gerrek Highly UnorthodoxEmerald Dream-US564Not updated
65Revtom Sapere AudeEmerald Dream-US564Not updated
65Deadskinmask MalcontentEmerald Dream-US564Not updated
69Valthazar Highly UnorthodoxEmerald Dream-US563Not updated
70Knoxi Filthy CasualsEmerald Dream-US560Not updated
70Bellãmorte Mog MattersEmerald Dream-US560Not updated
72Annihilation MisanthropyEmerald Dream-US559Not updated
73Neassa The RegimentEmerald Dream-US558Not updated
74Londra Aeturnas TrinitasEmerald Dream-US557Not updated
74Livndedgirl Minor SetbackEmerald Dream-US557Not updated
74Netterick  Emerald Dream-US557Not updated
77Tryypod World of WarcraftEmerald Dream-US556Not updated
77Railee Warsong BattalionEmerald Dream-US556Not updated
77Impå Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US556Not updated
80Bofdin Clan BattlehammerEmerald Dream-US555Not updated
80Taozar NinjatacoproductionzEmerald Dream-US555Not updated
80Mathmos  Emerald Dream-US555Not updated
83Fluffaura Its So FluffyEmerald Dream-US554Not updated
83Zewt  Emerald Dream-US554Not updated
83Falzoon  Emerald Dream-US554Not updated
86Belial AestheticsEmerald Dream-US553Not updated
86Kheilynn theACIDnationEmerald Dream-US553Not updated
86Kumakai The Fallen LightEmerald Dream-US553Not updated
86Ahzi LegionEmerald Dream-US553Not updated
90Valana Team BanzaiEmerald Dream-US552Not updated
90Oz LegionEmerald Dream-US552Not updated
90Ahzuriel LegionEmerald Dream-US552Not updated
93Hitedojo Bold as LionsEmerald Dream-US551Not updated
93Shiroe  Emerald Dream-US551Not updated
93Dankestbops LividEmerald Dream-US551Not updated
96Kamarae Sodality of the CairnsEmerald Dream-US550Not updated
96Smexxar The SunwingEmerald Dream-US550Not updated
96Baliak  Emerald Dream-US550Not updated
96Palerýder  Emerald Dream-US550Not updated
100Gyranolyx Highly UnorthodoxEmerald Dream-US549Not updated

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