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Elune-US Unique Pets
1Chablis DamnationElune-US604
1Vanas  Elune-US604
1Maladriel Reality CheckElune-US604
1Mynkx MSTiesElune-US604
5Cadonasis Better Part of ValorElune-US601
6Gizzybee AmnestyElune-US600
6Celestial Rise of MayhemElune-US600Not updated
6Tylandria  Elune-US600Not updated
6Ethereality  Elune-US600Not updated
6Ethereal  Elune-US600Not updated
6Engelic Mercs For HireElune-US600Not updated
12Macguffin DamnationElune-US591
12Macnessa DamnationElune-US591
14Tonion Acta SantiElune-US586
14Farcast Reality CheckElune-US586
14Gizmojo Tempted KillersElune-US586
17Boberto Gates of HellElune-US584
17Tonnie Red DragonzElune-US584
19Jellyfish Just CrusadeElune-US582
19Selini Reality CheckElune-US582
21Piow VindicationElune-US581
21Mystake SOKElune-US581
23Johto Insanity IncElune-US580Not updated
23Tiklemebimbo House of PendragonsElune-US580Not updated
25Saylormoon Circle of DawnElune-US579
26Gauza LNCElune-US578
27Fizzlepix Tempted KillersElune-US576
27Cauz Lethál SynergyElune-US576Not updated
29Kniprose RegulatorsElune-US575
29Ivetta Just CrusadeElune-US575
29Flizzi Reign of the ExiledElune-US575
32Lorashne Pyreal DreamElune-US574Not updated
33Nightgecko AmnestyElune-US573
33Annalla Better Part of ValorElune-US573
33Smity AxisElune-US573
33Gryndal Midnight CartelElune-US573
33Mairenn InvalidTargetElune-US573
38Eriya Better Part of ValorElune-US572
38Koristil The Lords of AggroElune-US572
38Endarken Segmentation FaultElune-US572Not updated
41Lavaload FusionElune-US570
41Marigan AmnestyElune-US570
43Tigra AmnestyElune-US569
43Yogg Afraid of ElementalsElune-US569
43Alathis Just CrusadeElune-US569Not updated
43Legunner FidelisElune-US569Not updated
47Oipunxx AxisElune-US568
48Miazma Reality CheckElune-US567
49Kato Better Part of ValorElune-US566
50Voodoomann Lords of LootElune-US565
51Dunrik Undying ResolutionElune-US564
51Alexi AmnestyElune-US564
53Wheelanddeal Reality CheckElune-US562Not updated
54Môôn Circle of DawnElune-US561Not updated
55Stephanie  Elune-US560
56Katea Acta SantiElune-US559
56Virusgt VindicationElune-US559
56Firewillow FusionElune-US559Not updated
59Akini AmnestyElune-US557
60Shirvallah  Elune-US556
60Raxicorico CrucifyElune-US556Not updated
60Kyoot AmnestyElune-US556
60Bruiser exodusElune-US556Not updated
64Talonx DamnationElune-US555
64Guycatterson Reign of the ExiledElune-US555
64Coventry Dragon RageElune-US555Not updated
67Luminix Just CrusadeElune-US554Not updated
68Fròsttress InstabilityElune-US553
69Thegnome Midnight CartelElune-US552
69Shaemas AmnestyElune-US552Not updated
69Stellas Reality CheckElune-US552Not updated
72Veroswen Better Part of ValorElune-US551
72Kaly Just CrusadeElune-US551
72Firefoxone La Fin du MondeElune-US551
72Darwars ForbidElune-US551Not updated
72Felaara The Great White NorthElune-US551Not updated
72Exclusive Happy EndingElune-US551
78Dragon FusionElune-US550
79Binkles Just CrusadeElune-US549

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