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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eldre'Thalas-US Unique Pets
1Boochan ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US605Not updated
2Cyler Team DeathwishEldre'Thalas-US593Not updated
3Davilator  Eldre'Thalas-US592Not updated
4Tayeris PrototypeEldre'Thalas-US591Not updated
4Brinela Beautiful DisasterEldre'Thalas-US591Not updated
6Gefion Pax NoviniumEldre'Thalas-US588Not updated
7Jylari ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US587Not updated
8Starrxd PrototypeEldre'Thalas-US585Not updated
8Bearjuden ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US585Not updated
10Emmakjohnson Eternity MattersEldre'Thalas-US584Not updated
10Manawanu Team DeathwishEldre'Thalas-US584Not updated
12Linaomine  Eldre'Thalas-US580Not updated
13Chrisane PrototypeEldre'Thalas-US578Not updated
14Fockewolfe Midnight ReverenceEldre'Thalas-US575Not updated
15Aryntu NemesisEldre'Thalas-US573Not updated
16Oddjob ImpudenceEldre'Thalas-US572Not updated
16Tannel Twilight of DragonsEldre'Thalas-US572Not updated
18Enkidu PlundercatsEldre'Thalas-US571Not updated
18Pitchfork Death IncarnateEldre'Thalas-US571Not updated
18Vorn Death IncarnateEldre'Thalas-US571Not updated
18Twig Beautiful DisasterEldre'Thalas-US571Not updated
18Kena Eternity MattersEldre'Thalas-US571Not updated
23Katstrider Eternity MattersEldre'Thalas-US570Not updated
23Demonslayerd Council of ElitesEldre'Thalas-US570Not updated
25Sympil Beautiful DisasterEldre'Thalas-US567Not updated
25Tintagel ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US567Not updated
27Omgstop Beautiful DisasterEldre'Thalas-US565Not updated
28Shawnelle ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US564Not updated
28Ularand Twilights ChildrenEldre'Thalas-US564Not updated
30Rommel Fates LegacyEldre'Thalas-US562Not updated
30Celesteran  Eldre'Thalas-US562Not updated
32Dariusep Midnight ReverenceEldre'Thalas-US561Not updated
33Tawaka Beautiful DisasterEldre'Thalas-US558Not updated
33Rigil NemesisEldre'Thalas-US558Not updated
33Zandali Children of DraenorEldre'Thalas-US558Not updated
36Badjoke Strength of UnityEldre'Thalas-US556Not updated
37Maysonbee  Eldre'Thalas-US554Not updated
37Ginzu Death IncarnateEldre'Thalas-US554Not updated
37Gûts End Game IncEldre'Thalas-US554Not updated
40Slapdance Death IncarnateEldre'Thalas-US553Not updated
40Phobuux DeliriaEldre'Thalas-US553Not updated
42Maggymay MoreTabsEldre'Thalas-US552Not updated
42Othar MoreTabsEldre'Thalas-US552Not updated
42Aaon  Eldre'Thalas-US552Not updated
42Jatani Dragon PeopleEldre'Thalas-US552Not updated
46Azyure Council of ElitesEldre'Thalas-US551Not updated
47Finassa  Eldre'Thalas-US550Not updated
47Melanara Little BIG GuildEldre'Thalas-US550Not updated
47Bloodcircle Death IncarnateEldre'Thalas-US550Not updated
47Trixxed Death IncarnateEldre'Thalas-US550Not updated
51Darksolo Covenant of OsirisEldre'Thalas-US549Not updated
51Slync Eternity MattersEldre'Thalas-US549Not updated
51Sönya Slayers ConventionEldre'Thalas-US549Not updated
54Boreas ImpudenceEldre'Thalas-US548Not updated
54Helbrecht Pax NoviniumEldre'Thalas-US548Not updated
54Keese  Eldre'Thalas-US548Not updated
57Laochra The ExiledEldre'Thalas-US547Not updated
57Sphongle Defenders of The PassEldre'Thalas-US547Not updated
57Mess EschatonEldre'Thalas-US547Not updated
57Caius Defenders of The PassEldre'Thalas-US547Not updated
57Lunamoo Little BIG GuildEldre'Thalas-US547Not updated
62Spriggen MoreTabsEldre'Thalas-US546Not updated
62Lichette Fates LegacyEldre'Thalas-US546Not updated
64Fechin HecTicEldre'Thalas-US545Not updated
65Lilíth ImpudenceEldre'Thalas-US544Not updated
66Hollymae TiddlywinksEldre'Thalas-US543Not updated
66Huggme The Final SanctumEldre'Thalas-US543Not updated
66Tovan Fates LegacyEldre'Thalas-US543Not updated
69Dhaerk ReformEldre'Thalas-US541Not updated
70Kamasutra  Eldre'Thalas-US540Not updated
71Morgaine PremierEldre'Thalas-US539Not updated
72Jabosh Archaic WarlordsEldre'Thalas-US538Not updated
72Voidgobbo Midnight ReverenceEldre'Thalas-US538Not updated
72Stroganov Invaders of the PassEldre'Thalas-US538Not updated
75Honokum ResolutionEldre'Thalas-US537Not updated
75Madil PrototypeEldre'Thalas-US537Not updated
77Merkavah ApotheosisEldre'Thalas-US536Not updated
77Jagwyr Children of DraenorEldre'Thalas-US536Not updated
77Kissthis KungalooshEldre'Thalas-US536Not updated
80Nosoi Dragon PeopleEldre'Thalas-US535Not updated
81Lynnzz Chop Shop PsychosEldre'Thalas-US534Not updated
81Salamanizer ResolutionEldre'Thalas-US534Not updated
83Gala PrototypeEldre'Thalas-US533Not updated

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