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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eitrigg-US Unique Pets
1Phoenixphyre Pick Up GroupsEitrigg-US598Not updated
2Constantiné Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US591Not updated
3Serephem  Eitrigg-US590Not updated
4Baraddur Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US588Not updated
5Tambaby A L I A SEitrigg-US587Not updated
6Greenfairy The InsaneEitrigg-US585Not updated
7Dangertouch Undead LegionEitrigg-US584Not updated
8Stårshine Lucky DevilsEitrigg-US582Not updated
9Kmfdk To The PainEitrigg-US580Not updated
10Santeclair Grumpy Old FartsEitrigg-US579Not updated
11Delreithe  Eitrigg-US578Not updated
11Glenin Legions of Nine WorldsEitrigg-US578Not updated
13Zedyth JheregEitrigg-US574Not updated
14Handsanitizr Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US573Not updated
14Khalell Psycho SquadEitrigg-US573Not updated
16Supereclipse A L I A SEitrigg-US571Not updated
16Keirion Undead LegionEitrigg-US571Not updated
18Skinnbonz Undead LegionEitrigg-US570Not updated
18Shockaholic STOP hammer timeEitrigg-US570Not updated
18Ignorant Geared For WarEitrigg-US570Not updated
21Hootsthree Geared For WarEitrigg-US569Not updated
22Kharmah Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US568Not updated
22Anakhee Psycho SquadEitrigg-US568Not updated
24Tealin We KnowEitrigg-US567Not updated
25Molag Wrath of NekromancyEitrigg-US565Not updated
26Kataclysm The Other GuysEitrigg-US563Not updated
27Unkell Sin of FateEitrigg-US562Not updated
28Siftieria Undead LegionEitrigg-US561Not updated
28Wookìe Psycho SquadEitrigg-US561Not updated
30Wymorin Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US560Not updated
30Luueywu The ChandrianEitrigg-US560Not updated
32Shandraya Treasures of MysteryEitrigg-US559Not updated
33Mediq THE SANDBOXEitrigg-US558Not updated
33Allassaria Twisted MindsEitrigg-US558Not updated
35Idefixx  Eitrigg-US557Not updated
36Sansai The Other GuysEitrigg-US556Not updated
37Rixxie  Eitrigg-US555Not updated
38Cadswaine Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US554Not updated
38Sundermark Steel SorrowEitrigg-US554Not updated
40Melcoors  Eitrigg-US553Not updated
41Looshin Psycho SquadEitrigg-US552Not updated
41Nekka Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US552Not updated
43Ätticus Insane AsylumEitrigg-US551Not updated
43Trianna Victorious SecretEitrigg-US551Not updated
43Catsdevil DestructionEitrigg-US551Not updated
46Akhaev A L I A SEitrigg-US550Not updated
46Amanae Crits and GigglesEitrigg-US550Not updated
46Verryl Crits and GigglesEitrigg-US550Not updated
49Leftylaroux Victorious SecretEitrigg-US549Not updated
49Liliana Twisted MindsEitrigg-US549Not updated
51Pennypíncher Loot The HoundsEitrigg-US548Not updated
52Ghostpanda Grumpy Old FartsEitrigg-US547Not updated
52Cinderia DestructionEitrigg-US547Not updated
54Llorsa A L I A SEitrigg-US546Not updated
54Hippopotamus ApocalypseEitrigg-US546Not updated
54Rumpleplatt Victorious SecretEitrigg-US546Not updated
57Chaoticstorm Crits and GigglesEitrigg-US544Not updated
58Ehehron Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US542Not updated
58Ariellen SoulstormEitrigg-US542Not updated
58Yumigumi  Eitrigg-US542Not updated
58Magusoz Pick Up GroupsEitrigg-US542Not updated
62Visten The Wild RoversEitrigg-US541Not updated
63Meilana West Coast RaidersEitrigg-US539Not updated
64Zarthras ZeitgeistEitrigg-US536Not updated
65Snowd Undead LegionEitrigg-US535Not updated
65Drunkmonkie Twisted MindsEitrigg-US535Not updated
65Datpriest Wings of DeathEitrigg-US535Not updated
65Ontarget Demonic KingsEitrigg-US535Not updated
65Ebonycat  Eitrigg-US535Not updated
65Rummi OIEitrigg-US535Not updated
71Kasaka Fiat LuxEitrigg-US533Not updated
71Sheera Why Did I Join A GuildEitrigg-US533Not updated
71Makunga  Eitrigg-US533Not updated
74Dankbeast Focus MagicEitrigg-US531Not updated
74Platinumm Bella MorteEitrigg-US531Not updated

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