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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Earthen Ring-US Unique Pets
1Brewd SacredEarthen Ring-US607Not updated
2Rordys alea iacta est libertasEarthen Ring-US606Not updated
3Gracelore VeritasEarthen Ring-US604Not updated
4Spellstone Legacy of the AllianceEarthen Ring-US602Not updated
5Havah alea iacta est salusEarthen Ring-US597Not updated
5Dawnwinter  Earthen Ring-US597Not updated
7Karobi SacredEarthen Ring-US594Not updated
8Vívienne Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US593Not updated
8Zugarye DissonanceEarthen Ring-US593Not updated
10Hawkchaser  Earthen Ring-US591Not updated
11Finneous No OptionEarthen Ring-US589Not updated
12Keverob Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US588Not updated
13Gildina VeritasEarthen Ring-US587Not updated
13Shingar THE EPIC RAIDERSEarthen Ring-US587Not updated
13Jadesparkle The Dragon KnightsEarthen Ring-US587Not updated
13Diamondsoul Shadow RemainsEarthen Ring-US587Not updated
13Velyana alea iacta est invictusEarthen Ring-US587Not updated
18Warlow alea iacta est salusEarthen Ring-US586Not updated
19Mokoshona STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US585Not updated
19Violiza Angelus MortisEarthen Ring-US585Not updated
19Kayvere alea iacta est audaciaEarthen Ring-US585Not updated
22Caitlighn Ashes of the DawnEarthen Ring-US584Not updated
22Evelus Street KnightsEarthen Ring-US584Not updated
22Jouglet Clan of DarknessEarthen Ring-US584Not updated
25Ravenlunatic Asmodeus destroyersEarthen Ring-US583Not updated
25Hateful alea iacta est audaciaEarthen Ring-US583Not updated
25Kokia THE EPIC RAIDERSEarthen Ring-US583Not updated
28Valorin FateEarthen Ring-US582Not updated
29Thesilea Draic KinEarthen Ring-US581Not updated
29Tinktard  Earthen Ring-US581Not updated
31Nhyo Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US580Not updated
31Belexiniaa Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US580Not updated
31Matricide KirinTheDestroyersEarthen Ring-US580Not updated
31Allanya alea iacta est audaciaEarthen Ring-US580Not updated
31Eleilaania Dark LegendEarthen Ring-US580Not updated
31Chelydra VeritasEarthen Ring-US580Not updated
37Quay Outcast OrderEarthen Ring-US579Not updated
37Helvette Bitter and SaltyEarthen Ring-US579Not updated
37Rhoswyn alea iacta est invictusEarthen Ring-US579Not updated
37Selipherus VeritasEarthen Ring-US579Not updated
41Minoke Clan of DarknessEarthen Ring-US578Not updated
42Applpye Echoes of FateEarthen Ring-US577Not updated
42Kitrie Echoes of FateEarthen Ring-US577Not updated
42Zerocket Dial M for MurlocEarthen Ring-US577Not updated
45Benharin alea iacta est libertasEarthen Ring-US576Not updated
46Sniperion SavagesEarthen Ring-US575Not updated
46Leeta alea iacta est fortunaEarthen Ring-US575Not updated
46Catawracked The HarbinngerEarthen Ring-US575Not updated
46Emberlie alea iacta est fidelisEarthen Ring-US575Not updated
46Frinka  Earthen Ring-US575Not updated
51Alludra alea iacta est fortunaEarthen Ring-US573Not updated
51Brightman SavagesEarthen Ring-US573Not updated
51Zyndarra alea iacta est gravitasEarthen Ring-US573Not updated
51Poozai alea iacta est audaciaEarthen Ring-US573Not updated
51Kolum  Earthen Ring-US573Not updated
56Holybook The Old GuardEarthen Ring-US572Not updated
56Chompagne The CabalEarthen Ring-US572Not updated
56Khalerys Üntòld ßegïnnïngEarthen Ring-US572Not updated
56Vespérs IntangibleEarthen Ring-US572Not updated
56Flùffy STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US572Not updated
56Hogwild  Earthen Ring-US572Not updated
62Tarrÿnn Blood FistEarthen Ring-US571Not updated
62Lixsy DarkbloomEarthen Ring-US571Not updated
62Orochi STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US571Not updated
62Nikotora STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US571Not updated
62Evelectra STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US571Not updated
62Machural STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US571Not updated
62Arisia STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US571Not updated
62Kronøs STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US571Not updated
62Strictdiet STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US571Not updated
62Wraiyth STiLLPLAYiNGEarthen Ring-US571Not updated
62Kismat  Earthen Ring-US571Not updated
62Ladeejasmin alea iacta est verendusEarthen Ring-US571Not updated
74Blistick alea iacta est comitasEarthen Ring-US570Not updated
75Lingcarter alea iacta est invictusEarthen Ring-US569Not updated
75Emellia  Earthen Ring-US569Not updated
75Miramoon Gray Tiger TongEarthen Ring-US569Not updated
78Rkpaer Celestial AlignmentEarthen Ring-US568Not updated
78Dulcet Shattered MoonEarthen Ring-US568Not updated
78Mithiralis Mostly HarmlessEarthen Ring-US568Not updated
81Fermat alea iacta est fidelisEarthen Ring-US567Not updated
82Psalter IconEarthen Ring-US566Not updated
82Tiffani The Old GuardEarthen Ring-US566Not updated
82Recall The Old GuardEarthen Ring-US566Not updated
82Gilad  Earthen Ring-US566Not updated
86Dimere Palemoon RequiemEarthen Ring-US565Not updated
86Irisen Hells Panty RaidersEarthen Ring-US565Not updated
86Alztraj Clan of DarknessEarthen Ring-US565Not updated
89Synthetik OMG Ice cream truck brbEarthen Ring-US564Not updated
90Ushishiro alea iacta est verendusEarthen Ring-US563Not updated
90Cellestina Vanguard of the DawnEarthen Ring-US563Not updated
90Caylira Crusaders of the RealmEarthen Ring-US563Not updated

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