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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dunemaul-EU Unique Pets
1Radey The Black FuryDunemaul-EU578Not updated
1Moonkín The Black FuryDunemaul-EU578Not updated
1Soulblaze The Black FuryDunemaul-EU578Not updated
4Drwowhead DreamersDunemaul-EU573Not updated
5Enoch Riders of HonorDunemaul-EU571Not updated
6Calmersutra ColdfusionDunemaul-EU568Not updated
7Fortunato BladestormDunemaul-EU567Not updated
8Gaja Methods of MadnessDunemaul-EU565Not updated
9Untamed The Black FuryDunemaul-EU558Not updated
10Warosh SkyGuardsDunemaul-EU556Not updated
11Dzozef The Black FuryDunemaul-EU552Not updated
12Gemmi HakkapeliitatDunemaul-EU551Not updated
13Tantùn  Dunemaul-EU547Not updated
14Mofype SisyfosDunemaul-EU546Not updated
14Kjutic DreamersDunemaul-EU546Not updated
16Purplewidos The Black FuryDunemaul-EU544Not updated
17Graven BladestormDunemaul-EU543Not updated
18Avael Twisted SerenityDunemaul-EU541Not updated
19Lockinroll The Wolves BrotherhoodDunemaul-EU539Not updated
19Snìtch OutplayedDunemaul-EU539Not updated
21Nibozah Devil May CryDunemaul-EU538Not updated
22Arianâ GrandTheftKodoDunemaul-EU537Not updated
23Maelynn Echo Of WarDunemaul-EU529Not updated
24Hurrdidurr Couldnt Care LessDunemaul-EU528Not updated
25Kitsunebi BladestormDunemaul-EU527Not updated
25Animuss Iron EdgeDunemaul-EU527Not updated
27Moolove SkyGuardsDunemaul-EU525Not updated
27Moonflesh Veterans of AlteracDunemaul-EU525Not updated
27Solarís Veterans of AlteracDunemaul-EU525Not updated
27Tazzdingoo GrandTheftKodoDunemaul-EU525Not updated
31Artoris Crescent SunDunemaul-EU524Not updated
32Sitare Raven NestDunemaul-EU522Not updated
32Wynona The GarrisonDunemaul-EU522Not updated
34Leonides Silver HawksDunemaul-EU521Not updated
35Nâstylady The Black FuryDunemaul-EU520Not updated
36Æpophis The Black FuryDunemaul-EU515Not updated
37Borke Iron EdgeDunemaul-EU514Not updated
37Contastadour LoktarOgarDunemaul-EU514Not updated
39Rotyourface  Dunemaul-EU513Not updated
40Ástaroth Ok Who PulledDunemaul-EU511Not updated
41Db Twisted SerenityDunemaul-EU509Not updated
41Suprimus CoalitionDunemaul-EU509Not updated
43Uso Evil IntentionsDunemaul-EU508Not updated
44Axellent Last BastionDunemaul-EU506Not updated
45Raslebøtte SmashDunemaul-EU504Not updated
45Tifø Mutation TeamDunemaul-EU504Not updated
47Onoj We Love GuildperksDunemaul-EU503Not updated
48Icestar BladeDunemaul-EU502Not updated
49Resurgentis OutplayedDunemaul-EU501Not updated
50Técil RedeemérDunemaul-EU500Not updated
50Dracon Warsong WarriorsDunemaul-EU500Not updated
52Devorator  Dunemaul-EU499Not updated
52Retribull Free To DecideDunemaul-EU499Not updated
52Udderlycute Free To DecideDunemaul-EU499Not updated
55Mortician BladestormDunemaul-EU498Not updated
55Chazzy Devil May CryDunemaul-EU498Not updated
55Musashii LoEG ProDunemaul-EU498Not updated
58Angrodor SmashDunemaul-EU497Not updated
58Yamada Free To DecideDunemaul-EU497Not updated
58Aapjee Free To DecideDunemaul-EU497Not updated
61Enervix  Dunemaul-EU496Not updated
62Peelîvan  Dunemaul-EU495Not updated
62Matsyy AbominationDunemaul-EU495Not updated
64Braindaddy WonderlandDunemaul-EU493Not updated
65Rasleny SmashDunemaul-EU490Not updated
66Lysanne Fearsome War EngineDunemaul-EU488Not updated
67Deadlove Social ClubDunemaul-EU487Not updated
68Burkek EquilibriumDunemaul-EU486Not updated
69Joyless Brazen SyndicateDunemaul-EU483Not updated
70Nigrutin  Dunemaul-EU482Not updated
70Gallowbraids  Dunemaul-EU482Not updated
72Littlealice Free To DecideDunemaul-EU479Not updated
72Kabear  Dunemaul-EU479Not updated
74Sagitarius Twisted SerenityDunemaul-EU478Not updated
75Titoija Cataclysm Leveling GuildDunemaul-EU477Not updated
76Alhpadog MagnificentDunemaul-EU476Not updated
77ßlâcksoul SkylineDunemaul-EU473Not updated
78Jhinx Eighty FiveDunemaul-EU472Not updated
79Drtroll  Dunemaul-EU471Not updated
80Nightshika ColdfusionDunemaul-EU469Not updated
80Cortney The Black FuryDunemaul-EU469Not updated
82Executrix VindicationDunemaul-EU468Not updated
82Baptista The Black FuryDunemaul-EU468Not updated
84Tazhorn BladestormDunemaul-EU466Not updated
84Droodiness Aggro UnionDunemaul-EU466Not updated
86Untransformd Twisted SerenityDunemaul-EU464Not updated
86Istar ColdfusionDunemaul-EU464Not updated
88Oturanboa  Dunemaul-EU463Not updated
89Idoru Recipe for LoveDunemaul-EU462Not updated
90Uncthesavage  Dunemaul-EU460Not updated
91Pno The Black FuryDunemaul-EU458Not updated
91Eidann Last BastionDunemaul-EU458Not updated
91Gobnobbler EquilibriumDunemaul-EU458Not updated
94Darkmaniac Last SpokenDunemaul-EU457Not updated

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