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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dun Morogh-EU Unique Pets
1Anashya PegasusDun Morogh-EU588Not updated
2Bâbsy Dark InfinityDun Morogh-EU587Not updated
2Mondus InfernøDun Morogh-EU587Not updated
4Calingula HerrschoftsSeitnDun Morogh-EU585Not updated
5Menace Minima de malisDun Morogh-EU583Not updated
6Aryumi avelonDun Morogh-EU580Not updated
7Janilea GenesìsDun Morogh-EU578Not updated
7Lionsource EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU578Not updated
7Demetrius PantheonDun Morogh-EU578Not updated
10Kinama Money INCDun Morogh-EU577Not updated
11Splitterbart ExilDun Morogh-EU576Not updated
12Vondi Dark InfinityDun Morogh-EU575Not updated
12Nycojia  Dun Morogh-EU575Not updated
12Ilithyia EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU575Not updated
15Finschda HerrschoftsSeitnDun Morogh-EU574Not updated
15Rhyyt FriendDun Morogh-EU574Not updated
15Myhys Mach kein DramaDun Morogh-EU574Not updated
15Raubenix LîlîumDun Morogh-EU574Not updated
15Líonsource EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU574Not updated
15Glykokalyx EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU574Not updated
21Fyeina Money INCDun Morogh-EU573Not updated
21Extremmies Money INCDun Morogh-EU573Not updated
21Rasbinia ExilDun Morogh-EU573Not updated
21Helalia Money INCDun Morogh-EU573Not updated
21Oktobär Money INCDun Morogh-EU573Not updated
26Lêderstrumpf HerrschoftsSeitnDun Morogh-EU572Not updated
27Exituss GenesìsDun Morogh-EU571Not updated
27Ashendra Money INCDun Morogh-EU571Not updated
29Nyâ NightforceDun Morogh-EU570Not updated
30Syla Blades of LightningDun Morogh-EU569Not updated
30Ciriz Blades of LightningDun Morogh-EU569Not updated
32Gantscha Counter AllianzDun Morogh-EU568Not updated
32Herta The NewDun Morogh-EU568Not updated
32Edelschami Money INCDun Morogh-EU568Not updated
35Theworstcase Money INCDun Morogh-EU567Not updated
35Mhinu LîlîumDun Morogh-EU567Not updated
35Rilgalad  Dun Morogh-EU567Not updated
38Yinixy Wächter des JadedrachenDun Morogh-EU566Not updated
38Rywen Blades of LightningDun Morogh-EU566Not updated
40Kromrand Trinker und HeldenDun Morogh-EU565Not updated
40Felía just for funDun Morogh-EU565Not updated
40Pegula Money INCDun Morogh-EU565Not updated
40Mâluga  Dun Morogh-EU565Not updated
44Sylania Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU564Not updated
45Puubaer GaiaDun Morogh-EU563Not updated
45Hunterjacky DamageCrewDun Morogh-EU563Not updated
45Pittjolie FriendDun Morogh-EU563Not updated
45Liebhabärin Money INCDun Morogh-EU563Not updated
49Sajri Blades of LightningDun Morogh-EU562Not updated
49Naunet DamageCrewDun Morogh-EU562Not updated
51Vanêssa molôn labeDun Morogh-EU561Not updated
51Selendis Minima de malisDun Morogh-EU561Not updated
51Phexxae Hüter der schwarzen RoseDun Morogh-EU561Not updated
54Aquatarne Team AquaDun Morogh-EU560Not updated
54Mayla MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU560Not updated
54Katynka Umbrae MortisDun Morogh-EU560Not updated
54Maikê no problemoDun Morogh-EU560Not updated
58Îzy  Dun Morogh-EU559Not updated
59Dariós EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU558Not updated
59Mavila Plán BDun Morogh-EU558Not updated
61Êd HerrschoftsSeitnDun Morogh-EU557Not updated
62Maksym Chroniken eines KriegersDun Morogh-EU556Not updated
62Sphäre Within a generationDun Morogh-EU556Not updated
64Crösus MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU554Not updated
64Agog Umbrae MortisDun Morogh-EU554Not updated
64Sorrow Angel and EvilDun Morogh-EU554Not updated
64Abuelchurie Semper FidelesDun Morogh-EU554Not updated
64Arthimis Angel and EvilDun Morogh-EU554Not updated
69Lichtritter Phase ZweiDun Morogh-EU553Not updated
69Harrgat UnbreakablèDun Morogh-EU553Not updated
69Chengdu Corpus DelictiDun Morogh-EU553Not updated
72Margarete Phase ZweiDun Morogh-EU552Not updated
72Sarasarde Nobody is perfectDun Morogh-EU552Not updated
72Sobala HeldentatenDun Morogh-EU552Not updated
75Azzil  Dun Morogh-EU551Not updated
75Wieselchen Crew der Krossen KrabbeDun Morogh-EU551Not updated
75Bamboule  Dun Morogh-EU551Not updated
75Fernos Freier BundDun Morogh-EU551Not updated
79Beromaid darf dasDun Morogh-EU550Not updated
79Muffy NightlifeDun Morogh-EU550Not updated
79Bimaid darf dasDun Morogh-EU550Not updated
79Tönjes darf dasDun Morogh-EU550Not updated
83Falballa ConfidenceDun Morogh-EU549Not updated
84Elwøød InfinitumDun Morogh-EU548Not updated
84Roterdrache Fascis ave RegnumDun Morogh-EU548Not updated
84Suria MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU548Not updated
84Sariany Umbrae MortisDun Morogh-EU548Not updated
88Miyu Periculum in moraDun Morogh-EU547Not updated
88Crudelis Periculum in moraDun Morogh-EU547Not updated
90Jelin Dragon LordDun Morogh-EU546Not updated
90Anâriél GaiaDun Morogh-EU546Not updated
90Bastet Crimson WolvesDun Morogh-EU546Not updated

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