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Drenden-US Unique Pets
1Iris  Drenden-US594Not updated
2Mosey SublimeDrenden-US592
3Arvash TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US587
4Sanguisa The Horde EliteDrenden-US585Not updated
5Dainty Hug MeDrenden-US581Not updated
6Yukimi Engineering MadnessDrenden-US580
6Yamani Engineering MadnessDrenden-US580
8Katilin ProfitDrenden-US576
9Forpoints Knight WatchDrenden-US575Not updated
10Dannyx RequiemDrenden-US574
10Satya LigatureDrenden-US574
10Vronk Sotally ToberDrenden-US574Not updated
13Shoogen Engineering MadnessDrenden-US572
14Eloradana InconceivableDrenden-US570
14Riceáronix RequiemDrenden-US570Not updated
16Puffer Focused AggressionDrenden-US569
17Gurloes RequiemDrenden-US568
18Raura Legacy of AntonidasDrenden-US567Not updated
19Simbabaloo Sentinels of EternityDrenden-US564Not updated
20Shampoø The Skeleton ArmyDrenden-US563Not updated
21Bishojo SublimeDrenden-US560
22Avellynia DsylxeicDrenden-US559
23Providence TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US558
23Merlinda Eternal KnightsDrenden-US558Not updated
25Zablet TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US555
26Brynhildr TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US553
27Friarjoe Engineering MadnessDrenden-US552
27Hoobajou There Might Be BloodDrenden-US552Not updated
27Arcadia TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US552
27Galactica  Drenden-US552Not updated
31Bajapanti Engineering MadnessDrenden-US551
31Veszayne RequiemDrenden-US551
33Joela Engineering MadnessDrenden-US550
33Korp  Drenden-US550Not updated
35Treborlock Focused AggressionDrenden-US549
35Mairin Engineering MadnessDrenden-US549
35Shailock ARBOR KNIGHTSDrenden-US549Not updated
38Slayah Hordes FinestDrenden-US547
39Sunetra Silver BladesDrenden-US546Not updated
39Kostandinos The Horde EliteDrenden-US546Not updated
41Huricane Engineering MadnessDrenden-US545Not updated
42Galorina RequiemDrenden-US544
42Kaldrun The MourningDrenden-US544
42Aròra TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US544
42Yoloswaggins MadnessDrenden-US544Not updated
46Dragoron DsylxeicDrenden-US542
46Tinyjosie Twilight AsunderDrenden-US542Not updated
46Tirram Phoenix KnightsDrenden-US542
49Henklin ProfitDrenden-US541
49Razgromlin The BlacklistedDrenden-US541
51Glados RequiemDrenden-US540
52Avianna Drama SocietyDrenden-US539
53Bullchiper Silver WingsDrenden-US538
53Bounty  Drenden-US538Not updated
55Faelwynn confusedDrenden-US537Not updated
56Geliora The ReignDrenden-US536
56Pyralicia InconceivableDrenden-US536
56Irufushi TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US536
59Celonien Sentinels of EternityDrenden-US535Not updated
60Rendougain To Death or GloryDrenden-US534Not updated
60Deadstrike  Drenden-US534
62Tactt RequiemDrenden-US533
62Caffpow TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US533
62Klarken Silver WingsDrenden-US533Not updated
62Oakwill The BlacklistedDrenden-US533Not updated
62Popeofhope VitalityDrenden-US533Not updated
67Gnomeownia One PercentDrenden-US532Not updated
68Darkblues NailbangersDrenden-US531Not updated
68Corvinas Bucket ListDrenden-US531Not updated
70Rondo Focused AggressionDrenden-US530
70Sparkmoor The Fighting HellfishDrenden-US530Not updated
72Arayvia Skeleton CrewDrenden-US529
72Lydiajean Skeleton CrewDrenden-US529
74Szilvia InconceivableDrenden-US528
74Glori confusedDrenden-US528
76Manakas Essence of DeathDrenden-US527Not updated
76Norisaani End of DaysDrenden-US527Not updated
78Yokoono There Might Be BloodDrenden-US526
78Shadowreaver LigatureDrenden-US526
80Solvin ProfitDrenden-US524Not updated
80Shells HalcyonDrenden-US524
82Dragnasty Sin Dorei TemplarDrenden-US523Not updated
82Fantacy CairdeasDrenden-US523
82Stevejabbs TSU TAIN GUU FAITAADrenden-US523
82Denile  Drenden-US523Not updated
86Enhancshammy ProfitDrenden-US522
86Darkcel Sentinels of EternityDrenden-US522Not updated
88Ordis SacrosanctDrenden-US521
88Cylis DsylxeicDrenden-US521
88Shamazîng Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeDrenden-US521
91ßellamoon MadnessDrenden-US519

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