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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dreadmaul-US Unique Pets
1Sithis Psych WardDreadmaul-US595Not updated
2Shinji Psych WardDreadmaul-US591Not updated
3Saltpollen AllianceDreadmaul-US583Not updated
3Tröz Soliders Of The AllianceDreadmaul-US583Not updated
5Prae The Silver HandDreadmaul-US575Not updated
6Vcforever Im Out Of OrderDreadmaul-US574Not updated
7Necrofeelyä Modus OperandiDreadmaul-US572Not updated
8Scrimm Fus Roh DahDreadmaul-US570Not updated
9Labium  Dreadmaul-US568Not updated
9Impatient  Dreadmaul-US568Not updated
9Haiping  Dreadmaul-US568Not updated
9Preparation  Dreadmaul-US568Not updated
9Tachycardia  Dreadmaul-US568Not updated
9Eevil  Dreadmaul-US568Not updated
9Yazzmin  Dreadmaul-US568Not updated
9Tiramismoo  Dreadmaul-US568Not updated
17Jalani  Dreadmaul-US566Not updated
18Bundyofdoom DMHN GamingDreadmaul-US563Not updated
18Faithheal  Dreadmaul-US563Not updated
20Anath First StrikeDreadmaul-US560Not updated
21Flippertwo F T ADreadmaul-US558Not updated
22Cirucci Emote thisDreadmaul-US557Not updated
23Preåcharound MMOs Before HoesDreadmaul-US553Not updated
24Grimelle Modus OperandiDreadmaul-US549Not updated
24Spiritmm AuridDreadmaul-US549Not updated
26Eworenia EvoDreadmaul-US547Not updated
27Animelle MythicDreadmaul-US543Not updated
28Findelle OLNDreadmaul-US541Not updated
28Jezabelle OLNDreadmaul-US541Not updated
30Flashbax Warchief GatemasterDreadmaul-US540Not updated
31Dashaldie Angels Of WarDreadmaul-US538Not updated
32Ruffneck F T ADreadmaul-US537Not updated
33Fourtoes Coup de GrâceDreadmaul-US536Not updated
34Spartar VelocityDreadmaul-US535Not updated
35Darklightz VelocityDreadmaul-US530Not updated
36Valorium DépthDreadmaul-US529Not updated
37Chundress Modus OperandiDreadmaul-US525Not updated
38Taurus Spirited LearningDreadmaul-US524Not updated
38Frogs Going CommandoDreadmaul-US524Not updated
40Dragy Pokemon TrainerDreadmaul-US523Not updated
41Healsntoes Dispelling StupidityDreadmaul-US521Not updated
41Felmark HarmonyDreadmaul-US521Not updated
43Gallifræ The Armory of LightDreadmaul-US520Not updated
44Dardis Ez RaidDreadmaul-US518Not updated
45Dotelle OLNDreadmaul-US517Not updated
46Ledgenary Unicorn PowerDreadmaul-US516Not updated
46Killinstuff Seasons In The AbyssDreadmaul-US516Not updated
48Yonlung Eternity EndDreadmaul-US515Not updated
48Meiman Conclave of ShadowsDreadmaul-US515Not updated
48Mageybaby DivinationDreadmaul-US515Not updated
48Redhoof Dispelling StupidityDreadmaul-US515Not updated
48Runeytoons Conclave of ShadowsDreadmaul-US515Not updated
48Delanious DivinationDreadmaul-US515Not updated
48Nightess DivinationDreadmaul-US515Not updated
48Amblue NiteWatchDreadmaul-US515Not updated
56Bobbiejones Unicorn PowerDreadmaul-US512Not updated
57Grimbooze Elemental ShovelDreadmaul-US510Not updated
58Andymac BOHICADreadmaul-US509Not updated
59Dirtnapper Orgrimmar invadersDreadmaul-US507Not updated
59Sunshinexo CAREBEARS DONT CAREDreadmaul-US507Not updated
61Holytemplar  Dreadmaul-US505Not updated
61Takqtxo Unicorn PowerDreadmaul-US505Not updated
63Bigballedcat Seasons In The AbyssDreadmaul-US504Not updated
64Zeyra Dispelling StupidityDreadmaul-US503Not updated
65Bananaask BOHICADreadmaul-US502Not updated
65Sicness DOWN WITH DA SICNESSDreadmaul-US502Not updated
67Holypai Steak cheese and baconDreadmaul-US501Not updated
68Wíllow Conclave of ShadowsDreadmaul-US496Not updated
69Corithi Eternal SoulDreadmaul-US494Not updated
69Bälthäzar  Dreadmaul-US494Not updated
71Naldirra Guardian of PrideDreadmaul-US491Not updated
72Hyoyeonsnsd Sanctum GloryDreadmaul-US490Not updated
72Yssandaren Eternal SoulDreadmaul-US490Not updated
72Bearwolfmän PrestigeDreadmaul-US490Not updated
75Sherbert Disconnected from RLDreadmaul-US489Not updated
76Bossz Guardian of PrideDreadmaul-US488Not updated
76Shady  Dreadmaul-US488Not updated
78Rinath Numbers with NocDreadmaul-US487Not updated
78Crippleu F T ADreadmaul-US487Not updated
80Foxglovê OriginalDreadmaul-US486Not updated
81Yesmum  Dreadmaul-US483Not updated
82Graknon Unicorn PowerDreadmaul-US481Not updated
83Mazzat Modus OperandiDreadmaul-US479Not updated
84Kusaionara SanctumDreadmaul-US477Not updated
85Nayeli VelocityDreadmaul-US474Not updated
85Kalitha Numbers with NocDreadmaul-US474Not updated
87Viressa  Dreadmaul-US473Not updated
88Elwoodbluues  Dreadmaul-US471Not updated
88Sugaranspice The Fallen AngelsDreadmaul-US471Not updated
88Boádicea  Dreadmaul-US471Not updated
88Totematic The Fallen AngelsDreadmaul-US471Not updated
88Infèrno Sans PeurDreadmaul-US471Not updated
88Bengali Sans PeurDreadmaul-US471Not updated
88Twootles Unicorn PowerDreadmaul-US471Not updated
95Remia First StrikeDreadmaul-US470Not updated
95Twofoottanka  Dreadmaul-US470Not updated
97Lannosaris  Dreadmaul-US469Not updated
98Cujodog Conclave of ShadowsDreadmaul-US468Not updated
99Tellandra First StrikeDreadmaul-US467Not updated
100Telawyn The Screaming ImpsDreadmaul-US465Not updated

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