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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drakkari-US Unique Pets
1Lilii Live And Let DieDrakkari-US582Not updated
2Borlonx Los Campeones SupremosDrakkari-US577Not updated
3Gandhy X LawsDrakkari-US576Not updated
4Zavijha IrreparablesDrakkari-US573Not updated
5Firenze InsomnioDrakkari-US570Not updated
6Margu Live And Let DieDrakkari-US567Not updated
6Urnkal AsesinoSDrakkari-US567Not updated
8Temiss Live And Let DieDrakkari-US565Not updated
8Opochtli La PlagaDrakkari-US565Not updated
8Darkmelody The Dark PactDrakkari-US565Not updated
11Deityhod Desideratus FatumDrakkari-US561Not updated
12Ensabanurh La PlagaDrakkari-US560Not updated
12Lidriana Drakkari WarriorsDrakkari-US560Not updated
12Jokèr Dark LordsDrakkari-US560Not updated
12Warlsky Drakkari WarriorsDrakkari-US560Not updated
16Seras la comarcaDrakkari-US559Not updated
17Anianka VerstecktDrakkari-US556Not updated
18Ðatheal UthopicDrakkari-US551Not updated
18Sümiko  Drakkari-US551Not updated
18Elfgone Stack and DieDrakkari-US551Not updated
21Myev  Drakkari-US548Not updated
21Thanathøs SëëDDrakkari-US548Not updated
21Marrcela Los Campeones SupremosDrakkari-US548Not updated
21Kalandria NebuchadnezzarDrakkari-US548Not updated
25Atina Live And Let DieDrakkari-US547Not updated
25Papafanuel running with scissorsDrakkari-US547Not updated
25Illidån Dragonquest Players ARGDrakkari-US547Not updated
28Scarecrash SëëDDrakkari-US545Not updated
29Niaandir NastrandDrakkari-US544Not updated
30Bippa LegendsDrakkari-US543Not updated
30Ingrid Shidai HitokiriDrakkari-US543Not updated
32Opelol StormrageDrakkari-US541Not updated
33Danit  Drakkari-US539Not updated
33Naalia LEGENDARYDrakkari-US539Not updated
33Asdfdsa  Drakkari-US539Not updated
33Wiindy Legends Never DieDrakkari-US539Not updated
37Raxxuz The FirmDrakkari-US538Not updated
38Göspel My wife is a Raid BossDrakkari-US537Not updated
39Lirel Not In My HouseDrakkari-US536Not updated
39Greecko Chiefs of The RealmDrakkari-US536Not updated
41Tau Chiefs of The RealmDrakkari-US535Not updated
42Hopee UthopicDrakkari-US532Not updated
42Arqanine Perfect EnemyDrakkari-US532Not updated
42Hellsyng My FIST is MONOCHROMATICDrakkari-US532Not updated
45Unknöwn UthopicDrakkari-US530Not updated
45Koralinne MërcenariøsDrakkari-US530Not updated
45Valier UthopicDrakkari-US530Not updated
48Séphíróth Live And Let DieDrakkari-US529Not updated
49Pradah Orden de CaosDrakkari-US527Not updated
49Netjer NOTHING PERSONALDrakkari-US527Not updated
49Anemia NOTHING PERSONALDrakkari-US527Not updated
52Senkei  Drakkari-US526Not updated
52Sigmaeris La ResistenciaDrakkari-US526Not updated
54Zommari AnarchyDrakkari-US525Not updated
54Kruon  Drakkari-US525Not updated
54Zeex AnarchyDrakkari-US525Not updated
57Yia NastrandDrakkari-US524Not updated
58Uyinga Uthopic AltsDrakkari-US523Not updated
59Pristie Curatoris FatumDrakkari-US522Not updated
59Kartu SangrealDrakkari-US522Not updated
61Errod Corsarios del InfiernoDrakkari-US521Not updated
61Mavïs The Dark PactDrakkari-US521Not updated
63Dagrone LegendsDrakkari-US520Not updated
63Híko Live And Let DieDrakkari-US520Not updated
65Typhoid La PlagaDrakkari-US519Not updated
65Leiko  Drakkari-US519Not updated
67Keyd UthopicDrakkari-US518Not updated
67Autopsia OblivionDrakkari-US518Not updated
67Destíny Curatoris FatumDrakkari-US518Not updated
67Berengar LimónDrakkari-US518Not updated
67Rebelscum AnarchyDrakkari-US518Not updated
72Formulita Depredadores NaturalesDrakkari-US515Not updated
73Etto Girls Gone WowDrakkari-US514Not updated
73Nyana UthopicDrakkari-US514Not updated
75Azmaría Chewbacca Was HereDrakkari-US513Not updated
75Katapy Mythical RisingDrakkari-US513Not updated
75Gambix Corsarios del InfiernoDrakkari-US513Not updated
75Yumus THE KNIGHTS OF AZEROTHDrakkari-US513Not updated
79Krackën LegendsDrakkari-US512Not updated
80Gwendolyn Curatoris FatumDrakkari-US511Not updated
81Sakura Chiefs of The RealmDrakkari-US506Not updated
82Tki NastrandDrakkari-US505Not updated
82Krizix Arctic MonkeysDrakkari-US505Not updated
82Chinjao Winter WolvesDrakkari-US505Not updated
85Dashunia La ResistenciaDrakkari-US504Not updated
85Nazco Celestial BeingDrakkari-US504Not updated
85Evesweet Arctic MonkeysDrakkari-US504Not updated
88Monzt Frostwolf ClanDrakkari-US502Not updated
88Mïlï NOTHING PERSONALDrakkari-US502Not updated

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