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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dragonblight-US Unique Pets
1Selecao TriariiDragonblight-US608Not updated
2Lilpint Crusaders of ApathyDragonblight-US605Not updated
3Auziegrace SatelliteDragonblight-US598Not updated
4Ghaelthris Holy CritDragonblight-US594Not updated
5Neytiry SatelliteDragonblight-US593Not updated
6Dinahmoé DúnedainDragonblight-US592Not updated
7Balazaar Army of HeavenDragonblight-US591Not updated
7Gobrielle Odins WrathDragonblight-US591Not updated
9Hyacinth TriariiDragonblight-US588Not updated
10Protagonist Crimson FuryDragonblight-US587Not updated
11Sproingzapa Holy CritDragonblight-US584Not updated
11Impatience Monkey BusinessDragonblight-US584Not updated
13Eithne Deus ex CruxDragonblight-US583Not updated
14Destoroyah Twist of FateDragonblight-US582Not updated
15Zaldrik Crimson FuryDragonblight-US581Not updated
16Ermrac AnLa ShokDragonblight-US580Not updated
16Cluey Deus ex CruxDragonblight-US580Not updated
18Orambar Shattered WingsDragonblight-US579Not updated
19Mizzen SatelliteDragonblight-US578Not updated
20Truheartbear TriariiDragonblight-US577Not updated
20Neyí InefficientDragonblight-US577Not updated
22Uzichike PersonificationDragonblight-US576Not updated
22Pandorox Shattered WingsDragonblight-US576Not updated
24Felarok TriariiDragonblight-US575Not updated
25Ama dednetnI sa gnikroWDragonblight-US572Not updated
25Enram DúnedainDragonblight-US572Not updated
27Corann Snow GoonsDragonblight-US571Not updated
27Ncognito Mortal KingsDragonblight-US571Not updated
29Icyangel Army of HeavenDragonblight-US570Not updated
29Shaqueequee TriariiDragonblight-US570Not updated
31Fractalina DysfunctionalDragonblight-US569Not updated
31Teshi Army of HeavenDragonblight-US569Not updated
31Satúrn ReckoningDragonblight-US569Not updated
34Blindhoof dednetnI sa gnikroWDragonblight-US568Not updated
34Vandara Read This As I Own YouDragonblight-US568Not updated
36Warcurse Cake or DeathDragonblight-US567Not updated
37Tinkrrgrrl Cake or DeathDragonblight-US566Not updated
38Trancer QuintessentialDragonblight-US565Not updated
38Bladaina AfflictionDragonblight-US565Not updated
40Loster UnrivaledDragonblight-US563Not updated
40Jainá ZergDragonblight-US563Not updated
40Eviari REGIMENT OF CHAOSDragonblight-US563Not updated
43Dirgeus IxoraDragonblight-US562Not updated
44Leeta SatelliteDragonblight-US561Not updated
44Kaca Severed TiesDragonblight-US561Not updated
44Stilldead Return of the DragonDragonblight-US561Not updated
47Supercreeps Perpetual DreamDragonblight-US560Not updated
48Carbion TriariiDragonblight-US559Not updated
48Deowulf ReckoningDragonblight-US559Not updated
50Sullygirl AwakenedDragonblight-US558Not updated
51Sitena Army of HeavenDragonblight-US557Not updated
52Caeruleus Perpetual DreamDragonblight-US556Not updated
52Miniday Tabula RasaDragonblight-US556Not updated
54Shaudda  Dragonblight-US555Not updated
55Lilfoxjr  Dragonblight-US554Not updated
55Beayotch Thunder BuddiesDragonblight-US554Not updated
57Philias  Dragonblight-US553Not updated
58Threnody IxoraDragonblight-US551Not updated
59Novasky Tabula RasaDragonblight-US550Not updated
59Indifferenza Knights of LegendsDragonblight-US550Not updated
61Bübblès Shattered WingsDragonblight-US549Not updated
61Blissotica Shattered WingsDragonblight-US549Not updated
61Kellrose  Dragonblight-US549Not updated
61Elysiana Tabula RasaDragonblight-US549Not updated
65Vaswislor Kirin TorDragonblight-US548Not updated
65Catyline Twilight HordeDragonblight-US548Not updated
65Rorezi Severed TiesDragonblight-US548Not updated
65Argin Snow GoonsDragonblight-US548Not updated
69Alaania Tauren RidersDragonblight-US546Not updated
69Dreadsorrow Evil GerbilsDragonblight-US546Not updated
69Axolotl Mulgore MafiaDragonblight-US546Not updated
72Hamhok Army of HeavenDragonblight-US545Not updated
72Wikken REGIMENT OF CHAOSDragonblight-US545Not updated
74Cotonmouth dednetnI sa gnikroWDragonblight-US544Not updated
74Redhawktw dednetnI sa gnikroWDragonblight-US544Not updated
74Seradanee Knights of LegendsDragonblight-US544Not updated
74Elleria UnrivaledDragonblight-US544Not updated
74Shadowsyren Crimson FuryDragonblight-US544Not updated

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