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Draenor-US Unique Pets
1Morguth Trial and ErrorDraenor-US591
2Vaevictus Mostly DeadDraenor-US589
3Aoinoteki Dropped StitchesDraenor-US585
3Gorodina Twisted stitchesDraenor-US585
3Tekiherbbank Dropped StitchesDraenor-US585
6Xerithaid MythosDraenor-US584
7Fugan Nil DesperandumDraenor-US582
8Mlakaskulog InflictionDraenor-US581
8Tenebris ObsoleteDraenor-US581Not updated
8Xenomist Happy Funk BandDraenor-US581Not updated
11Kynsi SRS BZNSSDraenor-US579Not updated
12Kioz Praetorian GuardDraenor-US578
13Sinswordalot Sodality of the ConstantDraenor-US577
13Hatahip Blue MarbleDraenor-US577Not updated
15Shizuka Trial and ErrorDraenor-US576
15Suzaku Trial and ErrorDraenor-US576
17Kaisharga Trial and ErrorDraenor-US575
17Asra Trial and ErrorDraenor-US575
17Syniss Trial and ErrorDraenor-US575
17Phidra DisdainDraenor-US575
17Obsidia Trial and ErrorDraenor-US575
17Phizik DisdainDraenor-US575
17Philaria DiscordDraenor-US575
17Phitod DisdainDraenor-US575
25Phijas DisdainDraenor-US574
25Kelzuris  Draenor-US574Not updated
25Phijen DisdainDraenor-US574Not updated
28Pocoyo Order Of DraenorDraenor-US573Not updated
28Taotek InflictionDraenor-US573Not updated
30Pappydot Freaks Without LeashesDraenor-US572
30Phionic DisdainDraenor-US572Not updated
32Rahna Chocolate DiscoDraenor-US570Not updated
32Demonicpapa Solitary ConfinementDraenor-US570Not updated
34Balloons Praetorian GuardDraenor-US569
34Artemia Grimhorn TribeDraenor-US569
34Scarlett Grimhorn TribeDraenor-US569
34Chienney Veritas VincitDraenor-US569
38Yuniko ReforgedDraenor-US568
39Phison DisdainDraenor-US567Not updated
40Jalad Happy Funk BandDraenor-US566
40Ephi Chocolate DiscoDraenor-US566
42Ripoli ReforgedDraenor-US565
42Phiris DisdainDraenor-US565Not updated
42Phichi DisdainDraenor-US565Not updated
45Baiter DiscordDraenor-US562
46Aclimar InfensoDraenor-US561
46Andrasté Blood BrothersDraenor-US561
46Drægon Wicked KnightsDraenor-US561
49Ergroka Will PWN YouDraenor-US560
49Bloody Eye of the TigerDraenor-US560
49Moravec Dropped StitchesDraenor-US560
52Èarth Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US559
53Moorid Forsaken DreamsDraenor-US558
53Rhaage Forsaken DreamsDraenor-US558
53Archaeus Order of ErebusDraenor-US558Not updated
53Lilminimoo Forsaken DreamsDraenor-US558
53Khatniss Forsaken DreamsDraenor-US558
53Goramfrack Forsaken DreamsDraenor-US558
53Lethalshade PALIDRONSDraenor-US558Not updated
53Moofaasa Forsaken DreamsDraenor-US558
61Kaernor Order of ErebusDraenor-US557Not updated
61Woto Shadows and DustDraenor-US557Not updated
63Mourngrym Broken PromísesDraenor-US556
63Twobit Nil DesperandumDraenor-US556Not updated
63Zantalalia DisdainDraenor-US556
66Keahilani HyperionDraenor-US555
66Flittz Forsaken DreamsDraenor-US555
66Tahki Dropped StitchesDraenor-US555
69Caesaria  Draenor-US554
69Xorcist CursedDraenor-US554
69Plendapho InfensoDraenor-US554Not updated
72Periwinkle Trial and ErrorDraenor-US553
72Drunkcrypt WideSpreadPanicDraenor-US553Not updated
74Kørra Blood BrothersDraenor-US552
74Dezzire TorchwoodDraenor-US552
74Yoshiums LegionDraenor-US552Not updated
77Hode Forgotten SoulsDraenor-US551Not updated
78Zannah The Night ShiftDraenor-US549
79Getretkt HyperionDraenor-US548
79Statement Sodality of the ConstantDraenor-US548
79Moralta Dropped StitchesDraenor-US548
82Zaniah CursedDraenor-US547Not updated
83Calyssa Trial and ErrorDraenor-US545
83Kaazel TorchwoodDraenor-US545
83Exxtacy CtrlAltEliteDraenor-US545
83Tirrimor Dropped StitchesDraenor-US545
83Zacura Gnomeland SecurityDraenor-US545Not updated
88Ecofriendly Destinis LordsDraenor-US544
89Sneakpeak Wicked KnightsDraenor-US543
89Scorchi Eternal GuardiansDraenor-US543
89Feldane Interstellar OverdriveDraenor-US543
92Moolissa Blood BrothersDraenor-US542

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