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Doomhammer-US Unique Pets
1Zarjana RuinationDoomhammer-US603
2Quil RelicDoomhammer-US599
3Nightsbane CollectiveDoomhammer-US597
3Wyst Right CliqueDoomhammer-US597
5Hygeiah VesperDoomhammer-US592
6Exetwrath RuinationDoomhammer-US591
7Decline RuinationDoomhammer-US589Not updated
8Tyderium BløødsongDoomhammer-US585
9Blackhammer EternityDoomhammer-US581
9Willow VegaDoomhammer-US581
11Natureally Steel LegionDoomhammer-US577
12Rcanejane RelicDoomhammer-US575
12Hellsfallen The Legion Of HellstormDoomhammer-US575Not updated
12Secondary The Legion Of HellstormDoomhammer-US575Not updated
12Shayrae Exiled LegionDoomhammer-US575Not updated
16Shifted RuinationDoomhammer-US574
16Jknyxie Silversight ResourcesDoomhammer-US574
18Ananova ArisenDoomhammer-US573Not updated
19Melstrom We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US572
20Catriana RelicDoomhammer-US571
21Olichius We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US569
21Boombird We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US569
21Vexal We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US569
21Orichius We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US569
25Cattiebree Goodwill GamersDoomhammer-US568Not updated
25Ismena Ancient Order of UMsDoomhammer-US568Not updated
27Shadowbob RelicDoomhammer-US565
27Meepsi Circle of ThornsDoomhammer-US565Not updated
29Yinghue Circle of ThornsDoomhammer-US564Not updated
30Larakroft Blood And RosesDoomhammer-US563Not updated
31Srluke The NemetonDoomhammer-US562
31Hornady Lovely CoconutsDoomhammer-US562Not updated
31Kelgann Shooting the BreezeDoomhammer-US562Not updated
31Warrand Shooting the BreezeDoomhammer-US562Not updated
35Kiamina Right CliqueDoomhammer-US561
35Jacinta ConclaveDoomhammer-US561
37Aukake We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US559
37Quelosong FREE Guild PerksDoomhammer-US559Not updated
39Phiyoo Bella MafiaDoomhammer-US558Not updated
40Channia Insanity for RentDoomhammer-US557
41Brukzarik ConclaveDoomhammer-US556Not updated
41Psylocin DrowDoomhammer-US556Not updated
43Maribelle Sentinels of RevelationDoomhammer-US555Not updated
43Krina Sentinels of RevelationDoomhammer-US555Not updated
45Moomoom ShovelDoomhammer-US554
45Gabriêlla ShenaniganzDoomhammer-US554
45Shroudleaf DisgruntledDoomhammer-US554Not updated
48Miamini Pocket AcesDoomhammer-US553Not updated
49Briara RelicDoomhammer-US551
49Shiyn Malice AforethoughtDoomhammer-US551
49Paryah Malice AforethoughtDoomhammer-US551
52Maizzen RelicDoomhammer-US550Not updated
52Ithirial EternityDoomhammer-US550
54Triplesyxx Malice AforethoughtDoomhammer-US549
54Beguiledy Malice AforethoughtDoomhammer-US549
54Ekho Malice AforethoughtDoomhammer-US549
54Morningshinê ShenaniganzDoomhammer-US549Not updated
58Swimmyfish EldersDoomhammer-US548
59Grandis SanctumDoomhammer-US547Not updated
60Grasshopperr RelicDoomhammer-US546
60Kirzixx ShadowMastersDoomhammer-US546Not updated
62Jadefire Out Of MobsDoomhammer-US545
62Unpacified RuinationDoomhammer-US545
64Skaxx Malice AforethoughtDoomhammer-US544
64Khazid Ancient Order of UMsDoomhammer-US544Not updated
64Caide Phoenix ResurrectionDoomhammer-US544Not updated
67Elledaie RevengeDoomhammer-US543Not updated
68Tenders Red OctoberDoomhammer-US542Not updated
68Polyphasic RavenGuardDoomhammer-US542Not updated
68Trotem DrowDoomhammer-US542Not updated
71Mookota DeviantsDoomhammer-US541
72Eloine BløødsongDoomhammer-US540
72Ldygray Azure KnightsDoomhammer-US540
72Whelpling SolidarityDoomhammer-US540
72Sharky Phoenix ResurrectionDoomhammer-US540Not updated
72Dobray GeriatricsDoomhammer-US540Not updated
77Ofthefallen Occido FetialisDoomhammer-US538
77Shayla Iron ExercereDoomhammer-US538Not updated
77Skieler ProDoomhammer-US538Not updated
80Gaef Ars DiscordiaDoomhammer-US537Not updated
81Hotpotato DrowDoomhammer-US536Not updated
82Jro ReliquiasDoomhammer-US535Not updated
82Aviana Steel LegionDoomhammer-US535

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