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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dentarg-EU Unique Pets
1Caylion Lazy PeonsDentarg-EU573Not updated
2Moklor Bad OmenDentarg-EU572Not updated
2Mystaunted MugetsuDentarg-EU572Not updated
4Darenda Bad OmenDentarg-EU571Not updated
5Archstanton Bad OmenDentarg-EU568Not updated
6Anfauglith Thousand SunnyDentarg-EU566Not updated
7Gexxar The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU562Not updated
8Asteri Bad OmenDentarg-EU561Not updated
9Oikon Legends Of The ForgottenDentarg-EU560Not updated
10Turbobalsam Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU558Not updated
11Bearzerker NightWisherDentarg-EU557Not updated
11Slugabozy  Dentarg-EU557Not updated
11Youknow  Dentarg-EU557Not updated
11Shanksu NightWisherDentarg-EU557Not updated
15Crystalforge All EndsDentarg-EU556Not updated
15Jordo  Dentarg-EU556Not updated
17Kno The last standing HeroesDentarg-EU553Not updated
17Majwel Deadly Viper SquadDentarg-EU553Not updated
19Meannie Eternal AscensionDentarg-EU552Not updated
19Jásonn Pui de DacDentarg-EU552Not updated
21Squírt ConsiderationDentarg-EU551Not updated
22Klonpfod Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU550Not updated
23Reddiamond PenanceDentarg-EU539Not updated
24Doyaskull Zen TikiDentarg-EU535Not updated
25Grapjas Brill Community CollegeDentarg-EU532Not updated
26Gwynnie Strawberry PiratesDentarg-EU531Not updated
27Zandig PenanceDentarg-EU529Not updated
28Zzmokie Zen TikiDentarg-EU528Not updated
29Neveragain VitalDentarg-EU527Not updated
30Cowtastrophe ReckoningDentarg-EU524Not updated
30Rocketfeller CollisionDentarg-EU524Not updated
32Akakabuto CollisionDentarg-EU523Not updated
33Riollu Bad OmenDentarg-EU519Not updated
34Piupiupiupiu Pui de DacDentarg-EU517Not updated
35Atena PenanceDentarg-EU512Not updated
36Seraina Bad OmenDentarg-EU511Not updated
37Beardicus ConsiderationDentarg-EU510Not updated
38Lookalike Bad OmenDentarg-EU509Not updated
38Hvass The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU509Not updated
40Denskare The Doom GuardiensDentarg-EU507Not updated
41Pegdemonium PenanceDentarg-EU506Not updated
42Darmor NollTvåTreDentarg-EU504Not updated
42Copernica Do JajaDentarg-EU504Not updated
42Oeneus ConsiderationDentarg-EU504Not updated
45Sunnette Bad OmenDentarg-EU503Not updated
45Walkyriaa Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU503Not updated
47Stemi ConsiderationDentarg-EU501Not updated
47Snetrom NeroDentarg-EU501Not updated
49Neurodrive The HonoredDentarg-EU500Not updated
50Shajan Bad OmenDentarg-EU497Not updated
50Lrac Deadly Viper SquadDentarg-EU497Not updated
52Anansie CollisionDentarg-EU495Not updated
53Wîndy NerfDentarg-EU492Not updated
54Rocklobster  Dentarg-EU491Not updated
55Jelzin Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU489Not updated
56Stratina Bad OmenDentarg-EU488Not updated
57Darkseth Bad OmenDentarg-EU486Not updated
58Rb PDDDentarg-EU485Not updated
58Decimuss PDDDentarg-EU485Not updated
58Unnas PDDDentarg-EU485Not updated
58Greengrimm PDDDentarg-EU485Not updated
58Ratkicker PDDDentarg-EU485Not updated
58Harvest PDDDentarg-EU485Not updated
58Naraldor PDDDentarg-EU485Not updated
65Dakkar Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU484Not updated
66Spellslayer  Dentarg-EU483Not updated
67Vakalai Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU482Not updated
67Saraste MonsDentarg-EU482Not updated
69Terroriquez Bad OmenDentarg-EU480Not updated
70Peter BGZBankDentarg-EU479Not updated
70Warworglock ConsiderationDentarg-EU479Not updated
70Electrobudda  Dentarg-EU479Not updated
70Pollat Ðevil May CryDentarg-EU479Not updated
70Nunometal  Dentarg-EU479Not updated
75Worgface ConsiderationDentarg-EU478Not updated
75Yfful  Dentarg-EU478Not updated
77Ellysa Pui de DacDentarg-EU476Not updated
78Doopey The PrestigeDentarg-EU475Not updated
79Kaluna Bad OmenDentarg-EU472Not updated
80Zentagg Alliance FinestDentarg-EU470Not updated
81Flamenica Message In BloodDentarg-EU469Not updated
82Kyokan No Moon Over MeDentarg-EU467Not updated
82Nessor So SaltyDentarg-EU467Not updated
82Healmyworg ConsiderationDentarg-EU467Not updated
85Zplatter  Dentarg-EU466Not updated
86Bracè Avatar TrustDentarg-EU463Not updated
86Rhogana The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU463Not updated
88Yarg Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU461Not updated
88Emrah Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU461Not updated
90Skelmir Bad OmenDentarg-EU460Not updated
91Zarrakki SeizureDentarg-EU459Not updated
92Alinuta Pui de DacDentarg-EU458Not updated
92Lraca Deadly Viper SquadDentarg-EU458Not updated
94Kraftverk  Dentarg-EU457Not updated
95Diazipann Guild PerksDentarg-EU454Not updated
96Bebals ConsiderationDentarg-EU451Not updated
97Sargonas Bad OmenDentarg-EU449Not updated
98Büdü Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU447Not updated
99Annukka  Dentarg-EU445Not updated
100Poe NoQQDentarg-EU444Not updated

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