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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dath'Remar-US Unique Pets
1Amaranthia Gíant Communíst RobotsDath'Remar-US604Not updated
2Rallin War Rocket AjaxDath'Remar-US602Not updated
3Panetar ANARCHY IncDath'Remar-US601Not updated
4Bejeweled make it soDath'Remar-US596Not updated
5ßatman Village IdiotsDath'Remar-US592Not updated
6Avadakedavra CrimsonDath'Remar-US589Not updated
6Luxypie FrostwolvesDath'Remar-US589Not updated
8Zoltman Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US588Not updated
8Cymre MischiefUsDath'Remar-US588Not updated
10Stormshadowy War Rocket AjaxDath'Remar-US586Not updated
10Sstormmy MightDath'Remar-US586Not updated
10Yall War Rocket AjaxDath'Remar-US586Not updated
10Bauman ANARCHY IncDath'Remar-US586Not updated
14Aislinge CrimsonDath'Remar-US585Not updated
14Suxaeterna  Dath'Remar-US585Not updated
16Mozzy Fey MercurialDath'Remar-US583Not updated
17Tallys MischiefUsDath'Remar-US582Not updated
18Torchler  Dath'Remar-US581Not updated
19Lolapallooza Professional StalkerDath'Remar-US580Not updated
19Janalli Troll SquadDath'Remar-US580Not updated
21Mordane duskDath'Remar-US579Not updated
22Lonchaney Floating LotusDath'Remar-US577Not updated
22Pinnetty  Dath'Remar-US577Not updated
24Efreet  Dath'Remar-US576Not updated
25Neinah make it soDath'Remar-US575Not updated
26Elmaco Fatal UnionDath'Remar-US574Not updated
26Norá make it soDath'Remar-US574Not updated
26Jahone make it soDath'Remar-US574Not updated
29Kinseeker TimeDath'Remar-US573Not updated
29Hexidecimal  Dath'Remar-US573Not updated
29Stumped FrequencyDath'Remar-US573Not updated
29Flike  Dath'Remar-US573Not updated
33Chamoisse duskDath'Remar-US572Not updated
33Morganlefaye Floating LotusDath'Remar-US572Not updated
35Solsolis ANARCHY IncDath'Remar-US571Not updated
35Renlimmogren MisrepresentedDath'Remar-US571Not updated
37Elwerine  Dath'Remar-US570Not updated
37Spirundik Iron CircleDath'Remar-US570Not updated
37Taulatel Mad ProphetsDath'Remar-US570Not updated
37Tordis LuminanceDath'Remar-US570Not updated
41Sophdog War MachineDath'Remar-US569Not updated
41Rellianna ObliqueDath'Remar-US569Not updated
43Sassacc BRITISH EMPIREDath'Remar-US568Not updated
44Bearski GreenstoneDath'Remar-US567Not updated
44Nashirah Fatal UnionDath'Remar-US567Not updated
46Silvera Hybrid TheoryDath'Remar-US566Not updated
47Wobbles make it soDath'Remar-US565Not updated
48Helodie BZingaDath'Remar-US564Not updated
49Mariette Aina AriènDath'Remar-US563Not updated
49Sabreena make it soDath'Remar-US563Not updated
51Shadsxx RumoursDath'Remar-US562Not updated
51Squeaktoy Lucifers ArmyDath'Remar-US562Not updated
53Lilïth GreenstoneDath'Remar-US561Not updated
53Epilepsia  Dath'Remar-US561Not updated
55Magicbrett LuminanceDath'Remar-US560Not updated
55Brettdos War Rocket AjaxDath'Remar-US560Not updated
55Welloiled LuminanceDath'Remar-US560Not updated
55Cougerden LuminanceDath'Remar-US560Not updated
55Fayyte AccidentalliedDath'Remar-US560Not updated
55Magicplums LuminanceDath'Remar-US560Not updated
55Cougarnator LuminanceDath'Remar-US560Not updated
55Pandaslanda LuminanceDath'Remar-US560Not updated
55Mammachino LuminanceDath'Remar-US560Not updated
55Cougern LuminanceDath'Remar-US560Not updated
65Moarthornz LuminanceDath'Remar-US559Not updated
65Cougarian LuminanceDath'Remar-US559Not updated
67Denara  Dath'Remar-US558Not updated
67Kathordin MightDath'Remar-US558Not updated
69Elurian EmeritusDath'Remar-US557Not updated
69Kamalle ConclaveDath'Remar-US557Not updated
69Sparroh The Cowboys From HellDath'Remar-US557Not updated
72Windwalk VegeMightDath'Remar-US556Not updated
73Nonsequitur  Dath'Remar-US555Not updated
73Paxxz  Dath'Remar-US555Not updated
75Lappin Memories of IceDath'Remar-US554Not updated
76Billbee GreenstoneDath'Remar-US553Not updated
76Biteoflifee LuminanceDath'Remar-US553Not updated
76Zeetard Three Ring CircusDath'Remar-US553Not updated
79Darthzee Three Ring CircusDath'Remar-US552Not updated
79Unholyforce The FallenDath'Remar-US552Not updated
79Khelban  Dath'Remar-US552Not updated
79Delectabull SacrilegeDath'Remar-US552Not updated
83Riccar Chaotic HarmonyDath'Remar-US551Not updated
83Moozee ConclaveDath'Remar-US551Not updated
85Snappydots TrilogyDath'Remar-US550Not updated
85Farryl Novus OrsaDath'Remar-US550Not updated
85Mulkiath The FamilyDath'Remar-US550Not updated
85Marpesia TechnicalityDath'Remar-US550Not updated
85Elentria TechnicalityDath'Remar-US550Not updated
85Tecmessa TechnicalityDath'Remar-US550Not updated
85Zamizi AruntaDath'Remar-US550Not updated
92Thraso  Dath'Remar-US549Not updated
92Ozborn Ordem De CristoDath'Remar-US549Not updated
94Healinghandz  Dath'Remar-US548Not updated
94Absynthia Fall From ZeroDath'Remar-US548Not updated
96Feliza Iron KnightsDath'Remar-US547Not updated
96Asterya War Rocket AjaxDath'Remar-US547Not updated

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