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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Darrowmere-US Unique Pets
1Oceanaia Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US596Not updated
1Roxygirly Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US596Not updated
3Leekee PersistenceDarrowmere-US589Not updated
4Joonni The Devils AdvocateDarrowmere-US580Not updated
5Aisi  Darrowmere-US579Not updated
6Anòrien  Darrowmere-US573Not updated
6Ferk LiteraryDarrowmere-US573Not updated
8Skiittles In Omnia ParatusDarrowmere-US568Not updated
9Catherena PersistenceDarrowmere-US566Not updated
10Kalleen AngryDarrowmere-US564Not updated
11Senariaa InconceivableDarrowmere-US558Not updated
11Venariaa Eternal LegacyDarrowmere-US558Not updated
11Halvroc Mischief IncDarrowmere-US558Not updated
14Fortune  Darrowmere-US557Not updated
15Morechipdip Slightly Dangerous IncDarrowmere-US555Not updated
16Anubisjackel Professional SlackersDarrowmere-US553Not updated
16Hellknight  Darrowmere-US553Not updated
16Clairiahime The ones left behindDarrowmere-US553Not updated
19Fortuitous Far CryDarrowmere-US551Not updated
19Clockwrkmage PsychrometricsDarrowmere-US551Not updated
21Squyrt Slightly Dangerous IncDarrowmere-US550Not updated
21Shakarri Violent TendenciesDarrowmere-US550Not updated
23Saverely The Devils AdvocateDarrowmere-US549Not updated
23Hoolígan Mass ExodusDarrowmere-US549Not updated
25Banehand judiciumDarrowmere-US548Not updated
26Keetah Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US543Not updated
27Brucelééroy SurpriseDarrowmere-US542Not updated
28Pashalik Hells ButterfliesDarrowmere-US541Not updated
29Kauterize Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US540Not updated
30Mythrym Professional SlackersDarrowmere-US539Not updated
30Trueflight Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US539Not updated
30Ashlyth Visions of the PastDarrowmere-US539Not updated
30Ardalek Die In A FireDarrowmere-US539Not updated
30Zeleena Zombie ApocalypseDarrowmere-US539Not updated
35Ashonai  Darrowmere-US538Not updated
35Scarol Worlds ApartDarrowmere-US538Not updated
37Evildevin Ale and BloodDarrowmere-US536Not updated
37Justashadow Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US536Not updated
39Binke  Darrowmere-US534Not updated
39Driggleb Clan DestineDarrowmere-US534Not updated
39Eldamar Professional SlackersDarrowmere-US534Not updated
42Sillypaws  Darrowmere-US532Not updated
43Darkgoddess  Darrowmere-US530Not updated
44Bladeward Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US528Not updated
45Paelenraged Å ÇðñjúrìñgDarrowmere-US526Not updated
45Rochillea Redeeming DarrowmereDarrowmere-US526Not updated
45Baneblades Epistola MortemDarrowmere-US526Not updated
45Madythar Nulli SecundusDarrowmere-US526Not updated
45Grissell Dream TeamDarrowmere-US526Not updated
45Taez FtwDarrowmere-US526Not updated
51Alorable  Darrowmere-US525Not updated
52Trollrcoastr  Darrowmere-US524Not updated
53Silvercraft ÆvèrstìllDarrowmere-US522Not updated
53Canielmor  Darrowmere-US522Not updated
55Àlldayblazer CobraDarrowmere-US521Not updated
56Xiay Hellscreams LegionDarrowmere-US520Not updated
57Kokobaby CobraDarrowmere-US519Not updated
58Francko FtwDarrowmere-US518Not updated
58Beatriks Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US518Not updated
60Aggemegmom Easy RidersDarrowmere-US517Not updated
60Monkheals FishyFingersDarrowmere-US517Not updated
60Anitacoktail Shadows of the HordeDarrowmere-US517Not updated
63Shinshadow Epistola MortemDarrowmere-US516Not updated
63Bellthemouse Unspecified ErrorDarrowmere-US516Not updated
65Elwaine Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US514Not updated
65Sedluminous Verdant IncendiaDarrowmere-US514Not updated
65Dhillon ForgedDarrowmere-US514Not updated
65Lephuct Unspecified ErrorDarrowmere-US514Not updated
69Evanjelina Allies UnitedDarrowmere-US511Not updated
69Gillogend Horde DefendersDarrowmere-US511Not updated
71Miandria Mass ExodusDarrowmere-US509Not updated
71Cosby  Darrowmere-US509Not updated
71Korriin FtwDarrowmere-US509Not updated
74Chubber Conjured CalamityDarrowmere-US508Not updated
74Æringunnr Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US508Not updated
76Murklinx Professional SlackersDarrowmere-US507Not updated
76Gemshine LPcrewDarrowmere-US507Not updated
78Ranariirn Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US506Not updated
78Safarii AmenityDarrowmere-US506Not updated
78Nubbynub AmenityDarrowmere-US506Not updated
78Misstic Slightly Dangerous IncDarrowmere-US506Not updated
82Luckyladys Souls Of AzerothDarrowmere-US505Not updated
82Sruka Professional SlackersDarrowmere-US505Not updated
82Nottarange  Darrowmere-US505Not updated
85Morzella Mass ExodusDarrowmere-US504Not updated
86Hyashivia Epistola MortemDarrowmere-US503Not updated
86Deathanggel The AwakeningDarrowmere-US503Not updated
88Battlechi Hold the HeadDarrowmere-US502Not updated
88Oyuki House of WidgetDarrowmere-US502Not updated
90Theodrei United MarshalsDarrowmere-US501Not updated
90Kittyguye Visions of the PastDarrowmere-US501Not updated
92Deathbyslak  Darrowmere-US500Not updated
92Nochoice Die In FireDarrowmere-US500Not updated
94Valiancia The ShireDarrowmere-US499Not updated
95Gunclapper Dream TeamDarrowmere-US498Not updated
95Wearslayer Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US498Not updated
95Rookin Eons of EvolutionDarrowmere-US498Not updated
98Steelpaw Mute AssassinsDarrowmere-US497Not updated
98Redlegwo Hold the HeadDarrowmere-US497Not updated
100Qlana Beginners LuckDarrowmere-US496Not updated

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