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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Darkspear-US Unique Pets
1Wistaria Imperial LegacyDarkspear-US606Not updated
2Selbink Friend ZoneDarkspear-US597Not updated
3Mondork Girls GenerationDarkspear-US590Not updated
3Fifthcolumn AbolitionDarkspear-US590Not updated
5Stormywaters The ChurchDarkspear-US589Not updated
6Sycokittee  Darkspear-US588Not updated
6Phoenixfíre Let It GoDarkspear-US588Not updated
8Ivanstone ConquestDarkspear-US586Not updated
9Zoddy Friend ZoneDarkspear-US585Not updated
9Ferrarie The LegendDarkspear-US585Not updated
11Bunnies  Darkspear-US582Not updated
11Megadosage ConquestDarkspear-US582Not updated
13Phidor  Darkspear-US581Not updated
13Gamet Magnus Irrumabo AsinosDarkspear-US581Not updated
15Ännoying Carpe DìemDarkspear-US580Not updated
16Airiko Heisenbergs Chem ClassDarkspear-US579Not updated
16Mastec Döpe Celebrity FamilyDarkspear-US579Not updated
18Corsica Sniff My GucciDarkspear-US576Not updated
18Stannder MetalocalypseDarkspear-US576Not updated
20Elxadal Bajheeras ArmyDarkspear-US574Not updated
20Vronk  Darkspear-US574Not updated
22Jadegreen  Darkspear-US573Not updated
22Geeba MuffinsDarkspear-US573Not updated
24Äcé  Darkspear-US572Not updated
24Kibbie Winters ComingDarkspear-US572Not updated
26Zendarius Devastating RetributionDarkspear-US571Not updated
27Oakshror Steel LegionDarkspear-US570Not updated
27Nytemayre RetaliationDarkspear-US570Not updated
29Melcheybear Friend ZoneDarkspear-US569Not updated
30Tissuebox RED DRAGONSDarkspear-US567Not updated
30Lizaa The ChurchDarkspear-US567Not updated
32Enouf Magic Carpet RideDarkspear-US566Not updated
32Arlein WELCOME TO WORLD PVPDarkspear-US566Not updated
34Uzzi Intentíonally FemaleDarkspear-US565Not updated
35Keryth Imperial DragonsDarkspear-US564Not updated
35Lazyeyebobbi  Darkspear-US564Not updated
35Zunther PerseveranceDarkspear-US564Not updated
35Amnori  Darkspear-US564Not updated
39Ahzevar The ChurchDarkspear-US563Not updated
40Deadkau FIGHTDarkspear-US562Not updated
40Talywhacker  Darkspear-US562Not updated
40Rixanne RetaliationDarkspear-US562Not updated
43Kynlesta The ChurchDarkspear-US561Not updated
43Ezerak Ruin GamingDarkspear-US561Not updated
43Eleheals Twisted MindsDarkspear-US561Not updated
43Furshizzle Rated RDarkspear-US561Not updated
47Thelf  Darkspear-US560Not updated
48Sarager FIGHTDarkspear-US559Not updated
48Adraestia  Darkspear-US559Not updated
50Wulfenstein DisavowedDarkspear-US558Not updated
51Hysterícal  Darkspear-US557Not updated
51Tayu SynérgyDarkspear-US557Not updated
53Permadrop The ChurchDarkspear-US556Not updated
53Amberia BattleDarkspear-US556Not updated
53Cubalibre RansomDarkspear-US556Not updated
56Ylenaris SALTDarkspear-US555Not updated
56Hunterprime Ancient UprisingDarkspear-US555Not updated
56Twìnklenugs  Darkspear-US555Not updated
59Impëriüs  Darkspear-US554Not updated
59Gunthôr  Darkspear-US554Not updated
61Fröstedflake Salt MinesDarkspear-US553Not updated
61Islandriå SovereignDarkspear-US553Not updated
63Elenaris The LegendDarkspear-US552Not updated
64Retaedlrow Bajheeras ArmyDarkspear-US551Not updated
64Garzbubel Vox RadixDarkspear-US551Not updated
66Paprax RebirthDarkspear-US550Not updated
66Nordberg  Darkspear-US550Not updated
66Ärlandria  Darkspear-US550Not updated
69Artika The ChurchDarkspear-US549Not updated
69Wensel Blood Red SkiesDarkspear-US549Not updated
69Satìvex  Darkspear-US549Not updated
69ßarchetta Classic RockDarkspear-US549Not updated
69Volarias Just Another DayDarkspear-US549Not updated
69Deathflesh Slightly DangerousDarkspear-US549Not updated
75Nelliepoo Steel LegionDarkspear-US545Not updated
75Wongtaisin Dogs of WARDarkspear-US545Not updated
75Halja NemisisDarkspear-US545Not updated
78Sigep Vox RadixDarkspear-US544Not updated
78Gwynnevere  Darkspear-US544Not updated
78Aestal Blood Red SkiesDarkspear-US544Not updated
78Kurr WOW is LIFEDarkspear-US544Not updated
82Teresix NomptonDarkspear-US543Not updated
82Whitemoonfal Men of the Nights WatchDarkspear-US543Not updated
82Jenzapurr I KNOW RIGHTDarkspear-US543Not updated
85Taalon Friend ZoneDarkspear-US542Not updated
85Jerdatank The ChurchDarkspear-US542Not updated
85Malatov Steel LegionDarkspear-US542Not updated
85Worgnfurchld ConquestDarkspear-US542Not updated
85Salusaa TribunalDarkspear-US542Not updated
90Chichì Bon WeirDarkspear-US541Not updated
90Graeae Steel LegionDarkspear-US541Not updated
90Vaelvette Force of LightDarkspear-US541Not updated
90Briellas  Darkspear-US541Not updated
94Manacraze Steel LegionDarkspear-US540Not updated
95Cptgoose  Darkspear-US538Not updated
95Tertrine PestilenceDarkspear-US538Not updated
95Profane FIGHTDarkspear-US538Not updated
98Jeste IridiumDarkspear-US537Not updated
99Killerjohnhn Vox NexDarkspear-US536Not updated
99Baldemar You Are Not RepairedDarkspear-US536Not updated

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