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Burning Legion-EU Unique Pets
1Fashor TemplariuszeBurning Legion-EU598
2Amelkus Last WordBurning Legion-EU597
2Mozaïk Last WordBurning Legion-EU597
4Madezig Squad ElevenBurning Legion-EU590Not updated
5Demon BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU588
6Irusiek BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU584
7Spawnisia Rat KillersBurning Legion-EU583Not updated
8Dôdgy Good OmenBurning Legion-EU580
8Zarach TomcatsBurning Legion-EU580
8Chojraczek  Burning Legion-EU580Not updated
11Gabryelle Last WordBurning Legion-EU579
12Papicjusz BrygadaPapySmerfaBurning Legion-EU578
13Letrommi Good OmenBurning Legion-EU577
14Vlodex Red DragonBurning Legion-EU576
14Oakraven Last WordBurning Legion-EU576
16Shìrana Raiders of ApocalypseBurning Legion-EU575
16Vragh Last WordBurning Legion-EU575
18Darkvish BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU573
19Ântarax Semper InvictaBurning Legion-EU571Not updated
20Vengras Cruor NexBurning Legion-EU569Not updated
21Fallingblade Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU568
21Jelizee Last WordBurning Legion-EU568
21Yuffiie AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU568
24Beacia  Burning Legion-EU566
24Miisiaczek DziobakiBurning Legion-EU566
26Maegwen TomcatsBurning Legion-EU565
27Erytrea Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU564
28Thaloss Broken IntentBurning Legion-EU563
28Jôckerx The Rising DarknessBurning Legion-EU563
30Ricecake The RedemptionBurning Legion-EU561
31Doktorsqua BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU560
31Zefirbl Shadow ArmyBurning Legion-EU560
31Rokudo Raven SoulBurning Legion-EU560
31Zefirhunt Shadow ArmyBurning Legion-EU560
35Sáneth AccidentallyBurning Legion-EU558
35Eilven Echo of DestinyBurning Legion-EU558
35Agrías The RedemptionBurning Legion-EU558
38Ursinus Shadow ArmyBurning Legion-EU557
38Mowmikotku BarbarzyncyBurning Legion-EU557
38Vilewish Hangin with my GnomiesBurning Legion-EU557Not updated
38Ironale KeepersOfLightBurning Legion-EU557Not updated
42Yeanka Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU556
42Floong IndependentBurning Legion-EU556
42Floóng IndependentBurning Legion-EU556
45Tharis Last WordBurning Legion-EU555
45Hefron Nothing PersonalBurning Legion-EU555Not updated
45Webbiasty IndependentBurning Legion-EU555
48Moroer Good OmenBurning Legion-EU554
48Hezhi Drama TheoryBurning Legion-EU554
48Saurfangs OtherworldBurning Legion-EU554
51Vyku Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU553
51Blackfuri Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU553
51Gryziek The RedemptionBurning Legion-EU553
51Dieselmink The FraternityBurning Legion-EU553
51Nøstra OverDozerBurning Legion-EU553Not updated
56Qalishia BellatorisBurning Legion-EU551
56Derathijel The RedemptionBurning Legion-EU551
58Viddar Good OmenBurning Legion-EU550
59Rokusdk Advanced FearBurning Legion-EU549
59Zicarius Twilight VanguardBurning Legion-EU549
61Apacka Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU548
61Aprill Maiori CedeBurning Legion-EU548
63Castea Lanthir EstelBurning Legion-EU547
63Zipher OnslaughtBurning Legion-EU547Not updated
65Densen Error CodeBurning Legion-EU546
65Nadzieja BellatorisBurning Legion-EU546
67Yekaterina Last WordBurning Legion-EU545
67Homr Semper InvictaBurning Legion-EU545
67Wooyujin  Burning Legion-EU545
70Nohopes Evil SunzBurning Legion-EU544
70Lexilool InnominateBurning Legion-EU544Not updated
70Asmoriak Squad ElevenBurning Legion-EU544Not updated

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