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Burning Blade-US Unique Pets
1Mastr Away TeamBurning Blade-US605
2Apollo Dawn Of TerrorBurning Blade-US603Not updated
3Durtyu  Burning Blade-US594Not updated
4Coldwell Pokemon TrainersBurning Blade-US592Not updated
5Burzgul Away TeamBurning Blade-US589
6Moirainee AnnihilationBurning Blade-US587
7Maelstich WumbologyBurning Blade-US586
8Buffinlovin AnnihilationBurning Blade-US584
9Zaika Rock HardBurning Blade-US579
10Jubez Hardtack GizmosBurning Blade-US578Not updated
11Scruffi Away TeamBurning Blade-US574Not updated
12Raei Denial of ServiceBurning Blade-US573
13Niktamair AnnihilationBurning Blade-US571
13Carlynnia Allied National GuardBurning Blade-US571Not updated
13Mesohoni The Family BusinessBurning Blade-US571
16Tyranor HeroBurning Blade-US570
16Aelwyd Denial of ServiceBurning Blade-US570
16Cecilia Burning Blades ElitesBurning Blade-US570
19Platen AnnihilationBurning Blade-US569
19Bithimala Coalition of the HordeBurning Blade-US569
19Roobear Aegis of FireBurning Blade-US569Not updated
22Achys Phoenix RebornBurning Blade-US567Not updated
23Crytc Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US565
24Azerail Denial of ServiceBurning Blade-US563
24Azayo AscianBurning Blade-US563
26Eve FlawlessBurning Blade-US562
26Henteye GolgariBurning Blade-US562Not updated
28Kilface Dark Order of the FallenBurning Blade-US561Not updated
29Focalor Thrall goes to CanadaBurning Blade-US558
30Arashi Coalition of the HordeBurning Blade-US556
31Carlorossi GolgariBurning Blade-US551
32Sariae  Burning Blade-US550
33Favi AnnihilationBurning Blade-US548Not updated
33Mitula Council of DiscordBurning Blade-US548
35Miska AnnihilationBurning Blade-US546
35Roxxee Casually AddictedBurning Blade-US546Not updated
35Kyntherra Sanctum Of BrotherhoodBurning Blade-US546Not updated
38Bluerage Executive OrderBurning Blade-US545
39Haxnslash Slash WinBurning Blade-US544
39Ary Fallen GuardiansBurning Blade-US544
41Reminder WumbologyBurning Blade-US542
41Anjula AmenoBurning Blade-US542Not updated
43Vixie CRITBurning Blade-US540
43Träcee Casually AddictedBurning Blade-US540Not updated
45Superhigh  Burning Blade-US539Not updated
46Freck Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US538
46Bubbles HeroBurning Blade-US538
46Bobbybudnick Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US538
46Tommypickles HeroBurning Blade-US538
46Eightysix Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US538
46Freckle  Burning Blade-US538Not updated
52Felonee Mile High ClubBurning Blade-US537
53Redemptîøn  Burning Blade-US535
54Whìskey Tequìla MockingbirdBurning Blade-US534
54Margarìta HeroBurning Blade-US534
56Deltak MercilessBurning Blade-US533
56Suphaters  Burning Blade-US533Not updated
58Pezzer Denial of ServiceBurning Blade-US532
59Gorta  Burning Blade-US531
59Miyoh High VoltageBurning Blade-US531
59Yuriki High CouncilBurning Blade-US531Not updated
59Doflamingo AnnihilationBurning Blade-US531
63Gawrek GottestempelBurning Blade-US530
63Jinova Band of BrotherzBurning Blade-US530Not updated
65Gabela es RostyBurning Blade-US527Not updated
66Spewl WumbologyBurning Blade-US526Not updated
66Everisen StormboundBurning Blade-US526
66Thegobstoppr Brothers In TimeBurning Blade-US526Not updated
69Prefix Paradigm ShiftBurning Blade-US525Not updated
70Avarí AnnihilationBurning Blade-US524Not updated
70Ledgic  Burning Blade-US524Not updated
72Jutz DishonoredBurning Blade-US523
73Buffalo HeroBurning Blade-US522
73Amaelea  Burning Blade-US522Not updated

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