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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bronzebeard-US Unique Pets
1Vlada Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US594Not updated
2Tactile The Good Bad OncesBronzebeard-US593Not updated
3Darkassassin Knights of HeavenBronzebeard-US592Not updated
4Felklek Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US588Not updated
5Crunge Legends of the Dark MistBronzebeard-US586Not updated
6Studboy ApexBronzebeard-US585Not updated
7Goblein The ImperiumBronzebeard-US583Not updated
8Flobert IcefallBronzebeard-US582Not updated
8Eschiva Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US582Not updated
10Pizzamage Higher CallingBronzebeard-US580Not updated
10Seriaphin Legion of LightBronzebeard-US580Not updated
12Elauris Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US579Not updated
13Jvstice Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US578Not updated
13Firestalker Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US578Not updated
15Castaspella DissonanceBronzebeard-US577Not updated
15Adlier DissonanceBronzebeard-US577Not updated
15Perona DissonanceBronzebeard-US577Not updated
15Villiers DissonanceBronzebeard-US577Not updated
15Shekkira Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US577Not updated
15Starsailor DissonanceBronzebeard-US577Not updated
21Lichdoll Daughters of the HordeBronzebeard-US575Not updated
21Calvin Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US575Not updated
21Villanelle DissonanceBronzebeard-US575Not updated
21Hrista DissonanceBronzebeard-US575Not updated
21Briara Daughters OfThe AllianceBronzebeard-US575Not updated
21Lichlock DissonanceBronzebeard-US575Not updated
27Niyan OH GOD BEESBronzebeard-US574Not updated
27Zoeritu The Dark LegionBronzebeard-US574Not updated
27Fridgyd Machinist MafiaBronzebeard-US574Not updated
30Krayken Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US573Not updated
30Chame Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US573Not updated
30Kursy ReckoningBronzebeard-US573Not updated
33Merrika Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US571Not updated
34Sprickett ParagonBronzebeard-US570Not updated
35Tessaria InsidiousBronzebeard-US569Not updated
36Blooddawns Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US568Not updated
36Quetzel DeathblowBronzebeard-US568Not updated
36Dolface Adventure Fun Pals TeamBronzebeard-US568Not updated
39Ravendora Daughters of the HordeBronzebeard-US567Not updated
40Whimsical Serenity KnightsBronzebeard-US566Not updated
40Emilaire Daughters of the HordeBronzebeard-US566Not updated
42Tangerine Daughters OfThe AllianceBronzebeard-US565Not updated
43Duskhawk Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US564Not updated
43Switchdoll DissonanceBronzebeard-US564Not updated
43Mabs Punch N PieBronzebeard-US564Not updated
46Carnelia Daughters of the HordeBronzebeard-US563Not updated
47Phillipjfry The Dungeon MastersBronzebeard-US562Not updated
47Snäcka Maidens of the DawnBronzebeard-US562Not updated
47Hotshocolate ApexBronzebeard-US562Not updated
47Silentbreeze HarmonyBronzebeard-US562Not updated
51Tiamaria Higher CallingBronzebeard-US561Not updated
51Elsabeth Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US561Not updated
51Katrine Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US561Not updated
51Duskmoon Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US561Not updated
51Dawning Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US561Not updated
56Marifaye Daughters of the HordeBronzebeard-US560Not updated
56Jonnyboomkin  Bronzebeard-US560Not updated
58Hemohound Pharaohs of AzerothBronzebeard-US559Not updated
59Pointnshoot Shen en CalharBronzebeard-US558Not updated
60Vittoria InsidiousBronzebeard-US557Not updated
60Kurai Daughters OfThe AllianceBronzebeard-US557Not updated
62Damarisa Daughters OfThe AllianceBronzebeard-US556Not updated
62Hisbrat  Bronzebeard-US556Not updated
62Throop Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US556Not updated
62Mabrakes Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US556Not updated
62Viatrix Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US556Not updated
62Jezda Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US556Not updated
68Solwalker InsidiousBronzebeard-US555Not updated
68Kieley InsidiousBronzebeard-US555Not updated
70Noski Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US554Not updated
71Zungar Legion of CarnageBronzebeard-US553Not updated
72Squeeze Over Nine ThousandBronzebeard-US552Not updated
72Julîa  Bronzebeard-US552Not updated
74Cristalrubi  Bronzebeard-US550Not updated
75Missj Stormwind Brewing CoBronzebeard-US549Not updated
75Catryn Higher CallingBronzebeard-US549Not updated
75Lynnann Comfy PantsBronzebeard-US549Not updated
75Celestienne DissonanceBronzebeard-US549Not updated
79Kudo DissonanceBronzebeard-US548Not updated
79Pavlova Dark TemplarBronzebeard-US548Not updated
79Tranq Life and Death BrigadeBronzebeard-US548Not updated
82Schmoopies  Bronzebeard-US547Not updated
82Mageyacry MythBronzebeard-US547Not updated
84Ardric InvasionBronzebeard-US546Not updated
84Stormwatch Sol SocietyBronzebeard-US546Not updated
84Gheorghe Intense ViolenceBronzebeard-US546Not updated
87Seidoni SanctumBronzebeard-US545Not updated
88Shadira  Bronzebeard-US544Not updated
89Stabbinwolf  Bronzebeard-US543Not updated
89Nickodemos The Night WatchersBronzebeard-US543Not updated
91Hazey Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US542Not updated
91Deekin Straw Hat PiratesBronzebeard-US542Not updated
91Felp ParagonBronzebeard-US542Not updated

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