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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Boulderfist-US Unique Pets
1Dragonheart Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US603Not updated
2Incognitó PrimeBoulderfist-US602Not updated
3Trampstamps Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US601Not updated
3Imafattramp Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US601Not updated
5Bananacrack Single Female TaurenBoulderfist-US593Not updated
5Taylormomsen u know u love me xoxoBoulderfist-US593Not updated
5Fullmëtal Single Female TaurenBoulderfist-US593Not updated
8Polymnia CompletionistBoulderfist-US592Not updated
9Sookie CompletionistBoulderfist-US591Not updated
10Kermitgoblin  Boulderfist-US588Not updated
11Barnacles Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US587Not updated
12Cerebellum Martha StewartBoulderfist-US584Not updated
12Ichewbamboo Single Female TaurenBoulderfist-US584Not updated
12Texasalexis Yaass SlayBoulderfist-US584Not updated
15Alixia Boulderfist HeroesBoulderfist-US583Not updated
16Starcall  Boulderfist-US582Not updated
16Grimbow Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US582Not updated
18Gigawatt CuteBoulderfist-US580Not updated
19Dementia  Boulderfist-US575Not updated
19Dondarrion The CasualsBoulderfist-US575Not updated
21Eithbrook Mechasquirrel TheatreBoulderfist-US574Not updated
22Kivrin  Boulderfist-US573Not updated
23Kendrajade  Boulderfist-US568Not updated
23Sonofjehova CuteBoulderfist-US568Not updated
25Draukrathi Forceful EntryBoulderfist-US567Not updated
26Exportagreen PrimeBoulderfist-US566Not updated
27Fockewulf Blood of the ScribeBoulderfist-US563Not updated
28Klimax  Boulderfist-US561Not updated
29Brenri Primal InstinctBoulderfist-US560Not updated
29Rammsteìn MisfitGenerationBoulderfist-US560Not updated
31Holowpoint  Boulderfist-US558Not updated
32Oldmanmike  Boulderfist-US556Not updated
33Vladya Pretty Pink PwnìesBoulderfist-US555Not updated
33Omgbubbles Pretty Pink PwnìesBoulderfist-US555Not updated
33Tagia Pretty Pink PwnìesBoulderfist-US555Not updated
33Zellyn Pretty Pink PwnìesBoulderfist-US555Not updated
33Lustrial Pretty Pink PwnìesBoulderfist-US555Not updated
38Roostor Legends of LightsideBoulderfist-US554Not updated
39Celathel Grim ReaperBoulderfist-US553Not updated
40Tube Kiss My AddsBoulderfist-US551Not updated
40Jonarryn The CasualsBoulderfist-US551Not updated
40Edmure The CasualsBoulderfist-US551Not updated
43Reimagine  Boulderfist-US550Not updated
44Runewraith BrewmastersBoulderfist-US549Not updated
44Zuluvas EffectiveBoulderfist-US549Not updated
44Baxtar Team FusionBoulderfist-US549Not updated
47Imagination  Boulderfist-US548Not updated
47Forscience  Boulderfist-US548Not updated
47Nellyssa Pretty Pink PwnìesBoulderfist-US548Not updated
47Titanya Pretty Pink PwnìesBoulderfist-US548Not updated
51Razl JuggernautsBoulderfist-US546Not updated
51Daine Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US546Not updated
53Mlleena Pretty Pink PwnìesBoulderfist-US545Not updated
54Aviara PrimeBoulderfist-US544Not updated
55Danuta JuggernautsBoulderfist-US541Not updated
56Citabeast  Boulderfist-US540Not updated
56Celatus DothrakiBoulderfist-US540Not updated
58Sickminded About Ten NinjasBoulderfist-US538Not updated
59Kungfufight Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US537Not updated
60Sookiyuri Immortal BladesBoulderfist-US535Not updated
61Nutrino  Boulderfist-US534Not updated
62Chrystaleen The IncrediblesBoulderfist-US533Not updated
62Justmo Reign of AnarchyBoulderfist-US533Not updated
64Zipuh  Boulderfist-US529Not updated
64Candelabrum Four Wheels of FuryBoulderfist-US529Not updated
66Primetime Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US528Not updated
66Ramalam  Boulderfist-US528Not updated
68Nestar Pretty Pink PwnìesBoulderfist-US527Not updated
69Kayelee PrimeBoulderfist-US526Not updated
70Dreygyron PrimeBoulderfist-US525Not updated
70Juvia Infeste NexBoulderfist-US525Not updated
72Chazzwazzer Tokyo Gore PoliceBoulderfist-US523Not updated
72Äihunter WolfgrowlsBoulderfist-US523Not updated
74Critowski PrimeBoulderfist-US522Not updated
74Ceartais  Boulderfist-US522Not updated
76Grid Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US520Not updated
76Rhox  Boulderfist-US520Not updated
76Notdynamite  Boulderfist-US520Not updated
79Faithwynn PrimeBoulderfist-US519Not updated
79Strangefire School of hardknocksBoulderfist-US519Not updated
81Izumikun Pretty Pink PwnìesBoulderfist-US516Not updated
82Äxl  Boulderfist-US515Not updated
83Elektabuzz CrypticBoulderfist-US514Not updated
83Moiera RelentlessBoulderfist-US514Not updated
85Rüfus Insanity AssaultBoulderfist-US513Not updated
86Peircer From AshesBoulderfist-US512Not updated
86Darknezfalls EnterpriseBoulderfist-US512Not updated
86Szana From AshesBoulderfist-US512Not updated
89Budderkup Tokyo Gore PoliceBoulderfist-US511Not updated
90Evilpatty Edge Of EternityBoulderfist-US509Not updated
91Kinaraa Group SixBoulderfist-US508Not updated
92Meloon The ConquistadorsBoulderfist-US507Not updated
92Solidwater The Redeemers PurchaseBoulderfist-US507Not updated
94Edda Loot StampsBoulderfist-US506Not updated
94Greig Boulderfist HeroesBoulderfist-US506Not updated
96Voro Clique HereBoulderfist-US505Not updated
97Swindlle Infeste NexBoulderfist-US504Not updated
98Microninja Top GunBoulderfist-US503Not updated
99Ebeny Forsaken DeityBoulderfist-US502Not updated

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