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Bloodhoof-US Unique Pets
1Deteriorate RevolutionBloodhoof-US597
2Filovirus Dark PactBloodhoof-US596
3Melynda Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US590
4Leocin RevolutionBloodhoof-US585
4Spectat The Light BrigadeBloodhoof-US585
6Dorakku Legion of Dark KnightsBloodhoof-US583
6Reginageorge Dark PactBloodhoof-US583
6Meistra TitanBloodhoof-US583Not updated
9Fowler The NERVous HordeBloodhoof-US582
9Buoyantone Angry PiratesBloodhoof-US582
9Evania Angry PiratesBloodhoof-US582
12Lucky SubteraBloodhoof-US581
13Lorellae RevolutionBloodhoof-US580Not updated
14Unskilled Angry PiratesBloodhoof-US579Not updated
14Kittybear Angry PiratesBloodhoof-US579Not updated
16Persecution Dark PactBloodhoof-US578
16Tenebrius Dark PactBloodhoof-US578
18Denjin SubteraBloodhoof-US577
19Marahute Frozen SorrowBloodhoof-US576
20Jehania RevolutionBloodhoof-US575Not updated
21Healsrbad Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US574
21Rovest Elder TribunalBloodhoof-US574
21Javotte RevolutionBloodhoof-US574
21Silverrayne  Bloodhoof-US574
21Carnea RevolutionBloodhoof-US574Not updated
26Pyrotios Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US573
26Pyrotiosk Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US573
26Lynnia Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US573
26Pyrotiose Girls Gone HordeBloodhoof-US573
26Chotiao MinistryBloodhoof-US573Not updated
31Azrihel Elder TribunalBloodhoof-US569
31Asha Dark PactBloodhoof-US569
31Globugg  Bloodhoof-US569Not updated
34Jaybird The Ur Quan HierarchyBloodhoof-US567Not updated
34Kyrthae The Light BrigadeBloodhoof-US567Not updated
36Lochllin CursedBloodhoof-US565
36Vredesbyrd Dark PactBloodhoof-US565Not updated
38Elphame Victory or WhateverBloodhoof-US564
38Taekna  Bloodhoof-US564Not updated
40Daize Weak and PowerlessBloodhoof-US562
40Catnips Edge of AddictionBloodhoof-US562Not updated
42Grümar Retro RaidersBloodhoof-US561
43Myrevenge ItzaguildBloodhoof-US560
44Bunnicula SubteraBloodhoof-US559
44Kassare The Royal BloodlineBloodhoof-US559
44Ghostshadow Frozen SorrowBloodhoof-US559
44Rekrall The NERVous HordeBloodhoof-US559
44Undarth RevolutionBloodhoof-US559Not updated
49Sylmeria Blood FuryBloodhoof-US558Not updated
50Knomknomknom Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US557
50Kylinn Age of ShadowBloodhoof-US557
50Malinnia Retro RaidersBloodhoof-US557Not updated
53Rufflebottom The Royal BloodlineBloodhoof-US555Not updated
54Nikdaheratik  Bloodhoof-US554Not updated
54Shibbywha THE HATEDBloodhoof-US554Not updated
56Ashcrofte Dragons CallBloodhoof-US552Not updated
57Ustadbaba Necessary EvilBloodhoof-US551
57Faithnomoare RevolutionBloodhoof-US551Not updated
59Solamas NonexistentBloodhoof-US550
60Zerreisser The Ur Quan HierarchyBloodhoof-US549
60Frostygirl Eternall DamnationBloodhoof-US549
62Xiata SubteraBloodhoof-US548
62Dristwaz Tribe GuildBloodhoof-US548
62Fionha ClarityBloodhoof-US548
65Wheresbeef RancidBloodhoof-US547
66Aetros InconceivableBloodhoof-US546Not updated
67Necrowizard ClarityBloodhoof-US545
67Koraji Seekers of TruthBloodhoof-US545Not updated
67Lorkyn DrakenfireBloodhoof-US545Not updated
67Wiltinglotus Moonlight DragonridersBloodhoof-US545Not updated
67Wolghast Dark PactBloodhoof-US545
72Sarloc Dark PactBloodhoof-US544Not updated
72Ridley Old TimersBloodhoof-US544Not updated
72Nyghthuntyr The Dark Side of EluneBloodhoof-US544Not updated
75Amalthea  Bloodhoof-US543
75Athana Eternal TrinityBloodhoof-US543Not updated
75Lanathel TurmoilBloodhoof-US543
75Kolbassa SubteraBloodhoof-US543
75Shandaryn The Stars FuryBloodhoof-US543
80Vissica Necessary EvilBloodhoof-US542Not updated
80Preyveil KismetBloodhoof-US542Not updated
80Sushinko Saint MassacreBloodhoof-US542Not updated
80Sshortbus Angry PiratesBloodhoof-US542Not updated
84Stormanthar AddictedBloodhoof-US540
84Jinnoichi Elder TribunalBloodhoof-US540Not updated
84Jadoran RevolutionBloodhoof-US540Not updated

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