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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bleeding Hollow-TW Unique Pets
1Ferrari  Bleeding Hollow-TW574Not updated
1Bulck 不朽Bleeding Hollow-TW574Not updated
3英普瑞斯 不朽Bleeding Hollow-TW571Not updated
4紫雲兒  Bleeding Hollow-TW570Not updated
5牛乳坦克 最終狂想曲Bleeding Hollow-TW566Not updated
6棉花虎 不朽Bleeding Hollow-TW562Not updated
7棉花豹 不朽Bleeding Hollow-TW558Not updated
8湘媚 Blood covenantBleeding Hollow-TW555Not updated
9鐺鐺 風行王者Bleeding Hollow-TW554Not updated
9陷阱 TogetherBleeding Hollow-TW554Not updated
9安忻 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW554Not updated
9忻情 風行王者Bleeding Hollow-TW554Not updated
9白墨 風行王者Bleeding Hollow-TW554Not updated
14牛頭牌愛服好 不朽Bleeding Hollow-TW552Not updated
15布蘭多 無節操勇者Bleeding Hollow-TW551Not updated
16洐澐 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW550Not updated
16牛奶貓 漫步星空Bleeding Hollow-TW550Not updated
18熾血凱斯 那一年的幸福時光Bleeding Hollow-TW548Not updated
18小小竹 風行王者Bleeding Hollow-TW548Not updated
18雪花釀 那一年的幸福時光Bleeding Hollow-TW548Not updated
18一綠葉一 不朽Bleeding Hollow-TW548Not updated
22牛牛神兵 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW546Not updated
22樣品 風行王者Bleeding Hollow-TW546Not updated
24Digitalpunk 傳承Bleeding Hollow-TW544Not updated
25古椎小不點 幸運草莓Bleeding Hollow-TW543Not updated
25Tamamonomae 夜之旋律Bleeding Hollow-TW543Not updated
25天使之子 MoonlightBleeding Hollow-TW543Not updated
28東風怒雪 幸運草莓Bleeding Hollow-TW542Not updated
29希志愛野  Bleeding Hollow-TW540Not updated
29百濕不德騎姐 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW540Not updated
29伊莎熊 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW540Not updated
32無敵小果 火的世界Bleeding Hollow-TW539Not updated
33美菈 拾荒夜流星Bleeding Hollow-TW538Not updated
34凝冰紅塵 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW536Not updated
34不要啊  Bleeding Hollow-TW536Not updated
36Abigail 最終狂想曲Bleeding Hollow-TW534Not updated
36殤雨 Clown ReturnBleeding Hollow-TW534Not updated
38驚弦 風雨同舟Bleeding Hollow-TW533Not updated
38雞腿摔角角 最終狂想曲Bleeding Hollow-TW533Not updated
40新人笑 流離尋岸的花Bleeding Hollow-TW532Not updated
40小小綠兒 我們仍未知道那天所看見的花的名字Bleeding Hollow-TW532Not updated
40巴黎斜塔 不朽Bleeding Hollow-TW532Not updated
40和熙徵風 月刃Bleeding Hollow-TW532Not updated
44熾蝶舞夢  Bleeding Hollow-TW529Not updated
44蘋果補到乾 初夏茶集Bleeding Hollow-TW529Not updated
46豺犬 波希米亞Bleeding Hollow-TW528Not updated
47別欺負我啦 向日葵小班Bleeding Hollow-TW527Not updated
47斷刃天涯 千年守護Bleeding Hollow-TW527Not updated
47賽菲雅 波希米亞Bleeding Hollow-TW527Not updated
47費里奧多 波希米亞Bleeding Hollow-TW527Not updated
51薩塔魯 千年守護Bleeding Hollow-TW526Not updated
52薩茲曼 不朽Bleeding Hollow-TW525Not updated
52巴波亞  Bleeding Hollow-TW525Not updated
52夢羽 火的世界Bleeding Hollow-TW525Not updated
55蘑菇殿下 喜憨兒學院Bleeding Hollow-TW524Not updated
55費肯迪 千年守護Bleeding Hollow-TW524Not updated
55歐哈德 千年守護Bleeding Hollow-TW524Not updated
55克西可特爾 波希米亞Bleeding Hollow-TW524Not updated
55安薩卡 千年守護Bleeding Hollow-TW524Not updated
55剮小醬  Bleeding Hollow-TW524Not updated
61神玉堂 Clown ReturnBleeding Hollow-TW522Not updated
61無盡之洋 不朽Bleeding Hollow-TW522Not updated
63梅多 夢想家Bleeding Hollow-TW521Not updated
64纏你一輩子  Bleeding Hollow-TW520Not updated
64伊芙布蕾兒 The BoVBleeding Hollow-TW520Not updated
64冰棠  Bleeding Hollow-TW520Not updated
67Lunasama 人在冏途身不由己Bleeding Hollow-TW519Not updated
68黑糖飴 BUBUBleeding Hollow-TW518Not updated
68草莓聖代 月刃Bleeding Hollow-TW518Not updated
68小蛋塔 月刃Bleeding Hollow-TW518Not updated
71冰楓玥  Bleeding Hollow-TW517Not updated
71紫蘇雪糕  Bleeding Hollow-TW517Not updated
71楓糖泡芙 月刃Bleeding Hollow-TW517Not updated
71酒駕開靈車  Bleeding Hollow-TW517Not updated
71麥芽米果 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW517Not updated
71瑪奇朵 月刃Bleeding Hollow-TW517Not updated
77寒塘 波希米亞Bleeding Hollow-TW516Not updated
78七姑娘 向日葵小班Bleeding Hollow-TW515Not updated
78破風 我就知道會這樣Bleeding Hollow-TW515Not updated
78影冥夜 Company of SuppliesBleeding Hollow-TW515Not updated
81米斯拉 秘密組織Bleeding Hollow-TW513Not updated
81軟喵 東成西就Bleeding Hollow-TW513Not updated
83Zusei 最終狂想曲Bleeding Hollow-TW512Not updated
84奇客 我們仍未知道那天所看見的花的名字Bleeding Hollow-TW511Not updated
84冰烏龍茶 傳承Bleeding Hollow-TW511Not updated
84魔幻星璃  Bleeding Hollow-TW511Not updated
87泊雲 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW510Not updated
88尼陸 喜憨兒學院Bleeding Hollow-TW509Not updated
88咒之圖騰 TogetherBleeding Hollow-TW509Not updated
88雨若雪 TogetherBleeding Hollow-TW509Not updated
88死經理  Bleeding Hollow-TW509Not updated
92魚丸兒米線 奶茶Bleeding Hollow-TW508Not updated
93憶寒 眾神黎明Bleeding Hollow-TW507Not updated
93Marvell 漫步星空Bleeding Hollow-TW507Not updated
93多多向前衝  Bleeding Hollow-TW507Not updated
93Jeana 漫步星空Bleeding Hollow-TW507Not updated
97天使會害羞 曙光之翼Bleeding Hollow-TW506Not updated
97萌萌的胖胖 漫步星空Bleeding Hollow-TW506Not updated
99木有餅乾 阡陌Bleeding Hollow-TW505Not updated
99我不是多多  Bleeding Hollow-TW505Not updated

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