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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blade's Edge-EU Unique Pets
1Zburduck Bound by BloodBlade's Edge-EU598Not updated
2Bialywlos ZjednoczeniBlade's Edge-EU595Not updated
3Byzompalo Onyx GuardiansBlade's Edge-EU582Not updated
4Melvina AquaBlade's Edge-EU581Not updated
4Sfendo Damage ControlBlade's Edge-EU581Not updated
6Psfem INQUISITIONBlade's Edge-EU580Not updated
7Lilith Válhalla RisingBlade's Edge-EU578Not updated
8Hoefje HONESTYBlade's Edge-EU576Not updated
9Tinawie ParabellumBlade's Edge-EU573Not updated
10Dedker Critical MassBlade's Edge-EU572Not updated
11Nikolica Srpski VitezoviBlade's Edge-EU570Not updated
12Selkeny  Blade's Edge-EU569Not updated
13Nami Vote to KickBlade's Edge-EU568Not updated
13Mapk ONLY THE BRAVESBlade's Edge-EU568Not updated
13Heyrion Exalted OnesBlade's Edge-EU568Not updated
16Solarblood Válhalla RisingBlade's Edge-EU567Not updated
16Cecylia Evil GrinBlade's Edge-EU567Not updated
16Kulka  Blade's Edge-EU567Not updated
19Rícebowl Casually SeriousBlade's Edge-EU565Not updated
20Snackbits WalmartBlade's Edge-EU564Not updated
21Me ZjednoczeniBlade's Edge-EU563Not updated
21Shasa  Blade's Edge-EU563Not updated
23Warlark The Saints Of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU562Not updated
24Shambolik ReunitedBlade's Edge-EU561Not updated
24Fenrix SurrealBlade's Edge-EU561Not updated
24Akumaá destroyersBlade's Edge-EU561Not updated
24Ranbravely ReunitedBlade's Edge-EU561Not updated
24Bluerazor ShadowleagueBlade's Edge-EU561Not updated
29Tombstone E t e r n i t yBlade's Edge-EU560Not updated
30Mierin Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU558Not updated
30Tojopt WalmartBlade's Edge-EU558Not updated
30Bharbie The New LightBlade's Edge-EU558Not updated
30Silkvoice ZjednoczeniBlade's Edge-EU558Not updated
34Devotional Champions RisingBlade's Edge-EU556Not updated
35Fybo The New LightBlade's Edge-EU555Not updated
35Dwarvana  Blade's Edge-EU555Not updated
35Cremas HONESTYBlade's Edge-EU555Not updated
35Vegaro VisionBlade's Edge-EU555Not updated
35Flitwick NephilimBlade's Edge-EU555Not updated
40Sheldór ReunitedBlade's Edge-EU554Not updated
40Didler The New LightBlade's Edge-EU554Not updated
42Mystania Unfinished BusinessBlade's Edge-EU553Not updated
43Gupo Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU552Not updated
43Morriganna Death NoteBlade's Edge-EU552Not updated
43Geena seniors sanctuaryBlade's Edge-EU552Not updated
43Gupas Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU552Not updated
47Nostrebor ReunitedBlade's Edge-EU551Not updated
48Sniping Legends RebornBlade's Edge-EU550Not updated
49Sookmaroot GladiatorBlade's Edge-EU549Not updated
50Nála GladiatorBlade's Edge-EU547Not updated
50Barbailla The Horde Nut KickersBlade's Edge-EU547Not updated
52Paluigi Casually SeriousBlade's Edge-EU546Not updated
53Pangee  Blade's Edge-EU545Not updated
53Enheduanna Violence RebornBlade's Edge-EU545Not updated
55Kayrah Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU544Not updated
56Truedane E t e r n i t yBlade's Edge-EU543Not updated
56Shenko VisionBlade's Edge-EU543Not updated
56Acenith EvólutionBlade's Edge-EU543Not updated
59Flifly Damage ControlBlade's Edge-EU542Not updated
60Sweetfalcon Chosen OnesBlade's Edge-EU541Not updated
60Szczebro Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU541Not updated
62Aiikena ReunitedBlade's Edge-EU540Not updated
62Rathan Mostly HarmlessBlade's Edge-EU540Not updated
62Auril Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU540Not updated
65Fameen Damage ControlBlade's Edge-EU539Not updated
65Jekmar HONESTYBlade's Edge-EU539Not updated
67Adanwen Alliance Death DealersBlade's Edge-EU538Not updated
67Zillion Critical MassBlade's Edge-EU538Not updated
67Qxauzudk Onyx GuardiansBlade's Edge-EU538Not updated
70Siirallan  Blade's Edge-EU537Not updated

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