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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-US Unique Pets
1Bignasty HordeocalypseBlackrock-US600Not updated
2Moofenrir Aurora NoctumBlackrock-US598Not updated
3Deathmind ArroganceBlackrock-US596Not updated
4Kawaii LurkBlackrock-US594Not updated
5Muze DefenestrateBlackrock-US590Not updated
6Motörhead AkiraBlackrock-US589Not updated
6Littleramona  Blackrock-US589Not updated
6Meekette EFFE NomadsBlackrock-US589Not updated
6Maybellene  Blackrock-US589Not updated
6Caulfield  Blackrock-US589Not updated
11Thelf DefenestrateBlackrock-US588Not updated
11Bueler At Wars EndBlackrock-US588Not updated
11Sephuz DefenestrateBlackrock-US588Not updated
14Danneris PayrollBlackrock-US587Not updated
14Aylanius OrneryBlackrock-US587Not updated
16Khalegor Tunnel VisionBlackrock-US583Not updated
16Soledad Blackrock XenocideBlackrock-US583Not updated
16Liquidblue  Blackrock-US583Not updated
16Iara  Blackrock-US583Not updated
20Judean Ctrl ZBlackrock-US581Not updated
20Scintilla  Blackrock-US581Not updated
20Kalethis Standard DeviationBlackrock-US581Not updated
20Doubble wowbitinesBlackrock-US581Not updated
20Devilrune  Blackrock-US581Not updated
20Hèàvèñsßløød Killing In The Name ØfBlackrock-US581Not updated
26Akira MaximusBlackrock-US579Not updated
27Shoobi RivenBlackrock-US578Not updated
28Damange wowbitinesBlackrock-US577Not updated
28Börte  Blackrock-US577Not updated
30Akijan Standard DeviationBlackrock-US576Not updated
30Rhenz AnathemaBlackrock-US576Not updated
30Auyen Standard DeviationBlackrock-US576Not updated
30Shàdòwdìçè Hordes SecurityBlackrock-US576Not updated
34Meriani Standard DeviationBlackrock-US575Not updated
34Forarc Savory Deviate DelightsBlackrock-US575Not updated
34Imari  Blackrock-US575Not updated
34Askitzo DeceptionBlackrock-US575Not updated
34Remataklan Valor GrandeBlackrock-US575Not updated
34Aethershock Bad MannersBlackrock-US575Not updated
34Akaru Fires of HeavenBlackrock-US575Not updated
41Sren Unos Tres Tres SeptemBlackrock-US574Not updated
41Nicetrybrah woman driver no survivorBlackrock-US574Not updated
41Meiku SKPBlackrock-US574Not updated
44Insanegame  Blackrock-US573Not updated
44Mimm wowbitinesBlackrock-US573Not updated
46Stringent  Blackrock-US572Not updated
46Rainbowstar CandylandBlackrock-US572Not updated
48Walcold  Blackrock-US571Not updated
49Juju SymbioticBlackrock-US570Not updated
50Zaxvriin DefenestrateBlackrock-US569Not updated
50Vmil AkiraBlackrock-US569Not updated
50Badmayo SupernovaBlackrock-US569Not updated
50Cootezze  Blackrock-US569Not updated
54Eternalsong ReformBlackrock-US568Not updated
54Pluffey TriboBlackrock-US568Not updated
54Accessory  Blackrock-US568Not updated
54Adraestia Requiem of SoulsBlackrock-US568Not updated
54Keystoneice  Blackrock-US568Not updated
59Kesha AdeptBlackrock-US567Not updated
59Buffedpriest AquariumBlackrock-US567Not updated
61Bigpapï Standard DeviationBlackrock-US566Not updated
61Hectare MalìciousBlackrock-US566Not updated
61Backoff CadenzaBlackrock-US566Not updated
64Boomstick TherapistsBlackrock-US565Not updated
64Mavheal PRIDEBlackrock-US565Not updated
64Alilen Those Meddling KidsBlackrock-US565Not updated
67Ðudash Savory Deviate DelightsBlackrock-US564Not updated
67Puddytat Savory Deviate DelightsBlackrock-US564Not updated
69Rabbia Pokemon MastersBlackrock-US563Not updated
69Graith Madhouse Of GuruBlackrock-US563Not updated
71Sorachan Really Bad PlayersBlackrock-US562Not updated
72Xrista HellBlackrock-US561Not updated
72Gêminii The TriptychBlackrock-US561Not updated
74Tilgon MalìciousBlackrock-US560Not updated
74Tágged Standard DeviationBlackrock-US560Not updated
74Buphy QEDBlackrock-US560Not updated
74Shaolynne ßrokenBlackrock-US560Not updated
78Iphigenia HellBlackrock-US559Not updated
78Jayod MOUNTED DAILYBlackrock-US559Not updated
80Brenn Madhouse Of GuruBlackrock-US558Not updated
81Darckli DefenestrateBlackrock-US556Not updated
81Loroline Midnight SunBlackrock-US556Not updated
81Whiteleaf LFR HeroesBlackrock-US556Not updated
81Aunn AmplifyBlackrock-US556Not updated
85Peggysui OninekoBlackrock-US555Not updated
85Zoma Far East EndgameBlackrock-US555Not updated
85Mummalic OninekoBlackrock-US555Not updated
85Toofdecay ResurgenceBlackrock-US555Not updated
85Rocfu Death In Every WayBlackrock-US555Not updated
85Palliesrnubz ResurgenceBlackrock-US555Not updated
85Rõc Death In Every WayBlackrock-US555Not updated
85Elerium Do Not DísturbBlackrock-US555Not updated
85Telkuma Ctrl ZBlackrock-US555Not updated
85Peggysilc OninekoBlackrock-US555Not updated
95Kepee AmplifyBlackrock-US554Not updated
95Kellynn TherapistsBlackrock-US554Not updated
95Bryesade Faillus MaximusBlackrock-US554Not updated
95Sabspriest Death In Every WayBlackrock-US554Not updated
95Swagqtyolo Beaver Tails R GudBlackrock-US554Not updated
100Kharnival AfterLifeBlackrock-US553Not updated

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