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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-EU Unique Pets
1Bêlmont AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU600Not updated
2Dreamspawn Wir sind GoldgeilBlackrock-EU598Not updated
2Palkium Brut des VerderbensBlackrock-EU598Not updated
4Raylia AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU597Not updated
5Trolljey  Blackrock-EU596Not updated
6Stæk RiotBlackrock-EU595Not updated
7Hekthor Klub der dichten TotenBlackrock-EU594Not updated
8Miyoulah CarnivoresBlackrock-EU593Not updated
9Dârkara Mad Gamers AcademyBlackrock-EU592Not updated
10Mystra BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU591Not updated
11Tinpai enforceBlackrock-EU590Not updated
12Kìrsché  Blackrock-EU588Not updated
13Ðreadlord Orden der SchattenBlackrock-EU586Not updated
14Tyche  Blackrock-EU585Not updated
14Jonami BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU585Not updated
14Namiteh l Impulse lBlackrock-EU585Not updated
14Monstrusalem AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU585Not updated
18Fudelrührer  Blackrock-EU584Not updated
18Wolfwarrior Corona MortisBlackrock-EU584Not updated
18Catzweazle WolfshöhleBlackrock-EU584Not updated
21Metzy elo hellBlackrock-EU583Not updated
21Idolicious FlushBlackrock-EU583Not updated
21Skindeep BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU583Not updated
24Trieberin MadnessBlackrock-EU582Not updated
24Bukari so liciouzBlackrock-EU582Not updated
24Inscloleins attunedBlackrock-EU582Not updated
27Hrly AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU581Not updated
27Recordable WhatevaBlackrock-EU581Not updated
27Funkadelick Cool RunningBlackrock-EU581Not updated
27Trekker Cool RunningBlackrock-EU581Not updated
27Ledzep Cool RunningBlackrock-EU581Not updated
27Lichlitzl Cool RunningBlackrock-EU581Not updated
27Picknick Cool RunningBlackrock-EU581Not updated
27Lanney AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU581Not updated
27Traýan  Blackrock-EU581Not updated
27Süßetina AnbetungswürdigBlackrock-EU581Not updated
37Jadzía Cool RunningBlackrock-EU580Not updated
37Punjitsu Cool RunningBlackrock-EU580Not updated
37Trekkié Cool RunningBlackrock-EU580Not updated
40Widorielle NexBlackrock-EU579Not updated
40Ceratica RespawnBlackrock-EU579Not updated
40Angeliaa TrollhausBlackrock-EU579Not updated
43Tweeky NexBlackrock-EU578Not updated
43Yorky All we need is LoveBlackrock-EU578Not updated
45Ratsma Bloody SeveredBlackrock-EU577Not updated
45Floftka RaidClubBlackrock-EU577Not updated
45Pèachès  Blackrock-EU577Not updated
48Schleckie AggrocultureBlackrock-EU576Not updated
48Daháka For the HordeBlackrock-EU576Not updated
50Chivah Dark Side of MurlocsBlackrock-EU575Not updated
50Shilver Durotar AllstarSBlackrock-EU575Not updated
50Sorforger Warcraft PetsBlackrock-EU575Not updated
53Samse Legacy of LordaeronBlackrock-EU574Not updated
53Julyne For the HordeBlackrock-EU574Not updated
53Nanakí Immortal CrewBlackrock-EU574Not updated
56Xéli Pommes Rot WeißBlackrock-EU573Not updated
57Fieselotte Burning ShadesBlackrock-EU572Not updated
57Raderment ßLøøDBlackrock-EU572Not updated
59Solaría Orden der WächterBlackrock-EU571Not updated
59Øverlord ArmicaBlackrock-EU571Not updated
59Nêko Sabber und RotzBlackrock-EU571Not updated
59Kaleidrá Liquid FireBlackrock-EU571Not updated
63Minako UniquêBlackrock-EU570Not updated
63Suzzy AggrocultureBlackrock-EU570Not updated
63Suzzyqt AggrocultureBlackrock-EU570Not updated
63Checkare Der Schwarze PhönixBlackrock-EU570Not updated
63Tantrrum MOPED INS KREUZ JUNGEBlackrock-EU570Not updated
63Firmadea TriforcéBlackrock-EU570Not updated
69Xevv AdaptBlackrock-EU569Not updated
69Sparrowhawk Horus GardeBlackrock-EU569Not updated
71Gnashrak ChrôniclesBlackrock-EU568Not updated
71Jâêni  Blackrock-EU568Not updated
71Lepi For the HordeBlackrock-EU568Not updated
71Eljiazokad NukuhlarBlackrock-EU568Not updated
71Solerus KeuleBlackrock-EU568Not updated
76Mucize The WorldbreakerBlackrock-EU567Not updated
77Môrrîgan H A L OBlackrock-EU566Not updated
77Pwnzho BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU566Not updated
79Jakuhzie The HazaRDouSBlackrock-EU565Not updated
79Uncrowdex Dead Skin MaskBlackrock-EU565Not updated
79Bambus Pain and PleasureBlackrock-EU565Not updated
82Froda Enigmatic SoulsBlackrock-EU564Not updated
82Exåct ßLøøDBlackrock-EU564Not updated
82Mangole respectlessBlackrock-EU564Not updated
82Kaffää  Blackrock-EU564Not updated
86Luix  Blackrock-EU563Not updated
86Azrael bad to the boneBlackrock-EU563Not updated
86Pfifi Vereinigung der schattenBlackrock-EU563Not updated
86Rayhen SoulEatersBlackrock-EU563Not updated
86Sonatha Twenty inches unbuffedBlackrock-EU563Not updated
91Iphivien a few good menBlackrock-EU562Not updated
91Shackleine RespawnBlackrock-EU562Not updated
91Brødyquést AWW HANDSOMEBlackrock-EU562Not updated
91Xlade awZomBlackrock-EU562Not updated

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