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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackmoore-EU Unique Pets
1Nyari Hüter der dunklen FlammeBlackmoore-EU606Not updated
2Mirius In LoveBlackmoore-EU605Not updated
3Kioa KoRBlackmoore-EU601Not updated
4Gnarumal KartellBlackmoore-EU600Not updated
5Shadi Heroes of WarBlackmoore-EU595Not updated
5Harkyen ChronosBlackmoore-EU595Not updated
7Darvinia ExercitusBlackmoore-EU594Not updated
7Bärigsterer Die BärigenBlackmoore-EU594Not updated
7Lumalia ExercitusBlackmoore-EU594Not updated
7Rasorae BellerophonBlackmoore-EU594Not updated
7Hexxodus ExercitusBlackmoore-EU594Not updated
12Shuríka Ehre und StaerkeBlackmoore-EU590Not updated
13Calesthya Die KundenBlackmoore-EU588Not updated
14Umber six feet underBlackmoore-EU587Not updated
15Cyphrus InquisitionBlackmoore-EU586Not updated
15Dârkar IlluminatiBlackmoore-EU586Not updated
17User RotschildBlackmoore-EU585Not updated
17Fayala Darkest DreamBlackmoore-EU585Not updated
17Brútalo Antikes CommandoBlackmoore-EU585Not updated
20Dilio ExercitusBlackmoore-EU584Not updated
20Bødychëck Booty Bay Beach ClubBlackmoore-EU584Not updated
20Calum Super Size MeBlackmoore-EU584Not updated
23Telâr  Blackmoore-EU583Not updated
23Aslorhad IncinerateBlackmoore-EU583Not updated
23Gurnakh  Blackmoore-EU583Not updated
23Calumxd Super Size MeBlackmoore-EU583Not updated
23Shimone InquisitionBlackmoore-EU583Not updated
23Calumy Super Size MeBlackmoore-EU583Not updated
23Calumz Super Size MeBlackmoore-EU583Not updated
23Calumq Super Size MeBlackmoore-EU583Not updated
23Calumqq Super Size MeBlackmoore-EU583Not updated
23Calumqt Super Size MeBlackmoore-EU583Not updated
23Calums Super Size MeBlackmoore-EU583Not updated
23Calumw Super Size MeBlackmoore-EU583Not updated
23Gallenblase  Blackmoore-EU583Not updated
36Galapo Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU582Not updated
36Butterflý  Blackmoore-EU582Not updated
36Calumsk Super Size MeBlackmoore-EU582Not updated
39Aleci Guardíans of LíghtBlackmoore-EU581Not updated
39Kilandra KartellBlackmoore-EU581Not updated
39Skalin six feet underBlackmoore-EU581Not updated
39Zutroi  Blackmoore-EU581Not updated
43Mctrap Die GummibärenbandeBlackmoore-EU580Not updated
44Glückskeksi entiretyBlackmoore-EU579Not updated
45Pedronia Die GummibärenbandeBlackmoore-EU578Not updated
46Dimage TempestBlackmoore-EU577Not updated
46Lunaddict  Blackmoore-EU577Not updated
46Dreadlðrd  Blackmoore-EU577Not updated
46Cheongryong MythBlackmoore-EU577Not updated
46Wâragent  Blackmoore-EU577Not updated
46Kuçkuniwi Ancients of AzerothBlackmoore-EU577Not updated
52Spitzêl TempestBlackmoore-EU576Not updated
52Aravia ExercitusBlackmoore-EU576Not updated
52Donowitz MythBlackmoore-EU576Not updated
52Sarvon AternumBlackmoore-EU576Not updated
56Mauêr CHÛBlackmoore-EU575Not updated
56Tólanôri Hordentlich aufs MaulBlackmoore-EU575Not updated
58Kamiki Coming to GankBlackmoore-EU574Not updated
58Sedith  Blackmoore-EU574Not updated
60Kampfgnøm TimelessBlackmoore-EU573Not updated
60Sindarín MythBlackmoore-EU573Not updated
62Jaenel IllusionsBlackmoore-EU572Not updated
62Caalii MythBlackmoore-EU572Not updated
64Eviltoy Claws of DeathBlackmoore-EU571Not updated
64Veggy MythBlackmoore-EU571Not updated
64Gnadênlos Claws of DeathBlackmoore-EU571Not updated
64Yakusâ Claws of DeathBlackmoore-EU571Not updated
64Zackdiebohnê Claws of DeathBlackmoore-EU571Not updated
69Zâmo TempestBlackmoore-EU570Not updated
69Soralin RotschildBlackmoore-EU570Not updated
69Cex Hordentlich aufs MaulBlackmoore-EU570Not updated
69Ausrasteríx Claws of DeathBlackmoore-EU570Not updated
69Millu NopeBlackmoore-EU570Not updated
74Gwendolyne TaschendiebstahlBlackmoore-EU569Not updated
74Laedy IncinerateBlackmoore-EU569Not updated
74Wetterfee we got thisBlackmoore-EU569Not updated
77Ranghar Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU568Not updated
77Ditopriest LynXBlackmoore-EU568Not updated
79Båsh InfamousBlackmoore-EU567Not updated
79Dreacon Game Z reaktoRBlackmoore-EU567Not updated
79Katatjuta rephleXBlackmoore-EU567Not updated
79Xantria Die ApokalypseBlackmoore-EU567Not updated
79Sardessa Die Ahnen von Kirin VarBlackmoore-EU567Not updated
79Mässästäschä  Blackmoore-EU567Not updated
79Shaarya Laszives LagerlebenBlackmoore-EU567Not updated
79Snowlily  Blackmoore-EU567Not updated
87Totenfluch Die GummibärenbandeBlackmoore-EU566Not updated
87Ausrasterix Claws of DeathBlackmoore-EU566Not updated
87Binyabik Natural Born LosersBlackmoore-EU566Not updated
90Szandyy CHÛBlackmoore-EU565Not updated
90Dkellerkind ChilliCheeseChickenLoverBlackmoore-EU565Not updated
90Mayberry we got thisBlackmoore-EU565Not updated
93Arkadias AxionBlackmoore-EU564Not updated
93Treskavka InhumeBlackmoore-EU564Not updated

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