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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackhand-US Unique Pets
1Iwarlock Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US504Not updated
2Quai Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US493Not updated
3Jengchi Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US459Not updated
4Codeblew Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US432Not updated
5Therewolf Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US431Not updated
6Antisocial Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US430Not updated
7Lycaforge Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US387Not updated
8Eltria Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US363Not updated
9Shamerest Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US355Not updated
10Ametrisa Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US300Not updated
11Daius Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US294Not updated
12Amishhacker Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US282Not updated
13Armormann Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US258Not updated
14Spyeware Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US246Not updated
15Housecalls Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US240Not updated
16Kneebar Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US219Not updated
17Deadnite Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US208Not updated
17Zuteg Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US208Not updated
19Baaloo Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US181Not updated
20Sylvanda Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US180Not updated
21Risklen Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US174Not updated
22Eveano Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US167Not updated
23Dalgren Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US166Not updated
24Healmenow Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US162Not updated
25Resiretha Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US155Not updated
26Shae Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US143Not updated
27Miniadiell Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US141Not updated
28Shandrav Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US140Not updated
29Lhurgoyf Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US139Not updated
30Rayfaren Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US131Not updated
31Maliiss Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US126Not updated
32Perrexious Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US122Not updated
33Rumblytumbly Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US109Not updated
34Æro Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US104Not updated
35Madamephra Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US97Not updated
36Kulana Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US94Not updated
37Lifestealér Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US89Not updated
38Feelinbetter Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US86Not updated
39Nightdruid Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US84Not updated
40Kagebushi Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US81Not updated
41Verízon Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US76Not updated
42Cyridraeda Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US70Not updated
43Skitnova Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US63Not updated
44Clairese Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US61Not updated
44Asherly Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US61Not updated
46Mmrbigg Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US57Not updated
46Wolfmanjac Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US57Not updated
48Gangstaheals Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US56Not updated
49Holychaoss Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US55Not updated
50Bibliophobe Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US53Not updated
51Viires Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US51Not updated
52Bladevaldur Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US50Not updated
53Snevil Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US42Not updated
54Fuzzybitten Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US40Not updated
55Dragos Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US37Not updated
56Lifedealér Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US36Not updated
57Yelp Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US33Not updated
58Biteuintheas Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US32Not updated
58Codebleu Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US32Not updated
60Oobama Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US30Not updated
61Rebelraider Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US24Not updated
61Brillohead Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US24Not updated
61Koose Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US24Not updated
64Rikia Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US23Not updated
65Aunderil Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US22Not updated
66Chronicwrath Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US21Not updated
67Smallpoxs Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US19Not updated
68Hanley Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US16Not updated
69Llaril Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US14Not updated
69Vandervelden Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US14Not updated
71Wuthrar Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US13Not updated
71Diciple Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US13Not updated
71Deathsreeper Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US13Not updated
74Plixie Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US12Not updated
74Balador Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US12Not updated
74Voider Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US12Not updated
77Sedessa Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US11Not updated
77Brocklly Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US11Not updated
79Morlas Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US9Not updated
79Weariness Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US9Not updated
79Furryorc Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US9Not updated
82Wise Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US7Not updated
83Cptcolossus Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US5Not updated
83Apocallypse Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US5Not updated
85Ferdy Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US2Not updated
86Helenwheels Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US0Not updated
86Slimwarrior Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US0Not updated
86Eangus Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US0Not updated
86Murck Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US0Not updated
86Symordrin Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US0Not updated
86Ruffia Fallen LegendsBlackhand-US0Not updated

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