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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackhand-EU Unique Pets
1Aurus SternenfinsternisBlackhand-EU604Not updated
2Cryptox  Blackhand-EU600Not updated
2Poraxus TrinitiesBlackhand-EU600Not updated
4Anni entiretyBlackhand-EU598Not updated
4Dramo InfusedBlackhand-EU598Not updated
6Tôrian SturmgesangBlackhand-EU597Not updated
6Tomgalas SoulboundBlackhand-EU597Not updated
6Gartip ElîteBlackhand-EU597Not updated
9Saiori Heaven on EarthBlackhand-EU594Not updated
9Vandarilus InfusedBlackhand-EU594Not updated
11Gobthar TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU592Not updated
12Lirdnaet TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU591Not updated
12Nuur InfusedBlackhand-EU591Not updated
14Haunar Dunkler AufbruchBlackhand-EU590Not updated
15Maskuhlino SenselessBlackhand-EU589Not updated
15Cyrus SwornBlackhand-EU589Not updated
15Tamino UnangebrachtBlackhand-EU589Not updated
15Feraltio InfusedBlackhand-EU589Not updated
19Nandraa nilBlackhand-EU588Not updated
19Neratosh Keepers of DestinyBlackhand-EU588Not updated
19Erdbärsärker I Nightraider IBlackhand-EU588Not updated
22Arsari deprecatedBlackhand-EU587Not updated
22Bärigste InfusedBlackhand-EU587Not updated
24Moirâ DieHordeBlackhand-EU586Not updated
24Saikuri  Blackhand-EU586Not updated
24Raanak InfusedBlackhand-EU586Not updated
27Gabbahead NachtschwärmerBlackhand-EU585Not updated
28Zyonis TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU584Not updated
28Eladrielx SatisfactionBlackhand-EU584Not updated
28Lyandreia TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU584Not updated
28Soturí  Blackhand-EU584Not updated
32Immortalia Die Platt Hau GangBlackhand-EU583Not updated
32Noriella Honoris CausaBlackhand-EU583Not updated
32Isibella Party PeopleBlackhand-EU583Not updated
32Astrasa Celestial BeingBlackhand-EU583Not updated
36Iskeria CassiopeiaBlackhand-EU582Not updated
36Linqk Chaos ProjectBlackhand-EU582Not updated
36Pudelkönigin Dunkler AufbruchBlackhand-EU582Not updated
36Zhujin BurningSoulsBlackhand-EU582Not updated
36Parim PetopiaBlackhand-EU582Not updated
36Apraxa in exordiumBlackhand-EU582Not updated
36Anouchka  Blackhand-EU582Not updated
36Knubsy InfusedBlackhand-EU582Not updated
36Kremage PetopiaBlackhand-EU582Not updated
36Margonis PetopiaBlackhand-EU582Not updated
46Kremorius PetopiaBlackhand-EU581Not updated
46Valyara PetopiaBlackhand-EU581Not updated
46Yinaoling Guardians of GloryBlackhand-EU581Not updated
46Grunie PetopiaBlackhand-EU581Not updated
46Fainrhiw PetopiaBlackhand-EU581Not updated
46Grabschi R a n d g r u p p eBlackhand-EU581Not updated
52Shenmue TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU580Not updated
52Meemee InfusedBlackhand-EU580Not updated
52Zumana PrayBlackhand-EU580Not updated
55Ecks CarnivoreBlackhand-EU579Not updated
55Laveni Der dunkle PaktBlackhand-EU579Not updated
55Sylândra is a Straw Hat PirateBlackhand-EU579Not updated
58Hínterlíst eX nihiloBlackhand-EU578Not updated
58Esme ProfectioBlackhand-EU578Not updated
60Athrabeth InfusedBlackhand-EU577Not updated
60Hollyblood  Blackhand-EU577Not updated
62Ghostesa Usual SuspectsBlackhand-EU576Not updated
62Aysleen Aurora BorealisBlackhand-EU576Not updated
62Slaanesi SenselessBlackhand-EU576Not updated
62Djinny  Blackhand-EU576Not updated
66Terastrasza Wing of FireBlackhand-EU575Not updated
66Saraby The DominionBlackhand-EU575Not updated
66Kalisstra  Blackhand-EU575Not updated
66Silin UnityaluraBlackhand-EU575Not updated
70Brutaldeluxe  Blackhand-EU574Not updated
70Alp Lost SoulsBlackhand-EU574Not updated
70Walock  Blackhand-EU574Not updated
70Magichero suggestive contentBlackhand-EU574Not updated
70Mordac Lost SoulsBlackhand-EU574Not updated
70Bubbletroub Mächte des WahnsinnsBlackhand-EU574Not updated
76Katorie RetaliateBlackhand-EU573Not updated
76Darkum zergtBlackhand-EU573Not updated
78Artemys TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU572Not updated
78Wowhexer ApostasyBlackhand-EU572Not updated
78Lyrkan Blackhands ChaotenBlackhand-EU572Not updated
78Saikos InfusedBlackhand-EU572Not updated
78Sïnner xoxoBlackhand-EU572Not updated
78Kàlix Stella tenebrisBlackhand-EU572Not updated
78Janjo AusgangssperreBlackhand-EU572Not updated
78Yartok InfusedBlackhand-EU572Not updated
86Kohanu AusgangssperreBlackhand-EU571Not updated
86Babajagahex PhantasticHordeBlackhand-EU571Not updated
86Zasheen Unborn RageBlackhand-EU571Not updated
86Lacandra Revenge of the HordeBlackhand-EU571Not updated
86Tashah Ðisturbed EquilibriumBlackhand-EU571Not updated
86Zyllo Haus ErebusBlackhand-EU571Not updated
86Krömmel InfusedBlackhand-EU571Not updated
93Bradagor HostileBlackhand-EU570Not updated
93Ratzfátz Luminous PathBlackhand-EU570Not updated
93Sáint Dunkle Seite der HordeBlackhand-EU570Not updated
93Odarika PetopiaBlackhand-EU570Not updated
93Sinadin InfusedBlackhand-EU570Not updated
93Dudinka SternenfinsternisBlackhand-EU570Not updated
93Asunta SternenfinsternisBlackhand-EU570Not updated
100Tahune AusgangssperreBlackhand-EU569Not updated

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