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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azshara-KR Unique Pets
1고위점성술사 힝힝 우쭈쭈 힝힝 우쮸쮸Azshara-KR589Not updated
2늘푸른뿌엉 Zenith ClanAzshara-KR576Not updated
3슈모 다가와줘 베이베Azshara-KR575Not updated
4짱배엄마 UbiquitousAzshara-KR574Not updated
4파블로프의강아지 Dragonball ZAzshara-KR574Not updated
6후니주술 삼공사공포장마차Azshara-KR573Not updated
7욕망의루시퍼 In extremisAzshara-KR572Not updated
7토끼튀김 드레노어Azshara-KR572Not updated
9꽁딩 로데론의 망령Azshara-KR571Not updated
9와룡각 중화요리Azshara-KR571Not updated
11글루바인 불양Azshara-KR570Not updated
12Snafuz ShamelessAzshara-KR569Not updated
12은안 Tiki TakaAzshara-KR569Not updated
14Secretum 북태평양고기압Azshara-KR568Not updated
14번적 불양Azshara-KR568Not updated
16부활대기 AssassinatorAzshara-KR567Not updated
17모오모 Absolute InstructionAzshara-KR564Not updated
17태양샘혈기사 불양Azshara-KR564Not updated
17꿈별 아즈사관학교Azshara-KR564Not updated
17오드드 지혜의 골짜기Azshara-KR564Not updated
21도오도 Absolute InstructionAzshara-KR563Not updated
21달꿈 아즈사관학교Azshara-KR563Not updated
21밤꿈 아즈사관학교Azshara-KR563Not updated
24Langley 대 충 해Azshara-KR562Not updated
24달콤한푸딩 Nine CloudsAzshara-KR562Not updated
26Recklessnes Zenith ClanAzshara-KR561Not updated
26리드학 Absolute InstructionAzshara-KR561Not updated
26명치에앱도질 The ValHalLaAzshara-KR561Not updated
26후오 돋 네Azshara-KR561Not updated
26자극주는칸나 The ValHalLaAzshara-KR561Not updated
31타크샤름 얘네들 발컨이니 일단 얘네들부터 까주세요Azshara-KR560Not updated
31은신하고다훔쳐 와정원Azshara-KR560Not updated
31우오 불양Azshara-KR560Not updated
31샤악 아즈사관학교Azshara-KR560Not updated
35다전멸 AssassinatorAzshara-KR559Not updated
35단풍나무늘보 Reform DriveAzshara-KR559Not updated
35사린느  Azshara-KR559Not updated
38카니앤 교 도 소Azshara-KR558Not updated
38샤만트롤 The EqualAzshara-KR558Not updated
40Soulstitch 잉잉Azshara-KR557Not updated
41Lightspring  Azshara-KR556Not updated
41Princregolas Zenith ClanAzshara-KR556Not updated
41모모베이비 사실 저는 공대원을 믿지 않습니다Azshara-KR556Not updated
41Sinsosiel 얘네들 발컨이니 일단 얘네들부터 까주세요Azshara-KR556Not updated
41Lafleche 예전엔 잘했습니다Azshara-KR556Not updated
46쏘쿨쏘핫쏘섹시 별나라 천사들Azshara-KR555Not updated
46새이스터 AssassinatorAzshara-KR555Not updated
46새이큰 호드영웅Azshara-KR555Not updated
46큰까마귀 연합Azshara-KR555Not updated
46소금별에못을박다 또 다른 세상Azshara-KR555Not updated
51시크릿가더 Dragonball ZAzshara-KR553Not updated
51Interested 비 누Azshara-KR553Not updated
51Minjong Ground ZeroAzshara-KR553Not updated
51Deatharchon E T E R N I T YAzshara-KR553Not updated
51씨젤  Azshara-KR553Not updated
51Eldruin 네팔렘Azshara-KR553Not updated
51실릿뱅 자살Azshara-KR553Not updated
51듀프대니얼 NNAzshara-KR553Not updated
51빈궁한살라딘 시반슈미터Azshara-KR553Not updated
51퍽쾅 TheTrueHeartAzshara-KR553Not updated
51Rebrum 모질이Azshara-KR553Not updated
51새이진 호드영웅Azshara-KR553Not updated
63햐츄 The ValHalLaAzshara-KR552Not updated
63백색부적  Azshara-KR552Not updated
63서리요정김연아 아즈샤라 토끼단Azshara-KR552Not updated
63Jujupoion  Azshara-KR552Not updated
63Hunterhone 호드영웅Azshara-KR552Not updated
63Gelfos 울지마 요스케군Azshara-KR552Not updated
69Sorting Dragonball ZAzshara-KR551Not updated
69진천술 록 타 르Azshara-KR551Not updated
69또블링 Dragonball ZAzshara-KR551Not updated
69Arrakis 골드셔틀Azshara-KR551Not updated
69정드루이드 록 타 르Azshara-KR551Not updated
69냥꾼장대 여자친구Azshara-KR551Not updated
69걱정말라고 AssassinatorAzshara-KR551Not updated
76소스타코비치 얘네들 발컨이니 일단 얘네들부터 까주세요Azshara-KR550Not updated
76벨재붑 오빠는 못생겨서 싫어요Azshara-KR550Not updated
76Lovemore wetAzshara-KR550Not updated
76유록스 오빠는 못생겨서 싫어요Azshara-KR550Not updated
76꼭미남트롤  Azshara-KR550Not updated
76나트라샤 연합Azshara-KR550Not updated
82또르뷰 Zenith ClanAzshara-KR549Not updated
82Gyunsa 비 누Azshara-KR549Not updated
82흉악한고냥이 In extremisAzshara-KR549Not updated
82신성한대의  Azshara-KR549Not updated
82어둠의풍운  Azshara-KR549Not updated
82발로뛰는흑마 위험 잡지마시오Azshara-KR549Not updated
82은빛호수마을  Azshara-KR549Not updated
82푸른소나무숲  Azshara-KR549Not updated
82물맛이좋아  Azshara-KR549Not updated
82귀여운송곳니  Azshara-KR549Not updated

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