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Azralon-US Unique Pets
1Elenara Blood FuryAzralon-US567
2Shakaos Blood FuryAzralon-US549
3Athenas Blood FuryAzralon-US543
4Wildsøul Blood FuryAzralon-US542Not updated
5Senx Blood FuryAzralon-US532
5Malfury Blood FuryAzralon-US532Not updated
5Lara Blood FuryAzralon-US532
8Derpinaz Blood FuryAzralon-US525
9Kedreiel Blood FuryAzralon-US522Not updated
10ßlackwar Blood FuryAzralon-US521Not updated
11Cowotica Blood FuryAzralon-US517Not updated
12Mixy Blood FuryAzralon-US505
13Akino Blood FuryAzralon-US503
14Panda Blood FuryAzralon-US501Not updated
15Pútridus Blood FuryAzralon-US498
16Torchia Blood FuryAzralon-US497
17Ketzer Blood FuryAzralon-US474
18Drakonyz Blood FuryAzralon-US454
19Deathwraith Blood FuryAzralon-US451
20Ceifadorr Blood FuryAzralon-US450Not updated
21Iogui Blood FuryAzralon-US439
22Kpax Blood FuryAzralon-US428
22Chikinha Blood FuryAzralon-US428
24Rakor Blood FuryAzralon-US414Not updated
25Spyron Blood FuryAzralon-US402
26Fisper Blood FuryAzralon-US375
27Dkdencïa Blood FuryAzralon-US362Not updated
28Grraci Blood FuryAzralon-US336Not updated
29Marchen Blood FuryAzralon-US323Not updated
30Fearspamm Blood FuryAzralon-US315Not updated
31Saffira Blood FuryAzralon-US290
32Wufei Blood FuryAzralon-US289Not updated
33Bløød Blood FuryAzralon-US286
34Globzim Blood FuryAzralon-US285Not updated
35Hyriu Blood FuryAzralon-US282
36Pandatanker Blood FuryAzralon-US278
37Ezzulizzul Blood FuryAzralon-US269Not updated
38Løst Blood FuryAzralon-US260
39Hefestø Blood FuryAzralon-US256
40Onstrikar Blood FuryAzralon-US246Not updated
41Grooving Blood FuryAzralon-US242
42Pitufita Blood FuryAzralon-US235
43Musebreaks Blood FuryAzralon-US225Not updated
43Stormwinter Blood FuryAzralon-US225
45Firefoxx Blood FuryAzralon-US222
46Randyn Blood FuryAzralon-US219Not updated
47Bowino Blood FuryAzralon-US213Not updated
48Dhodhy Blood FuryAzralon-US209
49Lücÿ Blood FuryAzralon-US208
50Warlovee Blood FuryAzralon-US205Not updated
51Nailo Blood FuryAzralon-US203Not updated
52Brahul Blood FuryAzralon-US198Not updated
53Ferro Blood FuryAzralon-US189Not updated
54Neffellin Blood FuryAzralon-US184
55Megavontz Blood FuryAzralon-US181
56Trudinn Blood FuryAzralon-US178
57Kovaz Blood FuryAzralon-US176
58Tiusanto Blood FuryAzralon-US175
59Oxloco Blood FuryAzralon-US164
60Sart Blood FuryAzralon-US161Not updated
61Spoillerr Blood FuryAzralon-US159
61Lisa Blood FuryAzralon-US159Not updated
63Corvim Blood FuryAzralon-US157
64Shambulância Blood FuryAzralon-US151
65Wellian Blood FuryAzralon-US150
66Hellgrazer Blood FuryAzralon-US148Not updated
67Porpys Blood FuryAzralon-US143
68Litharine Blood FuryAzralon-US141
69Sovacao Blood FuryAzralon-US140
69Razerzone Blood FuryAzralon-US140
71Navuxus Blood FuryAzralon-US134
72Drunkwizzard Blood FuryAzralon-US127
72Insanityz Blood FuryAzralon-US127Not updated
74Holykeizer Blood FuryAzralon-US124
75Conicus Blood FuryAzralon-US123
75Ajaxi Blood FuryAzralon-US123
77Titânea Blood FuryAzralon-US122Not updated
78Psamatos Blood FuryAzralon-US121Not updated
79Baldurian Blood FuryAzralon-US119
80Malluka Blood FuryAzralon-US118Not updated
81Makkey Blood FuryAzralon-US117
82Daggeron Blood FuryAzralon-US116
83Facetruque Blood FuryAzralon-US115
84Slashz Blood FuryAzralon-US112
85Hybernus Blood FuryAzralon-US108
86Bypriest Blood FuryAzralon-US107
86Periguette Blood FuryAzralon-US107
88Thórmmy Blood FuryAzralon-US105Not updated
89Baalerith Blood FuryAzralon-US104
89Zerøcinco Blood FuryAzralon-US104Not updated
91Thrann Blood FuryAzralon-US103Not updated
92Tremp Blood FuryAzralon-US99
92Kaskadura Blood FuryAzralon-US99
94Alundra Blood FuryAzralon-US98Not updated
95Sylen Blood FuryAzralon-US92
96Semideüs Blood FuryAzralon-US91Not updated
97Razvius Blood FuryAzralon-US90Not updated
98Antipanda Blood FuryAzralon-US87Not updated
98Chaøsbolt Blood FuryAzralon-US87Not updated
98Replace Blood FuryAzralon-US87Not updated

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