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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azjol-Nerub-US Unique Pets
1Ravenmagi NO FEARAzjol-Nerub-US598Not updated
2Ayur  Azjol-Nerub-US594Not updated
3Morganmk AureusAzjol-Nerub-US593Not updated
4Bloodynarr The Devils AdvocatesAzjol-Nerub-US591Not updated
5Ravenlight The AnzacsAzjol-Nerub-US588Not updated
6Darii Fallen LegendsAzjol-Nerub-US587Not updated
7Neverrmore The AnzacsAzjol-Nerub-US584Not updated
8Edikarian ShardAzjol-Nerub-US583Not updated
9Bartal Green Mt Majick CoAzjol-Nerub-US582Not updated
9Synistyr NecronomiconAzjol-Nerub-US582Not updated
11Brishnelle  Azjol-Nerub-US578Not updated
12Snails ShardAzjol-Nerub-US576Not updated
13Ultior Clan BattlehammerAzjol-Nerub-US575Not updated
13Lostsheep  Azjol-Nerub-US575Not updated
13Caitrin Myth IncAzjol-Nerub-US575Not updated
13Shuilian Myth IncAzjol-Nerub-US575Not updated
13Thelxiepeia Myth IncAzjol-Nerub-US575Not updated
13Sylvara Myth IncAzjol-Nerub-US575Not updated
13Syreen Myth IncAzjol-Nerub-US575Not updated
13Zerrea Myth IncAzjol-Nerub-US575Not updated
21Peeundeez Darkness DisciplesAzjol-Nerub-US574Not updated
21Cyberraven The AnzacsAzjol-Nerub-US574Not updated
23Val Diablo MartiniAzjol-Nerub-US573Not updated
24Seha The Nerubian KnightsAzjol-Nerub-US572Not updated
24Squabbles Knights of the RunesAzjol-Nerub-US572Not updated
26Areisun Sons of PlunderAzjol-Nerub-US571Not updated
27Stille SpeciationAzjol-Nerub-US570Not updated
27Barh INSANE CRUSADERZAzjol-Nerub-US570Not updated
29Martini Darkness DisciplesAzjol-Nerub-US568Not updated
29Razorshield  Azjol-Nerub-US568Not updated
31Marcie LegionAzjol-Nerub-US567Not updated
31Kaisersoze Vengeance of SteelAzjol-Nerub-US567Not updated
33Dallii Horde Blood For LifeAzjol-Nerub-US566Not updated
34No Clan BattlehammerAzjol-Nerub-US565Not updated
34Smokinlock Sons of PlunderAzjol-Nerub-US565Not updated
36Localust NO FEARAzjol-Nerub-US563Not updated
36Locawrath NO FEARAzjol-Nerub-US563Not updated
38Cariagne Knights of the RunesAzjol-Nerub-US562Not updated
38Niiko NecronomiconAzjol-Nerub-US562Not updated
40Worgana  Azjol-Nerub-US560Not updated
41Cloudkicker Village IdìotsAzjol-Nerub-US559Not updated
42Nakunatta Solar EclipseAzjol-Nerub-US558Not updated
42Icefyre Brotherhood of SteelAzjol-Nerub-US558Not updated
42Mattrim Myth IncAzjol-Nerub-US558Not updated
45Archey  Azjol-Nerub-US557Not updated
45Candygirl CenturiaAzjol-Nerub-US557Not updated
47Kìllshot Coup de GrâceAzjol-Nerub-US556Not updated
47Phatone Coup de GrâceAzjol-Nerub-US556Not updated
49Ramtin NO FEARAzjol-Nerub-US555Not updated
50Taotaomona Darkness DisciplesAzjol-Nerub-US554Not updated
50Xr Knights of the RunesAzjol-Nerub-US554Not updated
50Flamelight Vengeance of SteelAzjol-Nerub-US554Not updated
53Mahgeong The RighteousAzjol-Nerub-US553Not updated
53Katillac NutellaAzjol-Nerub-US553Not updated
53Raspoutine The RighteousAzjol-Nerub-US553Not updated
56Ryssdal Build a PandaAzjol-Nerub-US552Not updated
57Tyraelos Knights of the RunesAzjol-Nerub-US550Not updated
57Hessinger  Azjol-Nerub-US550Not updated
59Agats ShardAzjol-Nerub-US549Not updated
59Taoism Ultimus InceptumAzjol-Nerub-US549Not updated
61Snugglepants The Devils AdvocatesAzjol-Nerub-US548Not updated
62Bhima StormtroopersAzjol-Nerub-US547Not updated
62Treewart Search and DestroyAzjol-Nerub-US547Not updated
64Mihin Winter is ComingAzjol-Nerub-US546Not updated
64Shian Clan BattlehammerAzjol-Nerub-US546Not updated
64Jullin NecronomiconAzjol-Nerub-US546Not updated
64Serephita NecronomiconAzjol-Nerub-US546Not updated
68Cubanb The HoCAzjol-Nerub-US545Not updated
68Aarwin Donkey DownAzjol-Nerub-US545Not updated
68Marzanna The Stoppable ForceAzjol-Nerub-US545Not updated
68Qiangwei The Stoppable ForceAzjol-Nerub-US545Not updated
68Marethelmi Solar EclipseAzjol-Nerub-US545Not updated
68Gurli The Stoppable ForceAzjol-Nerub-US545Not updated
74Talaric Bunny of VengeanceAzjol-Nerub-US544Not updated
74Joaneofark The Dark LegionAzjol-Nerub-US544Not updated
76Katgi OathswornAzjol-Nerub-US543Not updated
76Wigsplitter SpeciationAzjol-Nerub-US543Not updated
76Dawnraiden RaptureAzjol-Nerub-US543Not updated
79Svenraiden RaptureAzjol-Nerub-US540Not updated
79Eeli  Azjol-Nerub-US540Not updated
81Oceaneus ImperialAzjol-Nerub-US539Not updated
82Hambrgrtime InfusionAzjol-Nerub-US538Not updated
82Stormcloud Storm RoyaleAzjol-Nerub-US538Not updated
84Sauntee CenturiaAzjol-Nerub-US537Not updated
84Agonia The AnzacsAzjol-Nerub-US537Not updated

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