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Azgalor-US Unique Pets
1Plork Celestial DarknessAzgalor-US593
2Methedras Celestial DarknessAzgalor-US580Not updated
3Formidabull InfinitiAzgalor-US569
3Merle Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US569
5Galadrel Minions of MarsAzgalor-US566Not updated
6Rahmkota OmnipotentAzgalor-US561
7Rst  Azgalor-US559Not updated
8Shotslock Just Too EpicAzgalor-US558
9Sonothoward ThrustAzgalor-US556
9Sweetprayer IrreducibleAzgalor-US556Not updated
11Isheepyou Infinite Devil MachineAzgalor-US552
12Mitsa  Azgalor-US551Not updated
13Nøtadk Ninjas In PyjamasAzgalor-US547Not updated
14Coppenhagen AnimosityAzgalor-US545Not updated
15Mossaxe Virtual Dragon SlayersAzgalor-US543Not updated
16Jden  Azgalor-US542Not updated
17Reisen Celestial BeingsAzgalor-US541Not updated
18Sharkcopter ëxtinctAzgalor-US537Not updated
18Masochist TrademarkedAzgalor-US537Not updated
20Syzu  Azgalor-US536Not updated
21Sissorkicks Minions of MarsAzgalor-US535Not updated
21Penelopaw The Usual SuspectsAzgalor-US535Not updated
23Gophernut Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US533
24Pyrefly Anti SobrietyAzgalor-US532
25Thedabara Hellscream RaidersAzgalor-US529
25Cherrybômb Not a Big DealAzgalor-US529
25Thorzane  Azgalor-US529Not updated
28Calipsae Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US527Not updated
29Panko  Azgalor-US525Not updated
30Boji AnimosityAzgalor-US521
31Nestion BrethrenAzgalor-US520Not updated
32Lethuin Righteous DawnAzgalor-US519
33Aneamaris Minions of MarsAzgalor-US517
33Ikaruga The CabalAzgalor-US517Not updated
35Belaba AxiaAzgalor-US515Not updated
35Dankeschoen Ghost LegionAzgalor-US515Not updated
35Peachymuffin AnimosityAzgalor-US515Not updated
38Canadin Black Dragon ClanAzgalor-US512Not updated
39Hulagirl Nobody Listens To TurtleAzgalor-US511Not updated
40Felurian Like A BAWSEAzgalor-US509
41Odell ëxtinctAzgalor-US504
41Arco Queen Annes RevengeAzgalor-US504Not updated
41Overrclocked RottenAzgalor-US504Not updated
41Kojobo Kill OrderAzgalor-US504Not updated
45Effy Squirrel PongAzgalor-US503Not updated
46Hebron Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US502
46Grigatsu The WreckersAzgalor-US502
48Anyaka Not a Big DealAzgalor-US500Not updated
49Rowynn  Azgalor-US498
50Lunelle Planar ÐestructionAzgalor-US496Not updated
51Goronus Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US494Not updated
52Myliana Righteous DawnAzgalor-US490Not updated
52Ooftrellen Rehabilitation ClinicAzgalor-US490
54Infidel Celestial DarknessAzgalor-US489Not updated
54Capfrekiamaz RottenAzgalor-US489Not updated
54Mcworgen LogicAzgalor-US489Not updated
57Namiya OmnipotentAzgalor-US488
58Blagden  Azgalor-US487Not updated
59Delandia DARK LEGIONAzgalor-US486
60Zhau  Azgalor-US485Not updated
61Juulii Allegiance RebornAzgalor-US483Not updated
62Ianxisxbeast The Drunken PokemonAzgalor-US482Not updated
63Tuu Crimson TideAzgalor-US481Not updated
63Donaldtrump  Azgalor-US481Not updated
65Ledotski  Azgalor-US480
66Lotzadots OmnipotentAzgalor-US479
67Lauryn ÅgønyAzgalor-US478Not updated
68Goonoxy OmnipotentAzgalor-US477Not updated
69Organicz Just Too EpicAzgalor-US476
70Voeglein  Azgalor-US474Not updated
71Fooie  Azgalor-US473Not updated
72Faithbane OmnipotentAzgalor-US472
73Sceadugenga Darkest DawnAzgalor-US471Not updated
74Eskie  Azgalor-US470Not updated
74Fellesta The InquisitionAzgalor-US470Not updated
76Corktar ResurrectionAzgalor-US468Not updated
76Skorpois  Azgalor-US468Not updated
78Tehkayo OmnipotentAzgalor-US467
79Elementalist RIPAzgalor-US464Not updated
79Sumonener RIPAzgalor-US464Not updated
81Rosalìe OmnipotentAzgalor-US463
81Suberec Digital VillainsAzgalor-US463Not updated
83ßeyonce OmnipotentAzgalor-US462
83Pyrra DARK LEGIONAzgalor-US462
83Cmos Grammaton ClericsAzgalor-US462Not updated
86Beeast JUDGEAzgalor-US459Not updated
87Dranguildine AnimosityAzgalor-US458
87Destras Clan IrontoeAzgalor-US458Not updated
87Scootaloo  Azgalor-US458Not updated
90Hothealz MESSIAHAzgalor-US456Not updated
90Flík Avengers of AzerothAzgalor-US456Not updated

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