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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Auchindoun-EU Unique Pets
1Zerila WhateverAuchindoun-EU610Not updated
2Sal WhateverAuchindoun-EU594Not updated
3Emmah Malicious IntentionsAuchindoun-EU588Not updated
3Solenoidi Mad Dying SkillzAuchindoun-EU588Not updated
5Irisis WhateverAuchindoun-EU587Not updated
6Twerkingqt CorruptedAuchindoun-EU586Not updated
6Redefined Guardians of AuchindounAuchindoun-EU586Not updated
6Sybell PhalanxAuchindoun-EU586Not updated
9Testjebird Raiders Of GloryAuchindoun-EU585Not updated
10Glucosé WarcryAuchindoun-EU584Not updated
10Vadar Heroes of the AllianceAuchindoun-EU584Not updated
12Zabuzâ  Auchindoun-EU582Not updated
12Gaga The End Of DaysAuchindoun-EU582Not updated
14Chumi Dark RitualAuchindoun-EU581Not updated
15Freyll Raiders Of GloryAuchindoun-EU580Not updated
16Flowerhowl T J P FAuchindoun-EU579Not updated
17Arachnae SinAuchindoun-EU576Not updated
17Sadrun Lycen FélAuchindoun-EU576Not updated
19Vyande Malicious IntentionsAuchindoun-EU573Not updated
20Goldnsoul Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU572Not updated
20Goldneye Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU572Not updated
22Barbygirl Tyrs KämparAuchindoun-EU570Not updated
22Pepzimax  Auchindoun-EU570Not updated
24Elamena WhateverAuchindoun-EU569Not updated
24Vitesse Malicious IntentionsAuchindoun-EU569Not updated
24Bandicoot CorruptedAuchindoun-EU569Not updated
24Goldngrim Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU569Not updated
24Goldndragon Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU569Not updated
29Mjolnim Dark RitualAuchindoun-EU568Not updated
29Arwên The Other SideAuchindoun-EU568Not updated
29Missfluffy Unknown ErrorAuchindoun-EU568Not updated
32Goldnslam Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU567Not updated
33Goldnspirit Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU566Not updated
34Goldn Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU565Not updated
34Goldnthunder Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU565Not updated
36Momochan BladeAuchindoun-EU563Not updated
36Cirka  Auchindoun-EU563Not updated
36Ookami WarcryAuchindoun-EU563Not updated
36Nodoubt  Auchindoun-EU563Not updated
36Potató  Auchindoun-EU563Not updated
41Lunchpinnen  Auchindoun-EU562Not updated
41Zilence EradicationAuchindoun-EU562Not updated
43Ailish DisbandedAuchindoun-EU561Not updated
43Almeloo Tattooed GangstersAuchindoun-EU561Not updated
43Serawyn End of DaysAuchindoun-EU561Not updated
43Hadus Amnesia HazeAuchindoun-EU561Not updated
47Neama I Touch My GuildmatesAuchindoun-EU559Not updated
48Groges UnoptimisticAuchindoun-EU558Not updated
48Zelveria Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU558Not updated
48Groknar Lycen FélAuchindoun-EU558Not updated
51Znin Dark RitualAuchindoun-EU557Not updated
51Etmara Rise from the AshesAuchindoun-EU557Not updated
53Ariera Defenders of ValorAuchindoun-EU556Not updated
54Nograz The CovenantAuchindoun-EU555Not updated
54Huntwolf Van God LosAuchindoun-EU555Not updated
54Wafletower SnowblindAuchindoun-EU555Not updated
54Forfaz BonehuntersAuchindoun-EU555Not updated
58Summa Heroes of the AllianceAuchindoun-EU554Not updated
58Axelly Das BankAuchindoun-EU554Not updated
60Eremita Deeprun Tram SecurityAuchindoun-EU553Not updated
61Meleemarkone  Auchindoun-EU551Not updated
61Chari Basic VisionAuchindoun-EU551Not updated
63Yello Ultimate WinzardsAuchindoun-EU550Not updated
63Brucèwayne Wings of LightAuchindoun-EU550Not updated
65Imoc SnowblindAuchindoun-EU549Not updated
66Bunzabudd UnoptimisticAuchindoun-EU548Not updated
66ßicirik Empowered RabbitsAuchindoun-EU548Not updated
66Madleon PureAuchindoun-EU548Not updated
69Minispo DisbandedAuchindoun-EU547Not updated
69Carpetcrawlr DeterminationAuchindoun-EU547Not updated
71Jessibell Ancient CircleAuchindoun-EU546Not updated
71Slackqua WOLOLOAuchindoun-EU546Not updated
73Nekoru El Psy CongrooAuchindoun-EU545Not updated
73Corrupter Malicious IntentionsAuchindoun-EU545Not updated
75Momojiri Dimsal FanclubAuchindoun-EU544Not updated
75Chazi Elite CasualsAuchindoun-EU544Not updated
75Acabado  Auchindoun-EU544Not updated
78Chikie Tyrs KämparAuchindoun-EU543Not updated
78Icehearts Raiders Of GloryAuchindoun-EU543Not updated
78Sararara Magister AnimarumAuchindoun-EU543Not updated
78Nakama  Auchindoun-EU543Not updated
78Exeling The BloodpactAuchindoun-EU543Not updated
78Chiklash worgens to wolfsAuchindoun-EU543Not updated
78Chifi The Expert GamersAuchindoun-EU543Not updated
85Milaz DeterminationAuchindoun-EU542Not updated
85Chinelle WhateverAuchindoun-EU542Not updated

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