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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aszune-EU Unique Pets
1Scarletto Psychosomatic AssassinsAszune-EU595Not updated
2Xosha One More GoAszune-EU594Not updated
3Emmanuelle SyndykatAszune-EU591Not updated
3Sittingdeath DecodenAszune-EU591Not updated
5Allatar Light of EärendilAszune-EU586Not updated
6Ethlin RagnarokAszune-EU585Not updated
7Lemke RimfrostAszune-EU581Not updated
8Terribear  Aszune-EU580Not updated
8Hilarion Light of EärendilAszune-EU580Not updated
10Blåveis BridgeburnersAszune-EU579Not updated
11Charmm The Dragon SlayersAszune-EU578Not updated
11Inaka Dragons Of KhoasAszune-EU578Not updated
13Tinkky PraetorïansAszune-EU576Not updated
13Thebhoy Disposable HeroesAszune-EU576Not updated
13Caticustwo DecodenAszune-EU576Not updated
16Camillo Per Aspera Ad AsperaAszune-EU575Not updated
17Chickenlover Vanguards of AzerothAszune-EU574Not updated
18Greedisnight Better Than LifeAszune-EU572Not updated
19Yugao Not In Line Of SightAszune-EU568Not updated
20Adorablé Lords of MidnightAszune-EU566Not updated
20Anayae Fearless HordeAszune-EU566Not updated
22Rhannos SPQAszune-EU565Not updated
22Grievon Dead Men RaidingAszune-EU565Not updated
24Gennadiho OmenAszune-EU563Not updated
24Mynxi One More GoAszune-EU563Not updated
24Typhanee Dark LordsAszune-EU563Not updated
24Xingjuan One More GoAszune-EU563Not updated
24Baravika Zelta BedreAszune-EU563Not updated
29Critter Per Aspera Ad AsperaAszune-EU561Not updated
30Lovemuffin  Aszune-EU559Not updated
31Stormscremer Rozjasniac CiemnoscAszune-EU558Not updated
32Bogrim DecodenAszune-EU557Not updated
32Marbelina MidgardAszune-EU557Not updated
32Ellycopter The OutcastsAszune-EU557Not updated
32Aniram Been There Done ThatAszune-EU557Not updated
36Blubsie Better Than LifeAszune-EU556Not updated
36Zindi Per Aspera Ad AsperaAszune-EU556Not updated
38Thalarios Lose Your MindAszune-EU555Not updated
38Araie PulseAszune-EU555Not updated
40Gnísta SOLAszune-EU554Not updated
41Naughtynancy Disposable HeroesAszune-EU553Not updated
42Darknish PariahAszune-EU552Not updated
43Yobeci Amberkin TribeAszune-EU551Not updated
43Oftyn  Aszune-EU551Not updated
45Healhoof RagnarokAszune-EU550Not updated
45Carreau HeliophobicAszune-EU550Not updated
47Ðrèámwalker GenesisAszune-EU549Not updated
47Mégàn Disposable HeroesAszune-EU549Not updated
47Ravennae Better Than LifeAszune-EU549Not updated
47Meanas Better Than LifeAszune-EU549Not updated
51Allimu OriginAszune-EU547Not updated
51Quantuvis  Aszune-EU547Not updated
53Xalbar Light of EärendilAszune-EU546Not updated
53Leopart Per Aspera Ad AsperaAszune-EU546Not updated
55Sifel PostalAszune-EU545Not updated
55Klifa Order of SnaivtalAszune-EU545Not updated
57Bullmind The BlackFox ClanAszune-EU544Not updated
58Fiskbulle Med HummersåsAszune-EU543Not updated
58Krisalthea Strength And HonorAszune-EU543Not updated
58Garalia Lemmings of the LightAszune-EU543Not updated
61Zomage XIII LegionAszune-EU542Not updated
61Ryltar Better Than LifeAszune-EU542Not updated
63Vellius ClosureAszune-EU541Not updated
63Gullibear Servants To NoneAszune-EU541Not updated
63Lavateria Psychosomatic AssassinsAszune-EU541Not updated
66Elmeer ClosureAszune-EU540Not updated
66Drenon  Aszune-EU540Not updated
66Falleran ClosureAszune-EU540Not updated
66Xhalan  Aszune-EU540Not updated
66Brugmansia CowAszune-EU540Not updated
71Groudge ClosureAszune-EU539Not updated
72Renuel Side EffectAszune-EU538Not updated
72Lucullus ClosureAszune-EU538Not updated
74Dunjelm EternalAszune-EU537Not updated
75Zappy Fighting dutchmenAszune-EU536Not updated
75Tsunade NephalemAszune-EU536Not updated
77Trakas HavenisserneAszune-EU535Not updated
77Keri Psychosomatic AssassinsAszune-EU535Not updated
79Fieryjack Dads ArmyAszune-EU534Not updated
79Narukami Amberkin TribeAszune-EU534Not updated
81Parishealton  Aszune-EU533Not updated
82Furryhussar Moonlight GuardiansAszune-EU532Not updated
82Swìftstrikes BlackheartAszune-EU532Not updated
82Zillie SolstormAszune-EU532Not updated
82Edrahil Light of EärendilAszune-EU532Not updated
86Eledhwen Buttered Cat DriveAszune-EU531Not updated

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