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Arthas-US Unique Pets
1Paradots M I CArthas-US553
2Neyzut M I CArthas-US551
3Missland M I CArthas-US529Not updated
4Letgo M I CArthas-US495
5Heavenstyle M I CArthas-US494
6Youmuyoula M I CArthas-US452
7Loveyau M I CArthas-US449Not updated
8Chewinggum M I CArthas-US442
9Yumage M I CArthas-US416
10Shaerra M I CArthas-US411
11Taiyaki M I CArthas-US408Not updated
12Sorrowayne M I CArthas-US404
13Darkmond M I CArthas-US359Not updated
14Babyswiss M I CArthas-US345
15Sweetly M I CArthas-US300
16Ciaos M I CArthas-US284
17Top M I CArthas-US281
18Luvinyou M I CArthas-US278Not updated
19Madaoo M I CArthas-US241Not updated
20Grigiometro M I CArthas-US236
21Bestwarlocka M I CArthas-US233Not updated
22Deepsheep M I CArthas-US225
23Êver M I CArthas-US213Not updated
24Thrúd M I CArthas-US210
25Xiaosaoniu M I CArthas-US206
25Marsten M I CArthas-US206Not updated
27Mushily M I CArthas-US199
28Uni M I CArthas-US198Not updated
29Mengcici M I CArthas-US196
30Simplecow M I CArthas-US193
31Shuaixiaojun M I CArthas-US192
32Ktt M I CArthas-US177
33Tynibaby M I CArthas-US168
34Shadomancer M I CArthas-US165
35Serenitatis M I CArthas-US162Not updated
36Emeraldancer M I CArthas-US161
37Doflamingozz M I CArthas-US154
38Machvise M I CArthas-US143
38Painless M I CArthas-US143Not updated
40Tpog M I CArthas-US136
40Serpog M I CArthas-US136Not updated
42Silvaevangel M I CArthas-US129Not updated
43Batbatbat M I CArthas-US115Not updated
44Darkmushily M I CArthas-US114Not updated
45Devilvictory M I CArthas-US106
46Supercellryo M I CArthas-US103
47Wildholycat M I CArthas-US102
47Satans M I CArthas-US102
49Cathesia M I CArthas-US101
50Enzhu M I CArthas-US98
50Haluyuki M I CArthas-US98Not updated
52Jokertroll M I CArthas-US97Not updated
53Frostmeteor M I CArthas-US96
54Junqing M I CArthas-US94Not updated
55Happypr M I CArthas-US89Not updated
56Cursedtruely M I CArthas-US82
57Ginshen M I CArthas-US80
58Tianshen M I CArthas-US74
58Bilibili M I CArthas-US74
60Nighthurts M I CArthas-US73
60Overkillone M I CArthas-US73
62Woodoomon M I CArthas-US72
62Imnowhere M I CArthas-US72Not updated
64Demonqq M I CArthas-US71
65Urel M I CArthas-US70
66Farzeer M I CArthas-US68
67Otce M I CArthas-US63
67Onmyown M I CArthas-US63Not updated
69Unknowhunter M I CArthas-US61
70Johnnymao M I CArthas-US60Not updated
71Crystaldrop M I CArthas-US59
72Plusb M I CArthas-US57Not updated
72Kokokiki M I CArthas-US57Not updated
72Acelolz M I CArthas-US57Not updated
75Papercutter M I CArthas-US56Not updated
75Overkillfive M I CArthas-US56Not updated
77Yaomogauchaw M I CArthas-US54
78Peterogue M I CArthas-US52
79Xiaozhii M I CArthas-US51Not updated
80Deepmèmory M I CArthas-US46
80Yzyzyzyzyzyz M I CArthas-US46Not updated
80Devilmaging M I CArthas-US46Not updated
83Madmad M I CArthas-US45Not updated
84Seongyi M I CArthas-US44
85Nevermoreral M I CArthas-US43
86Durantk M I CArthas-US41
86Devilpully M I CArthas-US41Not updated
88Wslayerism M I CArthas-US38
89Legendpriest M I CArthas-US32Not updated
90Yingu M I CArthas-US30
91Drsidious M I CArthas-US28
91Mimisobig M I CArthas-US28
93Gallowse M I CArthas-US27
94Rankill M I CArthas-US26Not updated
95Yorkchung M I CArthas-US24Not updated
96Frôzen M I CArthas-US22Not updated
97Sparkee M I CArthas-US19
98Brotherli M I CArthas-US18Not updated
99Quadralol M I CArthas-US16Not updated
100Luckyfish M I CArthas-US15Not updated

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