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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-US Unique Pets
1Camikins StaticArthas-US602Not updated
2Mydoc Rogues take zero skillArthas-US601Not updated
3Annamay InfernôArthas-US600Not updated
4Blenryth  Arthas-US598Not updated
5Spinachdip AdelanteArthas-US593Not updated
6Kezagain  Arthas-US591Not updated
7Kromme  Arthas-US589Not updated
7Supplies FlashedArthas-US589Not updated
7Tysha Sad PandäArthas-US589Not updated
10Darkknexus Chasing WaterfallsArthas-US588Not updated
10Rusalkah Zero RemorseArthas-US588Not updated
10Cougrah ThrowdownArthas-US588Not updated
13Hellebore Knights of ShadowArthas-US587Not updated
14Lutes InstinctiveArthas-US586Not updated
14Zoinx From The InternetArthas-US586Not updated
16Dërka ImperviousArthas-US585Not updated
17Mondork Aperture LaboratoriesArthas-US583Not updated
18Thist FlashedArthas-US582Not updated
18Paraeve The Fallen AngelsArthas-US582Not updated
18Tephemera Ward of DawnArthas-US582Not updated
18Tabaxle Face SmashersArthas-US582Not updated
22Juwasei FrontierArthas-US579Not updated
23Blozz Perks And PurpzArthas-US578Not updated
24Raiçhu Is Playing NakedArthas-US577Not updated
24Baphomét Villains on VacationArthas-US577Not updated
26Cheesewheelz SkillArthas-US576Not updated
26Syrinal Marshmallow CupcakesArthas-US576Not updated
28Tinytimmay ClarityArthas-US575Not updated
28Nekronic PurityArthas-US575Not updated
28Drflu The UnderdogsArthas-US575Not updated
28Bloodyoffal Morning AfterArthas-US575Not updated
28Angelldust BloodthirstyArthas-US575Not updated
33Yacoub ClarityArthas-US574Not updated
33Xèrt MagikArthas-US574Not updated
33Fâtpanda ClarityArthas-US574Not updated
36Jenstar StaticArthas-US573Not updated
37Winterchill Matt DamonArthas-US572Not updated
37Raín AnguishArthas-US572Not updated
37Dopamean StaticArthas-US572Not updated
37Nòóß  Arthas-US572Not updated
37Berye  Arthas-US572Not updated
37Gramcanyon So FluffyArthas-US572Not updated
43Natedoggydog ClarityArthas-US571Not updated
43Haircuts Stormwinds FinestArthas-US571Not updated
45Liili RwCArthas-US570Not updated
46Rizzelea InappropriateArthas-US569Not updated
46Jynxee The XpiredArthas-US569Not updated
46Saedi DragonbornArthas-US569Not updated
49Danley Thirteen Cent KillersArthas-US568Not updated
49Paltarr Double GArthas-US568Not updated
49Swizzcheeze Emporium and WarehouseArthas-US568Not updated
49Raitaiya Emporium and WarehouseArthas-US568Not updated
53Alharrington Emporium and WarehouseArthas-US567Not updated
53Terawâtt The RepørtedArthas-US567Not updated
53Krisanthîmum The Final CommandArthas-US567Not updated
56Celeena MutationArthas-US566Not updated
57Shneider Raw TalentArthas-US565Not updated
58Aelliana AshesArthas-US564Not updated
58Serénity AfterdawnArthas-US564Not updated
58Friscette  Arthas-US564Not updated
61Zearanna The Selected FewArthas-US563Not updated
61Nikkipoo hits stuff with axeArthas-US563Not updated
61Deathstoy Villains on VacationArthas-US563Not updated
64Luescruentus PurityArthas-US562Not updated
65Razzuby  Arthas-US561Not updated
66Neyzut M I CArthas-US560Not updated
66Anhell Matt DamonArthas-US560Not updated
68Ephinie EFFIN MACH SPEEDArthas-US558Not updated
68Scrubtlety  Arthas-US558Not updated
68Chronyz kitty catArthas-US558Not updated
71Cuuball The Filthy CasualsArthas-US557Not updated
71Celesse Phoenix FlameArthas-US557Not updated
71Scylvary  Arthas-US557Not updated
74Crazyserb Lets Go BurglingArthas-US556Not updated
74Bertun  Arthas-US556Not updated
74Hotaru DragonbornArthas-US556Not updated
74Youraang InappropriateArthas-US556Not updated
78Cheechmarin In The MeantimeArthas-US555Not updated
78Spudzz  Arthas-US555Not updated
80Paradots M I CArthas-US553Not updated
80Bitania Fair EnoughArthas-US553Not updated
80Hoophero Yuru YuriArthas-US553Not updated
80Politoed Si Vis Pacem Para BellumArthas-US553Not updated
80Widdlytinks xRaidedArthas-US553Not updated
85Piecakey  Arthas-US551Not updated
85Ajimu Wage WarArthas-US551Not updated
87Myztryss Lusting on TrashArthas-US550Not updated
87Charizard Storm RageArthas-US550Not updated
87Gwydd  Arthas-US550Not updated
90Gidgie PewPewNQQArthas-US549Not updated
90Strongbelwas ImperviousArthas-US549Not updated
90Rightur Fat LipArthas-US549Not updated

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