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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Argent Dawn-US Unique Pets
1Laslingis House of ArathorArgent Dawn-US606Not updated
2Tizaria Niveus LepusArgent Dawn-US605Not updated
3Lindrissa Bloodmoon ChosenArgent Dawn-US600Not updated
3Durja ArtOMyst DawningArgent Dawn-US600Not updated
5Sorcha Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US597Not updated
6Merrymoo Bloodmoon ChosenArgent Dawn-US596Not updated
7Catalyst FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US590Not updated
8Prospero Circle of FearArgent Dawn-US589Not updated
8Cimicifuga To Luv Me Is To Gnome MeArgent Dawn-US589Not updated
10Engelier Defenders of AzerothArgent Dawn-US587Not updated
11Truthaniel ArtOMyst DawningArgent Dawn-US586Not updated
12Marusia Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US585Not updated
13Bluzah CaffeineArgent Dawn-US583Not updated
14Mew Dark FistArgent Dawn-US581Not updated
14Raztoka The Wobbly GoblinsArgent Dawn-US581Not updated
16Bullymays TenaciousArgent Dawn-US580Not updated
16Maube Winter WolvesArgent Dawn-US580Not updated
18Airexari Ani AyastigiArgent Dawn-US579Not updated
19Rubystone UntouchablesArgent Dawn-US578Not updated
19Askevar Single Abstract NounArgent Dawn-US578Not updated
19Artemas Tempestus InfinitusArgent Dawn-US578Not updated
19Bubbayaga FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US578Not updated
23Malhavoc Obsidian Reaver ClanArgent Dawn-US576Not updated
24Reciprocate for HordeArgent Dawn-US575Not updated
25Tamsa SolaceArgent Dawn-US574Not updated
25Fiorette AwarenessArgent Dawn-US574Not updated
27Spindle Cloak and DaggerArgent Dawn-US573Not updated
27Mallowmar Gnomes Will Eat YouArgent Dawn-US573Not updated
27Treeslaped  Argent Dawn-US573Not updated
27Meshelle FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US573Not updated
31Morari House of ArathorArgent Dawn-US572Not updated
31Xoshael Legacy of the IlluminatiArgent Dawn-US572Not updated
33Maliann The Lights RedemptionArgent Dawn-US571Not updated
34Amethýst  Argent Dawn-US570Not updated
34Jrewing Death by DesignArgent Dawn-US570Not updated
36Neenjah  Argent Dawn-US568Not updated
37Ferinc Dark FistArgent Dawn-US567Not updated
37Anathe The Emberwing ClanArgent Dawn-US567Not updated
37Raelarin Lost and forgotten OnesArgent Dawn-US567Not updated
40Tominaetor Death by DesignArgent Dawn-US566Not updated
40Faedori Bloodmoon ChosenArgent Dawn-US566Not updated
40Darceê Teddy Bears AnonymousArgent Dawn-US566Not updated
43Odok Winter WolvesArgent Dawn-US565Not updated
43Traella KnightPhyreArgent Dawn-US565Not updated
43Jaili  Argent Dawn-US565Not updated
46Helendina UntouchablesArgent Dawn-US564Not updated
46Onathe Blood MoonArgent Dawn-US564Not updated
48Iralai BlacktalonArgent Dawn-US563Not updated
48Aileen House of ArathorArgent Dawn-US563Not updated
48Edana Talons of the GryphonArgent Dawn-US563Not updated
48Sarovi Crimson DragonsArgent Dawn-US563Not updated
48Schezka Talons of the GryphonArgent Dawn-US563Not updated
48Findemus  Argent Dawn-US563Not updated
54Raleica Másters of KárateArgent Dawn-US562Not updated
54Foxymidnight FearfulwaysArgent Dawn-US562Not updated
56Lotusdawn The ArgonautsArgent Dawn-US561Not updated
57Tyrathis Silver LionsArgent Dawn-US560Not updated
57Tust DementedArgent Dawn-US560Not updated
57Melyprie House StalwartArgent Dawn-US560Not updated
60Elypsuto ArcLightArgent Dawn-US559Not updated
60Breeanna The Fading SunArgent Dawn-US559Not updated
62Vingor Aerthyrian SovereigntyArgent Dawn-US557Not updated
63Gumo Brotherhood of the BladeArgent Dawn-US556Not updated
63Tiaday Too Drunk to RaidArgent Dawn-US556Not updated
63Whyl RiseArgent Dawn-US556Not updated
63Alixias Crimson DragonsArgent Dawn-US556Not updated
67Huntfornova Too Drunk to RaidArgent Dawn-US555Not updated
68Teckie UntouchablesArgent Dawn-US554Not updated
69Dametrix The Sun HawksArgent Dawn-US552Not updated
69Azulana Defenders of AzerothArgent Dawn-US552Not updated
71Alardoren SolaceArgent Dawn-US551Not updated
71Valdamort Unforgotten LegacyArgent Dawn-US551Not updated
71Paltunia  Argent Dawn-US551Not updated
74Denchy DementedArgent Dawn-US550Not updated

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